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Aaric is the slash ship between Aaron and Eric Raleigh from the The Walking Dead fandom.


Eric and Aaron are both introduced in season 5, and they are both recruiters of the Alexandria Safe Zone. While Eric is looking around while Aaron talks to Rick's group, he find a license plate and takes it to give it to Aaron but he sees a herd of walkers and hides under a car. This doesn't go well, as the walkers push the car over Eric's ankle, breaking it. He shoots off his flare gun in attempts to alert Aaron but he is saved by Rick and his group instead. Later he and Aaron reunite in a garage and Eric tells Aaron he is fine. Eric remembers about the license plate and hands it to Aaron and they laugh together for a moment before Aaron tells Eric that he lost the car with the collection of other license plates. Aaron later spends the night together with Aaron.

In a later episode Eric is being helped walking by Aaron because of his ankle injury. Eric is soon in the process of being fully healed, and he decides to retire from being a recruiter as Aaron suggested earlier on. Aaron continues to care for Eric's ankle, staying in his home with Eric instead of going to the welcome party for Rick's group, that was being held by Deanna Monroe. Aaron later invites Daryl into his house after they find out Daryl decided not to go to the welcome party. Aaron gives Daryl spaghetti and he and Eric are amused by how Daryl eats.

Aaron is placed in a line-up to be executed by Negan and he goes over his happiest moments since the apocalypse, one of the moments he relives is his reunion with Eric while taking Rick and his group to the Alexandria Safe Zone. Later on when Negan and the Saviors are taking things from Alexandria, Eric and Aaron are standing together on their porch, watching the Saviors take their items. Eric witnesses Spencer be killed by Negan after they play pool and Olivia be gunned down by a Savior. Rosita, who is standing by, shoots at Negan but instead shoots Lucille, Negan's bat. Rick brings Aaron over, who is injured. Eric rushes over to Aaron and comforts Aaron. Negan demands for the person who built the bullet that Rosita shot at Lucille to come forward, Negan tells the Savior who killed Olivia to kill another person. The Savior points the gun at Eric and Aaron, who are holding each other and ask for the other members of Alexandria to not be killed.


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The ship is widely accepted the fandom and a fan favorite ship, especially among LGBT fans. Given that they were the first LGBT characters in the comics, and the first LGBT couple in the tv series to last more than a few episodes. On AO3, Aaric is the most written ship for both Aaron and Eric.



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