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AbbaBru is the slash ship between Leone Abbacchio and Bruno Bucciarati from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom.


Bruno first mets Abbacchio in the rain after he loses his position as a police officer. Here, he asked Abbacchio to join the gang. Abbacchio accepts his offer.

Ever since that day, Bruno and Abbacchio have worked together in Team Bucciarati, one of the many squads apart of Passione. Due to the men knowing each other the longest in the squad, they can easily cooperate with each other. When Mario Zucchero attacks them, for example, Bruno and Abbacchio work together to track Zucchero down and use a surprise attack on him.

As he found out that Bruno put the gang against the Boss, asking them to follow him, Abbacchio told him that "the only place where he feels at peace is when he's with him", accepting his request.


Despite being one of the most liked ships, there's nothing much to say in the canon. However, fans appreciate their teamwork and fondness of each other. Thus, the ship began to form due to friends to lovers being a trope.

Currently, there are around 400 fics on AO3 depicting the ship.



Leone/Bruno tag on AO3
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