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Achilles Heel is the femslash ship between Pyrrha Nikos and Cinder Fall from the RWBY fandom.


In Volume 2, Cinder tells Emerald to add Pyrrha to "the list" meaning that she might have had some unknown plan for her. She then gets Mercury to fight against Pyrrha to see what kind of semblance she has. Later on, Cinder tells him that she's impressed with the results of the fight wth Pyrrha.

In Volume 3, Cinder orchestrates Penny's "death" and has Pyrrha framed for it. In Chapter 11, As Pyrrha gets ready to have the Fall Maiden powers transferred to her, Cinder suddenly enters and steals the Fall Maiden's powers for herself. She and Jaune then flee before Cinder can attack them with her newly acquired powers. In Chapter 12, Pyrrha then decides to try and fight Cinder herself.

The fight commences when Pyrrha immediately hurls Miló at Cinder when the door to the elevator opens with Cinder casually dodging the attack. Pyrrha then tosses her other weapon Akoúo at Cinder and she blocks the attack with her elbow, shen then blocks Pyrrha's following kick. Pyrrha then lands on her feet and retrieves her weapons. Pyrrha is eventually overpowered and Cinder shoots her in the heel with an arrow. Cinder then kneels in front of a hurt Pyrrha and mockingly tells her that the maiden powers were never hers to begin with, and that she will make better use of them. Pyrrha then looks up at her and defiantly asks her if she believes in destiny, to which Cinder responds "yes". She then shoots her in the heart with another arrow and disintegrating her body. It is the later revealed in The World of RWBY: The Official Companion that Cinder purposefully chose to disintegrate Pyrrha rather than letting her suffocate to death from the arrow wound. The two both seem to have the color red as their main theme colors and they both hav a connection to the fall maiden; Pyrrha was supposed to inherit the powers while Cinder ended up stealing them.


Volume 3

Chapter 11

  • Pyrrha attempts to fight Cinder before being sent away by Ozpin.

Volume 6

  • Cinder tells Neo that she believes in destiny, quoting Pyrrha's words to her.


Achilles Heel is a rarepair in the RWBY fandom, due to the two being enemies, and Cinder killing Pyrrha. Some fans view them as a tragic couple and their dyanamic appeal as an opposites-attract ship due to their drastically different personalities.

People who don't ship these two usually ship Arkos.



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  • Their ship name comes from the Greek god Achilles who Pyrrha is based on. Achilles was fatally shot in his heel which became his downfall, Pyrrha was also shot in her heel by Cinder, which became her downfall.



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