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Acxlura is the femslash ship between Allura and Acxa from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


In The Way Forward, where the Paladins are being held in a cell, the mice take down the guard and Allura is the first to communicate with them, learning that Coran and Acxa had came to break them out.

Acxa and Allura interact once they all land on a remote planet to talk about what has been going on. Acxa explained that she realized Lotor wasn't the man she thought he was. Allura relates with how Acxa is feeling, explaining she too had fell for Lotor's facade. Acxa promptly tells her and presumably to the others that she will do whatever she can for the Voltron Coalition.


Shippers and fans have thought Acxlura would make a great power couple. They have been depicted in some fanart and fanfic as possibly be suspicious towards each other and be on opposing sides, and in other depictions would be Acxa being quiet and would act longing towards Allura before getting together.

There have also been speculated similarities between Allura and Acxa. Acxa has been theorized to be half-Altean, since looking similar to Lotor and has been speculated to have trust issues similar to Allura, theorizing she was kept away like Allura was.

There are even inside jokes in smaller areas that Acxlura is "Fem Klance" or "Klance 2.0" because of the depiction of being also the rivalry type/opposites, with Allura being the outgoing and preppy type of person and Acxa being the quiet, rough-edged one. Even some theories going around, imagining if Acxa and Allura would end up together or theories that Acxa and Allura would rule together in union of Altea and the Galra Empire.

The ship is one of the more rare pairs among many ships, but has garnered some attention on the concept. There is fanart popping up more and multiple fan-written works on the pairing.



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