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Adiyoff is the het ship between Penny Adiyodi and Kady Orloff-Diaz from The Magicians fandom.


Season 1


Alice is called to the front of the class, while Kady sarcastically says it looks serious, but Penny tells her that an artist is at work. She turns her attention to Alice who turns the marble into a horse as they all watch. Kady looks back at Penny, who says yes, till she passes out and then again when she wakes up. She asks if he just read her mind but he says it was just a guess. They then go back to her room and have sex.

Penny and Kady are lying on the bed her rooms, when he starts to pace. She asks about a spell but he ignores her, and she asks what his deal is. He says nothing but he has to go do something much to her confusion. She asks again what, he says he hears voices, and she asks if he’s phsycic. He says no, and he hates that word. She offers mind slut instead, and laughs saying he’s not the first she’s met, or the first to sleep with her. He says he has to go and she decides she’s coming with.

Quentin tries to say sorry about her brother, when she finds something wrong with the spell. He asks what it is and she’s about to explain when Penny and Kady come in. Penny sees the two and is confused, and Kady says seriously. She can’t believe that they were sent to help them. Alice says that the spell requires four people, and asks Kady and Penny to join them. They perform the spell, but nothing happens. Kady says she’s hungry, and Penny tells them to let them know if anything exciting happens, and they leave.


Season 1

Unauthorized Magic

  • Penny is sitting behind Kady during the exam.
  • Penny and Kady walk around campus together.
  • Kady draws a crude drawing of the night before and show it to Penny.
  • Kady play with Penny's scarf.


On AO3, Adiyoff is the most written ship for Penny and the second most written for Kady. It's also the sixth most written in The Magicians (TV) tag.



Penny/Kady tag on AO3
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