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AdriEon is the non-binary ship between Adrien Agreste and Aeon from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


The two seemed to have a friendly relationship development throughout the movie. After Marinette couldn't imagine being Ladybug without Cat Noir, she gives Uncanny the Cat Miraculous and gives it back to Adrien. She helped convinced him to be Cat Noir again, and they helped Ladybug to de-akumatize Techno-Pirate. The two are a little bit alike, with both of there parents having powers when they transform and them having powers too. They can be friendly and protective of there friends and allies.

Adrien met Aeon's alter-ego while saving the plane from falling, when Techno-Pirate stole one of the plane's wings, but was put back together with the help of the other United Heroez. At the hotel, Aeon uses her scan vision to see if all the French students are in the room, but is aware that two of them are missing. Though, the "missing" students come in and she is relieved that they came. The two first meet in there civilian forms when Adrien was sneaking out of his room to go to the rooftop party. Ms. Mendeleiev comes back to the hallway when she heard a noise, but Adrien with Marinette quickly rushes to a separate room before she could see him and the other students sneaking out. Inside, Adrien apologizes to Aeon and Jessica for entering in without permission, while Aeon doesn't mind and leans to Jessica, and says that they're "made for each other". In the museum, Aeon with Jessica discusses a plan with Alya and Nino to help Adrien and Marinette confess there feelings for each other in a dangerous situation. When Adrien and Marinette were set in the locked room, the lights are turned off by Jessica and a set hologram of a villain is captured by Aeon.

After a real villain breaks in and the whole group transforms into there superhero form, Tecnolizer shoots lasers around with the heroes with him on top of a building. Cat Noir was grabbed and hurled by him and accidentally cataclysm Uncanny, while she was standing in front of Ladybug. He was shocked at what he had just done, but after the "Miraculous Ladybug" revert the damage, he sighs in relief that Uncanny Valley is restored. Meanwhile, in the sewers, Cat Noir feels guilty, saying that it's his own fault for causing a problem and he could've bring irreparable harm if Uncanny Valley were human. It's likely that he almost renounced Plagg for nearly damaging Uncanny Valley/Aeon permanently, showing that he cares for her. Back in the hotel, Barbara is stoic that they had one mission to keep an eye on the French students, instead of transforming into there superhero forms. Aeon says that they did keep an eye but also found out Adrien's relationship with Marinette, so they tried to help them clarify there feelings by putting them in a dangerous situation(which they failed to).

In the rooftop, Jessica is worried that they might fail defeating the akumatized supervillain. Aeon says that she's wrong because Ladybug and Cat Noir are in New York too. She also says that they have a zero chance of possibility of winning without them. Aeon immediately transforms into Uncanny Valley, and look's for Adrien and Marinette, which she says that she knows there identities. When Marinette gives the Cat miraculous to Uncanny Valley, she goes to find Adrien and is in the plane. She tells him that New York and Ladybug needs him as Cat Noir. He tells her that he's no longer Cat Noir, and says that his mistakes are unforgivable. Uncanny plays the Ladybug's recording that she can't imagine being Ladybug without him. As he takes his ring back, he is glad to see Plagg again, but Uncanny questions who he's talking to. Adrien replies that it's his kwami but Plagg tells him that they can't be detected by technology, and he transforms into Cat Noir after Plagg explains. The two get off, and are at Ladybug's and Sparrow's(Jessica) destination.

After the crew defeat Miraclonizer, who is returned to Techno-Pirate, Knight Owl (Barbara) and Majestia (Olympia) thanks Ladybug and Cat Noir for inspiring "them". At the Statue of Liberty's torch, Astrocat (Cat Noir) is happy to see Ladybug and Uncanny thanking her that Uncanny bring them backed together as a team. After the moment, the group depart ways.


Like MariEon, it is a rarepair and is not very known or shipped from Miraculous fans. Not many seem to ship this, as people just see that Adrien and Aeon only have a friendly superhero relationship. It's possible that Aeon forgave Cat Noir/Adrien for almost shutting her off permanently, saying that it was an accident and trusts him. The two can be feeling comfortable when helping each other as superheroes. If an akumatization by Hawk Moth happens again in New York, it's certain that Cat Noir and Ladybug will help them and Uncanny Valley with there side. Like the other superheroes in New York, they have respect for Cat Noir.



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