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Adrialix is the het ship between Adrien Agreste and Alix Kubdel from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Adrien and Alix are classmates and friends who spend time together during group activities with the rest of their classmates and shared friends. They meet one another when Adrien was allowed to attend public school, the two don't spend a lot of time together outside their classmate group, but Alix's friendship with Marinette has Alix helping her to win Adrien's heart. Like people of Paris's people, she is a support of Cat Noir and has helped him and Ladybug a few times when one of her friends are in danger and wants to do her part in defeating the akumatized villains. Whenever she isn't akumatized herself. In season three, the two of them learn that Alix will one day be entrusted with the Rabbit Miraculous and become a fellow Miraculous holder, like Adrien is. While he becomes aware of her future superheroin identity, Alix currently has no idea that Adrien is Cat Noir; while her future adult self is aware of Cat Noir's true identity.

Season 1

She heard when Hawk Moth demanded Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous in "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", and was horrified and scared for the two.

In "Timebreaker", she is akumatised into Timebreaker and steals Cat Noir's energy. Eventually, both Timebreaker and Ladybug are sent back in time and there are two Timebreakers fighting Cat Noir and Ladybug.

Season 2

When Alix learned that Adrien went missing in "Santa Claws", she joins in the search to look for him. Once she heard that Adrien was back to the safety of his home, she goes with everyone else to his house and is invited inside for a Christmas feast. During the events of "The Collector", Alix learns that Adrien's father has banned Adrien from going to school. Luckily he is later allowed to go back to school and Alix is happy to see him when he gets dropped off the next day. Before Alix learns that Reverser is after her friend, Nathaniel Kurtzberg, Cat Noir gets reversed from brave to cowardly by the titled akumiatsed villain. Seeing how easily frightened Cat Noir has become as she gives him a quick little scare to test this, Alix comes to the conclusion that the main duo are in need of her help, as she insists on helping the two defeat Reverser. This has Alix helping a clumsy reversed Ladybug to fly the kite that Cat Noir is attached to, while fighting Reverser in the air with ease.

Season 3

Cat Noir with the adult Alix from the future

After Cat Noir recharges from a previous battle before he and Ladybug got to face Timetagger, an akumatized villain from their future, they bump into Alix who has been looking for them after her family heirloom pocket watch gives her a message from an unknown person. This leads to them meeting Alix's future adult self, who is a rabbit-themed superheroin known as Bunnyx. She explains that she is a member of the team that Ladybug's future self has formed to aid the main duo and that Cat Noir's future self damaging her Rabbit Miraculous during their battle with Timetagger is how she ended getting trapped in ancient Egypt. Without a way to get back to her home timeline, she seals herself in stone knowing that a young Cat Noir will one day free her from it, with help from her young self. Discovering the time travel powers of the pocket watch Rabbit Miraculous has Cat Noir asking future Alix why the said miraculous is rarely used, and future Alix explains that time travel can be very dangerous and that is why her help is only called upon during times of great need. Due to what happed in her first battle with Timetagger and not wanting to give the villain a chance to take the main two Miraculouses from the young heroes, she has Cat Noir and Ladybug sit the battle out. Cat Noir, who Bunnyx has nicknamed Kitty, is amazed that she is able to use her superpower without the need to recharge per use, but as Timetagger began to show sighs of getting the upper hand he jumps in to aid her. Only to upset her, as Bunnyx tells him that the stunt he just pulled is similar to the one that gets her miraculous damaged. After Ladybug gets Cat Noir to go along with her plan to make Timetagger that he has won while Bunnyx returns to the future, she uses her Burrow superpower to help future Cat Noir aid his young self. As Bunnyx returns to bring future Chris Lahiffe back home, she bids goodbye to Cat Noir, Ladybug and her young self.

In "Félix", she and her friends try to decide how to contact Adrien as it has been one year since his mom's "death". She agrees with Marinette's idea that everyone should send a video message.

After altered events from the present begin to affect the future timeline that Bunnyx is from and learns that it is due to Cat Noir getting akumatized into Cat Blanc, while Cat Blanc's actions inadvertently causing great harm to young Alix causes to slowly fade away. Knowing that she can't de-akumatize Cat Blanc back into Cat Noir and needs to find out what caused him to get akumatized in the first place, Bunnyx knew that in order to save the future she'll have to prevent Cat Noir's akumatization, but cannot be in two places at once. This gets her to enlist the help of the Ladybug who is from days before Cat Noir's akumatization, so they'll be able to de-akumatize Cat Blanc and gain clues to learn how those altered events came to be. Bunnyx's fading in and out state has her watching Cat Blanc fight Ladybug from the safety within her burrow, while she jumps between the altered timeline battle and the past events that led to it, in order to find out the reason for Cat Noir's akumatization. Watching those past events gets her to find out Cat Noir's true identity as Adrien Agreste. When she went back to watch the battle through her burrow, she witnesses Cat Blanc promising to destroy everything in the universe, while it causes all of the screens to go black. Thankfully they went back online when Ladybug de-akumatizes Cat Blanc, but the timeline that the battle took place in was still damaged. As Bunnyx goes to pick up the Ladybug who frees this Cat Noir, she ensures him that everything will be fixed before the timeline gets fixed. In order to keep Cat Noir's true identity a secret, she doesn't tell Ladybug watch she saw through Burrow.


Season One

The Bubbler

  • Alix attends Adrien's surprise birthday party, by force, but after the villain is defeated she cheers for Cat Noir.


  • Alix gets informed by Cat Noir that Mylène had been akumatized into Horrificator.


  • Alix watched Adrien play a video game.

Season Two


  • Alix cheers Adrien on while he wears a Cat Noir costume, and is disappointed when the shoot is cancelled.


  • While Alix is standing at Andre's ice cream car, she sees Cat Noir flying through the air and take a hard landing through the cart.

Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)

  • Because Alix is unaware that what she saw is an illusion, she is deeply upset when an akumatized Ladybug destroys Cat Noir with his own Cataclysm.

Season Three


  • Alix is trapped by Desperada, but is later rescued by Cat Noir.


  • She was relieved when she found out that Cat Noir was aboard the train.


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This isn't a particularly popular ship, due to how rare it is because of the age gap between them and the popularity surrounding Adrienette, but is does have a small fanbase on Tumblr, under it's Adrilix title, and AO3. Many prefer to ship them as friends than lovers.



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