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“Then let's go back to what's always worked. A duo. You and me against the world, m'lady.”
— Adrien to Marinette in "Mayura"

Adrienette is the het ship between Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Adrien and Marinette have crushes on each other in different superheroine forms; Adrien likes Ladybug, Marinette’s superhero identity, though only sees Marinette as a friend; while Marinette likes Adrien, and sees Adrien’s superhero identity, Cat Noir, as a partner and teammate.

They are part of the “Love Square”: Ladynoir (Ladybug/Cat Noir), Marichat (Marinette/Cat Noir), Ladrien (Ladybug/Adrien) and Adrienette (Adrien/Marinette).

Season 1

The Bubbler

It’s Adrien’s birthday and the first thing Marinette does is kisses her computer screen which has a background of an Adrien collage. As she’s leaving for school, she mistakenly tells her mother “Happy Birthday,” before quickly telling her "Have a Nice Day”. Later that morning, Marinette is hiding behind the school’s front stairs with Alya, attempting to gain enough courage to give Adrien his present. Alya is doing her best to psych Marinette up, only for Marinette to get cold feet and fall back down for cover. As Alya pushes her back out there, Chloe comes up and shoves Marinette away. Once Chloe has left, Adrien leaves as well, as he has a photoshoot to attend. While he’s there, Marinette and Alya go to Adrien’s mansion where Marinette delivers her present. Once it’s taken by Adrien’s father assistant, Nathalie Sancoeur, does Alya question if Marinette wrote her name on the note, to which Marinette realizes she didn’t.

Later that afternoon, Adrien’s best friend, Nino, is akumatized by Hawk Moth into the Bubbler where he throws Adrien a birthday party while the adults of Paris are away, floating into the atmosphere. Chloe requests a slow song, to which she pulls Adrien into her arms and the two dance in a slow union. As they dance, Chloe reaches up for a kiss. Marinette has become Ladybug, following her mother and father being caught up in the bubbles. As she watches down, she sees Chloe make her move and becomes jealous, where she activates her Lucky Charm. With her Lucky Charm being used, she only has minutes before she turns back to normal. Tikki, her Kwami, gently reminds her of this. Marinette runs Tikki for food to refill her energy once she sees the party pick back up and Adrien and Chloe stepping away from each other, Adrien looking a little relived. Once Tikki has eaten, Marinette is really to fight again when Alya pulls her into a room where she finds her present from earlier. Marinette quickly signs the note as “Love, Marinette”. She soon sees a fellow classmate in a bubble, floating upward. Realizing she shouldn’t have waited so long, she transforms back into Ladybug, challenging the Bubbler. Adrien is stunned to see her, though soon also realizes what’s happening is wrong, pulling Chloe off of him, he leaves to transform into Cat Noir.

After arriving back out, Ladybug and Cat Noir team up, as they’ve done numerous times in the past. The Bubbler catches them in a bubble and dropkicks them to the adults already up. As they’ve slowed down, Ladybug suggests Cat Noir to use his Cataclysm Cataclysm to break the bubble and he jokes that she could have mentioned that “500 feet ago”. Ladybug tells him that they can’t stay in the bubble forever, to which Cat Noir gives her a knowing grain, which Ladybug groans at. Taking her advice, he activates his Cataclysm, bursting the bubble and them falling fast. Ladybug suggests again he use his staff, and then she uses her yo-yo to catch them, landing them back on the ground. The Bubbler demands the other kids get back out from hiding when Ladybug and Cat Noir get back. Another fight breaks out and Cat Noir yells for Ladybug to do something as he’s running out of time. Using her Lucky Charm, Ladybug saves the day as Cat Noir deflects the Bubble’s bubbles enough for Ladybug to snatch the akumatized object. As they watch Nino resort back to normal, they pound fists on another successful mission.

Back to school, Adrien arrives wearing the scarf Marinette knitted him as his present. His father’s assistant having removed Marinette’s note believes the gift to have been from him. Seeing Adrien happy about his father makes Marinette not wishing to tell him it’s really from her.

Simon Says

Cat Noir told Ladybug and Nino that Simon Says is after Gabriel Agreste, and that they have to go to the Agreste Mansion. Ladybug insists that they look for Adrien, and Cat Noir says that he will go straight to the mansion and meet them there. He detransforms, and meets Ladybug and Nino again as Adrien, and together they go to the Agreste Mansion.

Ladybug talks to Gabriel about how perfect Adrien is, and gets a phone call from Cat Noir, who says that Simon Says is coming. He then meets up with her and Gabriel in the mansion.

Ladybug goes to Adrien's room to check up on him, and finds that he is apparently in the shower, so she calls for him. Cat Noir climbs in the bathroom window and hears Ladybug calling for Adrien. Quickly, he detransforms while turning on the shower. Ladybug opens the shower door and tells Adrien that they need to go, and freaks out when she realises Adrien may not have his clothes on. Adrien says that he needs to get dressed and then they can go. As Ladybug waits for Adrien to come out of the bathroom, she notices the person on the wallpaper of Adrien's computer. When he leaves the bathroom, Adrien reveals to Ladybug that the person is his mother on her seventeenth birthday. Both simultaneously tell each other, "she's got your eyes." When Simon Says' hypnotised servants break into the room, Ladybug pushes Adrien into the bathroom to keep him safe.

Ladybug and Cat Noir go back to the TV studio together. Cat Noir tries to save Gabriel, but Ladybug decides that trying to stop Simon Says is more important, and stops him. Later, Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm to destroy the akumatised cards so Ladybug can purify the akuma.

She watches Nino in the TV show The Challenge with Cat Noir.


Marinette notices Adrien is sad that his father is not coming for Career Day, but does not mention it.

Once Rogercop is akumatised, Ladybug grabs Cat Noir's staff and throws him inside a trash can, then flings herself into the school. The two of them managed to hold on to the back of Rogercop's car. When Cat Noir falls, Ladybug catches him with her yoyo, but when Ladybug falls, Cat Noir cannot save her. Cat Noir is eventually pushed off the car by Rogercop and Ladybug saves him again by tying him up with her yoyo. He then thanks her and tries to kiss her, but she says he can repay her later. They then both wonder where Rogercop has gone, and Ladybug suggests the city hall.

They get chased out of the City Hall by cops, and end up on the roof, trying to think of a plan. They decide that Cat Noir will descend the rooftop and distract the policemen by dancing while Ladybug enters the building unseen.

When Ladybug needs a bracelet for her Lucky Charm, Cat Noir suggests using Chloé's bracelet. He then uses his Cataclysm on the floor as a distraction while Ladybug takes his akumatised necklace. They fist bump, and Cat Noir suggests fist bumping 'like robots' but is interrupted by his miraculous beeping. He tells Ladybug that if she saw his face behind the mask she would 'swoon too hard and never wake up' before leaving.

Mr. Pigeon

Marinette and her class are given an assignment to complete in 10 hours — create a derby hat that, should Adrien’s father like it, the world-famous fashion designer, have Adrien wear it for his next ad campaign photoshoot. Marinette and Alya are going through Marinette’s sketchbook, looking for any derby hat designs when Adrien comes up to them, complimenting on the designs. Marinette fumbles through her words as she thanks him. Hours later, Marinette’s design is nearly complete, just missing a pigeon feather. While working on her design, a pigeon-loving man is escorted off park property, where soon after he’s evilized by Hawk Moth.

Marinette becomes Ladybug and is first to track him, where she’s met by Cat Noir, posing on a rooftop. Cat Noir rolls down the roof from sneezing, revealing he’s allergic to feathers. After posing again park security, Cat Noir is kidnapped by Mr. Pigeon’s pigeon where he and Ladybug meet back up again. Mr. Pigeon traps them in a cage, threating to have his bird's deficit on them. Ladybug suggests Cat Noir use his Cataclysm, destroying the cage. The two power stud toward him when he falls over the ledge, being caught by his pigeons. Having used his Cataclysm, Cat Noir is minutes away from changing back. At the Mayor’s hotel, he requests camembert cheese. With the camembert, he’s able to feed Plagg, his Kwami, and rejoin Ladybug in the fight.

They reach the Grand Palais, a large historic site, where they find the park keepers in a small cage. Ladybug knowing this is a trap as it’s “too easy,” and stops Cat Noir from walking straight through the front door. They head up for the roof where when Cat Noir opens the ceiling window, feathers hit him, causing him to sneeze, alerting Mr. Pigeon to their presents. Using her Lucky Charm, Ladybug causes popcorn to fall on Mr. Pigeon, having his birds peck at him. As Cat Noir goes from his bird whistle, he sneezes and loses it, allowing Mr. Pigeon another chance at it. All three go for it, their hands landing on top. Ladybug uses Cat Noir’s hands to smash the akumatized object, freeing the man.

Back at school, the derby hat competition is happening, where Marinette’s hat wins having been confirmed as the original design that Chloe had attempted to steal as her own. Adrien walks up her, placing his hands over hers and congratulates her with a warm smile. Adrien begins to place the hat on his head when he sneezes, before telling her he’s allergic to feathers. Marinette doesn’t pick up on the coincidence, just smiles and tells him “gesundheit”.

Stormy Weather

Marinette is babysitting when Alya comes to her home, informing her that Adrien is doing a photoshoot in the park. They and the girl Marinette is sitting, take a “stroll” through the park, passing by Adrien. Adrien sees them, smiles and waves. As he does, Marinette does too to the point where Alya has to move her hand down, with a large grin on Marinette’s face. The shoot continues and Marinette cannot stop smiling, her mouth dropping open after Alya reaches over and closes it. Manon, the girl Marinette is babysitting, is bored until she spots a man with Mireille, the weather girl winner, balloons. Manon begs Marinette to buy her a balloon, having to scream at her to bring her out of her Adrien trance. This causes the photoshoot to halt and everyone to look at Marinette. Alya offers to take Manon to get the balloon, but with Manon stuck to Marinette’s leg, Marinette leaves, Alya stays, and the photoshoot returns to normal. Manon guilt trips Marinette into staying with her when Alya arrives, informing Marinette that Adrien needs a female partner (he looks too lethargic for the photographer’s taste). Marinette protests, stating that she has to stay with Manon, but Alya insists, taking Manon and jumping on the unicorn in the carousel. Alya distracts Manon, allowing Marinette to be with Adrien.

In the sky, Stormy Weather’s, the akumatized girl, flight is halted by a stray Mireille balloon. She looks down, finding the park vendor handing another one to a child when she attacks the park. Marinette goes off to transform into Ladybug, while Adrien does the same to become Cat Noir. Cat Noir is first to confront Story Weather when he’s blown away by heavy wind. Ladybug runs after him, helping him up off the ground. As he gets up, he kisses her hand, greeting her as “M’ladybug.” Stormy Weather summons a thunder and lightning storm before it can hit down, Ladybug tackles Cat Noir out of the way and as they roll, Cat Noir ends up on top of Ladybug and he grins impishly at her. Ladybug is not amused, turning Cat Noir’s head to remind him of the problem at hand. Cat Noir bounces back to his feet, ready to chase Stormy Weather, but Ladybug stops him, telling him to think before he leaps. Ladybug then runs up the side of a building. Cat Noir follows suit on the opposite side of the street. They jump off at the same time, weapons swinging at Stormy Weather. She turns, blowing them and many cars several streets away. The two land, dodging the cars as they fall. Suddenly, a bus comes flying at them. Ladybug pulls Cat Noir close, swinging her yo-yo rapidly, as the bus falls on them; the yo-yo acts like a drill, leaving the two safe inside the bus. Ladybug opens one of the bus’ windows and holds on to Cat Noir’s staff. Cat Noir lengthens it, allowing Ladybug to get out and pull him up afterward and head for the direction of Stormy Weather.

Ladybug and Car Noir run for the news station where Stormy Weather shuts off the power to the building. Ladybug stumbles, unable to find her way in the dark. Cat Noir grabs her hand, able to see due to his night vision. He leads her through the building and up two flights of stairs. Ladybug protests, but when she is hit with a fire extinguisher by Stormy Weather, she allows Cat Noir to continue leading her. Upon dropping hands on the roof, Stormy Weather brings down heavy hail and Cat Noir protects Ladybug by pushing her down, giving them cover with his staff. Ladybug uses Lucky Charm and tells Cat Noir to destroy the billboard. With her distracted, Ladybug wraps her yo-yo around Stormy Weather’s ankle. Ladybug takes off running under pipes and against a crane before jumping over an HVAC. Opening the towel, Ladybug soars into the air, pulling Stormy Weather down. The speed at which she falls and the angle of the crane cause her to lose her parasol. Cat Noir catches it, tossing it to Ladybug, who breaks it in half, freeing her. With another successful mission, they pound fists.


Marinette then sits with Evillustrator on a bench on the boat he created, and distracts him so Cat Noir can get into position. Marinette grabs the stylus, but before she can give it to Cat Noir, it is stolen back by Evillustrator who traps Marinette and Cat Noir in a cube. He erases part of the boat, and Marinette and Cat Noir are stuck in the sinking cube. Marinette then angles Cat Noir's baton, lifting the cube and arriving back on the streets of Paris. Cat Noir then runs off to Chloé's room, which is where Evillustrator has now run to, telling Marinette she can 'thank him later'. This annoys her, as she was the one who freed them. She then transforms back into Ladybug and follows him.

In Chloé's room, Ladybug and Cat Noir banter while Evillustrator tries to convince them to see his side. Ladybug then tells Cat Noir that they need to turn off the lights as Evillustrator cannot draw in the dark.

The next day, Adrien approaches Marinette and asks her what she thinks of Cat Noir. Marinette stutters and ends up calling Adrien 'dreamy' and 'the most awesome of awesome'. Adrien mistakenly believes that this means she is a fan of Cat Noir. He pats her shoulder and walks off to class, Marinette staring after him.

Princess Fragance

Ladybug and Cat Noir are seen on a news report together after defeating a villain. Alya suggests that Marinette gives Adrien her notes after he misses a science class for a photoshoot.

During the fight, Cat Noir is placed under Princess Fragrance's spell, and attempts to take Ladybug's earrings. She then tricks him into releasing fireworks, which cause Princess Fragrance's perfume to disappear, then grabs his tail and drops him into the river.

Dark Cupid

During class, Adrien is writing something, but throws it away afterwards. Marinette then looks through the trash to find it. It reads: "Your hair is jet black, your eyes as blue as the heavens, I want to ask who you are behind your mysterious mask. I see you every day and I would like you to give me a sign, I shall love you 'til the end of my days, will you be my Valentine?" Marinette is sure it's about her, as she has jet black hair and blue eyes. She believes the 'mysterious mask' to be talking about Adrien wishing to see her inner self. She jumps up and down in excitement. Tikki and Alya both help her to write a letter back to Adrien, with Alya giving her pink heart shaped paper, and Tikki suggesting that she should write a response to Adrien's poem. Alya calls Marinette and Adrien 'cute lovers'. Marinette posts the letter.

In Adrien's room, Adrien and Plagg scroll through the Ladyblog, with Adrien trying to figure out Ladybug's identity. After some bickering with Plagg, he decides to finally tell Ladybug he loves her.

Once Kim is akumatized into Dark Cupid, Ladybug is hiding between two buildings, when Cat Noir appears and holds a hand out to Ladybug. She takes his hand and stands on his staff with him. Just as he is about to confess to her, Dark Cupid arrives. He throws himself in front of her and is shot by one of the villain's arrows. The arrow makes him hate Ladybug, and he squeezes her, stating that he hates her and she means nothing to him. Ladybug then stamps on his foot, uses the end of his staff as a springboard, and yoyos away to Chloé's house. Cat Noir runs after her, and stops her from pursuing Dark Cupid. She yoyos even higher, but he catches up easily. She holds him back using her yoyo and asks him why he hates her so much. He says that hate conquers all, but Ladybug disagrees, saying that love does. She then realises that she needs to kiss him to return him to normal, so she chases him around the streets of Paris, trying to kiss him.

Ladybug then ties Cat Noir to a lamp post, and tries multiple times to kiss him while he squirms. Dark Cupid then arrives and frees him. He tries to cataclysm Ladybug but she uses her yoyo as a shield, pulls on his tail, then runs away from him. Cat Noir and Ladybug fight, and he pins her to the ground, while talking about much he hates her, but she reaches up, pulls his face, and kisses him. Cat Noir then wakes up and Ladybug throws him at Dark Cupid and he throws her the akumatised brooch, which he tosses to Ladybug, pretending it was her valentine’s day present. She plays along, but then 'accidentally' drops it and releases the akuma. Cat Noir and Ladybug fist bump.

Before Ladybug leaves, Cat Noir tries to tell her something, but he is unable to. Ladybug tries to explain the kiss, but Cat Noir doesn't know what she is talking about so she stops. He tries to speak again but is interrupted by his miraculous beeping. He and Ladybug part.

Marinette contemplates taking the letter back, but doesn't, stating that in order for Adrien to love her back, he must first know that she loves him.

Adrien returns home, sad that he wasn't able to confess to Ladybug and that Dark Cupid made him behave badly towards her, but he is cheered up when he finds Marinette's letter, which reads: 'Your hair is golden, your eyes, green iridescent. When I look at you I would like to share your dreams and thoughts. Yes, I'll be your Valentine, we'll be good together. I will love you forever, my heart is yours.'. He is unsure who it is from as Marinette had forgotten to sign it. A ladybug flies through the window, making Adrien believe it was from her.


Marinette gets a call from Alya reminding her about Alix’s and Kim’s race. Marinette needs to be there, especially since she made a banner for the race. With only five minutes to get to the Trocadéro, Marinette sets a timer for when Nadja, a woman waiting for the cake, will arrive and transforms into Ladybug and swings her way to the starting line. Upon arriving, Adrien sees the banner and winks at her with approval. Before the race, Alix gives Alya her family heirloom to hold and Alya gives it to Marinette instead. Marinette proceeds to drop it from also holding the banner when Adrien catches it in time as Marinette is reaching down. Adrien asks if she “needs any help”. Marinette fumbles over her words, calling Adrien “amazing,” before backtracking and calling him “amazing at holding things,” when he looks at her funny. Chloe then takes the watch out of Adrien’s hand. Adrien tries to get it back, claiming it belongs to Alix, but she doesn’t care. Marinette tries to make her give it back. Instead, Chloe opens the watch, dropping it in surprise when it lights up. The watch rolls on the track and is destroyed underneath Alix’s rollerblades as Alix finishes in first place. Alix is evilized as Marinette is distracted, Marinette runs off to transform into Ladybug and Adrien does the same to become Cat Noir.

Alix is touching the other students, erasing them from existence, when she pulls Ladybug by your yo-yo string, causing her to fall flat on her face. Ladybug has no time to react when she reaches down to take her Miraculous when suddenly Cat Noir is holding her close, taking the hit, protecting her, and begins fading. Ladybug screams his name as she holds onto him tighter. Full of calm rage, Ladybug challenges Timebreaker to take Cat Noir’s Miraculous. Timebreaker goes back in time by roughly six minutes, where past! Cat Noir is excited at having two Ladybugs with him, commenting, “Two Ladybugs… I’m in heaven.” The three work together, with Cat Noir buying both Ladybugs time. Once the akumatized object is destroyed, Cat Noir walks up to one Ladybug, saying how he was “getting used to having two Ladybugs around,” to which she tells him he’ll have to “get used to no Ladybugs around,” as she has to leave before she changes back into her civilian attire. As she leaves, Cat Noir says, “Ah! She’ll fall for me someday; it’s just a matter of time.”


On a field trip to Le Grand Paris, Marinette is sad because she wasn't allowed to work with Adrien.

During the battle, while Cat Noir is sneaking up on Pixellator, Ladybug warns him of where the akuma is, but before he can take the glasses he is pixelated. After freeing himself from the pixelated world using his cataclysm, Cat Noir runs back to the fight to help Ladybug with her Lucky Charm.

Marinette and Adrien attend a Jagged Stone concert together afterwards, and Adrien tells her that it is his first time at a concert and that it is awesome.


Marinette is standing on her balcony, talking to Tiki about Adrien, daydreaming of him. Whenever Marinette tries to talk to him, she can’t say anything. Tikki suggests she talks to him via her cellphone, and Marinette agrees. She calls Alya to ask for Adrien’s number.

In Marinette’s room, Alya prepared a speech for Marinette to read to Adrien over the phone to invite him to the movies. Marinette protests, saying that she sounds awkward and unnatural when she reads out loud. Alya replies that Marinette should memorize the text. Before Marinette can back out, Alya presses the “call” button and Marinette dances around with the phone in her hand before she is directed to Adrien’s voicemail. He is currently at fencing practice, as seen by Adrien’s schedule on the calendar attached to Marinette’s ceiling. Alya tells her to leave a message. Panicked, Marinette leaves an impromptu voicemail and throws it on her lounge back to Alya. She then accidentally records herself confessing her crush, calling him “hot stuff,” since she never ended the call. They try to delete the message, but Adrien’s phone saves it. To save her dignity, Marinette and Alya hurry to the school to delete the message from Adrien’s phone before fencing practice ends.

Just as they leave, Marinette and Alya notice Cat Noir jumping over the rooftops and landing in front of the statue at the Place des Vosges for the Ladybug and Cat Noir statue unveiling. Alya stays in the park to take pictures of the ceremony for the Ladyblog while Marinette runs ahead to the school to erase the voicemail, hoping to return in time as Ladybug.

Théo, the statue artist, is disappointed that Ladybug has not yet shown up to the ceremony, but Cat Noir assures him that she should be there soon. André, the mayor, thinks Ladybug might show up sooner if they start the ceremony without her, but Théo convinces him to wait a little longer.

Marinette sneaks into the boys’ locker room and calls Adrien’s cellphone to figure out which locker is his. Simultaneously, André ultimately starts the ceremony without Ladybug and unveils the statue, much to Théo’s disappointment, and Marinette finds Adrien’s locker, with Tikki unlocking the door by phasing through it.

The statue ceremony ends and people leave with Cat Noir staying behind. Théo expresses his sadness at not being able to meet Ladybug. From Théo’s words, Cat Noir realizes that Théo is in love with Ladybug. He becomes jealous, insinuating to Théo that he and Ladybug are already in a relationship. Théo leaves angrily, wondering what Ladybug sees in Cat Noir.

Back at the school, fencing practice is over and the boys are returning to the locker room. Tikki is impatient to get to the statue reveal ceremony, but Marinette has been unable to delete the message from Adrien’s phone; she cannot get past the pattern lock to open it. She takes the phone and sneaks out of the school just as Adrien returns. Adrien takes his bag from his locker and leaves, not realizing that his phone is missing.

Back at home, Adrien cannot find his phone. He grabs his house phone and calls his cellphone, freaking Marinette out when he does. Thinking he left it at the gym, Adrien grabs Plagg and hurries out of the house. Meanwhile, Copycat, the akumatized Théo, wanders into the Louvre and steals the Mona Lisa as all the museum visitors look on, seeking to frame Cat Noir. Marinette is still trying to break into Adrien’s phone, when Alya calls from the Louvre, informing her about Cat Noir (Copycat) stealing the Mona Lisa. At first, Marinette is confused, thinking someone has robbed Cat Noir, but Alya clarifies. Marinette does not believe that Cat Noir would do such a thing. She transforms into Ladybug and goes to investigate.

Roger, the head police officer, refuses to let Ladybug see him when she arrives. Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm to escape, fighting off a squad of officers waiting in the entrance of the Louvre. When Roger hears of Cat Noir's escape, he and Ladybug run inside, only to find the officers on the ground. Ladybug realizes that Cat Noir was holding back against the police. Ladybug leaves, letting the “professionals” take care of Cat Noir.

Outside, Cat Noir uses his staff to contact Ladybug’s yo-yo, telling her he has to find the impostor and flees the police helicopters and squad cars. Plagg suspects that the impostor is a new Akuma victim and Adrien realizes it must be Théo, recognizing the lollipop stick that Copycat had planted in the Louvre.

Cat Noir arrives at Théo’s studio and calls Ladybug, letting her know that he found Copycat’s hideout. She asks where he is, but Cat Noir decides that—since this situation is his fault—he has to handle it alone so he doesn’t tell her where he is before hanging up. Ladybug uses the tracking device in her yo-yo to find him.

Inside, Cat Noir finds a note in front of a Maneki-Neko on top of a box from Copycat that says, “Cat’s in the bag.” The note turns out to be a trap, as the box springs open and catches him in a pair of shackles. He tries to use Cataclysm to break the chains, but Copycat appears from behind and forces his hand to touch a random plank of wood, wasting the Cataclysm. Copycat steals Cat Noir’s staff and poses as the real Cat, calling and informing Ladybug that he has captured the “fake”. Cat Noir tries to tell her it’s a trap, but Copycat hangs up before she can hear. He then reveals to Cat Noir his plan to win Ladybug’s love from him and proceeds to taunt him.

Ladybug arrives just as Copycat is about to remove Cat Noir’s Miraculous. The real Cat Noir begs Ladybug to ask the impostor about their relationship while using a nickname only the actual Cat Noir uses, “bugaboo”. Ladybug, realizing something is wrong, asks Copycat if he kept their “secret promise”. Not knowing that Ladybug and Cat Noir never made any promise, Copycat says he kept the secret, revealing himself as the fake. He says he loves Ladybug and insists that he would be much better for her than the real Cat Noir. Ladybug replies that while Cat Noir has his flaws, he has never lied to her. Cat Noir kicks Copycat off of him.

Copycat activates Cataclysm, claiming that if he can’t have Ladybug, then no one will. Ladybug uses Lucky Charm with a spoon appearing. Copycat lunges to attack Ladybug, but she shields herself with Cat Noir’s chains, using Copycat’s Cataclysm to break them and free her partner. She uses her yo-yo to catch the arm of one of the Cats, who protests that he is the real Cat Noir. The other Cat immediately insists that the first one is lying. Irritated with both of them, Ladybug demands to see how many toe beans they have left on their rings. The Cat she caught with her yo-yo turns out to be the real one, as he is down to one dot, while Copycat hisses in frustration. Ladybug releases Cat Noir, and the two Cats resume fighting.

Using her lucky vision, Ladybug spots one of the staffs (lost earlier during the fight), a support beam on the ceiling, her yo-yo, and the spoon from her Lucky Charm. She makes a fishing rod with the staff, the yo-yo, and some duct tape that she tears off, bending the spoon into a hook shape. She catches Copycat by the belt with her fishing rod and swings over the beam, suspending him from the ceiling. She then takes the photo from his pocket, the akumatized object, and tears it. Cat Noir is relieved that Ladybug could tell him apart from the fake. She retorts that it wasn’t too difficult once she knew who was really in love with her, referring to Théo. Down to his last dot, Cat Noir takes his leave, remarking that Ladybug has broken his heart as well as Théo’s, though she doesn’t hear him.

Later, with Alya’s help, Marinette manages to get past the pattern lock and delete the voicemail. She sneaks the phone back into Adrien’s bag at school the next day. Adrien is bewildered to find his phone in his bag, as he has checked there a thousand times. Nino says he needs to clear his head and suggests that they go see a movie that night. Alya asks Nino if it’s okay for her and Marinette to tag along, and Nino agrees that that would be cool. Adrien turns around and smiles up at Marinette and Marinette jumps for joy.


According to Marinette's diary, Cat Noir almost found out her identity in a battle.

Marinette goes to school and watches Adrien play Ultimate Mecha Strike III. She decides that she will try to beat Max in order to be Adrien's partner in the tournament, and succeeds. Adrien comes to her house after school, and Marinette rushes to get rid of all the pictures of him that she has on her walls. Downstairs, Adrien learns from Sabine that Marinette talks about him all the time, but doesn't think anything of it. When Marinette and Adrien first get upstairs and sit down at Marinette's computer, they both end up reaching for the same controller and pulling back when their hands touched. It happens again making it awkward in the room. Adrien finally grabs one and Marinette the other. They start playing in silence for a while, occasionally taking short glances at each other. She shoos her dad away multiple times when he brings food for the two of them, claiming they need time to practice. Adrien tells Marinette she is way better at gaming than he is, so Marinette shows him her bracelet which she calls her 'Lucky Charm' and then gives it to him. They decide to go for a break and walk to the Place des Vosges. Adrien tells her he'll try out the bracelet but is interrupted by the akumatised Gamer who is after Marinette, and he is knocked out of the way. He then transforms into Cat Noir and saves Marinette.

Ladybug arrives at the battle just in time to stop Gamer from shooting Cat Noir. They fight together inside a giant robot.

After Marinette gives Max her position in the competition, Adrien gives her his position.


Marinette drops the La Mode magazine in front of Adrien, showing the pictures of Adrien inside. Adrien bends down and picks the magazine up at the same time as Marinette, and they bump heads, and he apologises. Trying to get Nino to admit his crush on Marinette, he suggests the three of them go to the zoo together, but Marinette assumes he meant just the two of them. She believes that she is going to have her first date with Adrien.

At the zoo, Adrien doesn't show up, and Nino shows up by himself. Marinette suggests they wait for Adrien but he doesn't come.

During the battle, when Animan escapes from Ladybug's trap, the two decide that the best course of action is to look for Kim. Ladybug sprays her and Cat Noir with deodorant to disguise their scent so they can sneak up on Animan. Cat Noir distracts him while she uses her Lucky Charm. When Ladybug appears to have been eaten by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Cat Noir is devastated, but is much happier when she climbs out of its mouth. He is so happy that instead of fistbumping after battle, he gives Ladybug a hug.


When asked if he will vote for Marinette for class president, Adrien states that he will vote for her if she has a good speech, which motivates Marinette.

During the battle, the newly transformed Ladybug saves Cat Noir with her yoyo. Ladybug apologized for being late, but Cat Noir smiled at her and said it's fine since she arrived.

Season 2

Despair Bear

After Alya says that Marinette should ask Adrien to dance, Marinette turns down her friends suggestion, but then Adrien asks Marinette to dance with him. We see them dancing, until Alya comes their way and puts Marinette's hands on his shoulders and Adrien's hands on her waist. They were shocked at first, but then they kept on dancing.

Heroes Day

After Carapace, Rena Rouge and Queen Bee got akumatized, Cat Noir made an escape for Ladybug and him. Ladybug told herself it's not going to work anymore without the other heroes. Cat Noir encouraged her telling she's amazing, and they have always been the two of them against the world. He told her they should do it that way. Ladybug smiled, and both of them went back to action.

At the end of the day, everyone made a picnic, but then Adrien was called and told he was already leaving. After he left, he thanked Marinette telling her she's always for them, calling her super-Marinette since she's their superheroe. Marinette went after him and kissed him in the cheek, telling goodbye to him. Marinette friends started cheering in happiness because she finally made a big step to her love to Adrien.

Season 3


Marinette is seen to have yawned loudly, and Adrien looked at her with affection. Alya pickes up on something, and asks Adrien to "switch seats with her" so she can "chat with Nino." He walks over to the now-sleeping Marinette and plugs in his earphones. Marinette's head then slumps onto his shoulder with her hand resting on Adrien's chest. Adrien seems a bit surprised, but then smiles. The recording playing into his ears soon lulls him to sleep, and his head rests on Marinette's own. A jealous Lila tries to break the two apart but is stopped by Alya.

Miracle Queen

Ladybug and Cat Noir transformed and jumped to the river after a bunch of wasps started hypnotizing every citizen in Paris. Ladybug blamed herself for everything that happened, but Cat Noir told her not to do it. He cheered her up, and Ladybug hugged him thanking him since he's always by her side.

Cat Blanc

Marinette was trying to deliver Adrien a gift, but he wasn't home yet, so she transformed into Ladybug and got inside his bedroom. She got out of control and started touching and smelling his stuff, until she remembered she hasn't put her name on the gift. When Adrien arrived, he saw Ladybug getting out of the room. He asumed Ladybug was Marinette, since he saw Ladybug deliveringthe gift, and the gift has Marinette's name. In another timeline, we can see how Ladybug saw all the chaos her revelation made, and met Cat Blanc. While they were fighting, Cat Blanc shouted "Still running from me Marinette?!" This shocked Ladybug and made her fall. Cat Blanc shouted "give me a hug, Marinette".

Returning to the initial timeline, We can see how Adrien confessed to Marinette that she love her, and both share a kiss. Then there are multiple scenes of both of them dating. Gabriel made a plan so Marinette would break up with Adrien and then akumatize her, but Adrien saw the akuma behind Marinette and quickly transformed and destroyed it with the cataclysm. Cat Noir called her "Mylady" so Marinette realized he also new her identity, hugging him in tears. Nathalie warned Gabriel about Adrien being Cat Noir, so he started making another plan. He revealed Adrien he's Hawk Moth and that he wants the Miraculous to revive her mother. Cat Noir went mad and tried to fight him, but Hawk Moth kicked him and akumatize him. Ladybg tried to make him get back to normal, but he couldn't resist. Cat Noir called her one last time "Mylady", as Ladybug told him one last time "My prince".

Back to Ladybug and Cat Blanc's fight, Ladybug saw her statue and Hawk Moth's one. He angrilly asked Cat Blanc what happened, but he got enraged and told her that the only thing that's happening is that she doesn't love him anymore, doing an attempt of destroying the whole universe. Ladybug stopped him, tricked him that he was going to kiss him, and destroyed the akuma. She smiled as he saw Cat Noir was back, but got sad when she noticed that he still remembers her identity. When she discovered how to use her lucky charm, Ladybug hugged Cat Noir and promised him she will return everything to normal. Cat Noir smiled and told himself "I know you can".

After fixing everything and being back to Adrien's room, Ladybug explained Adrien that the gift was from some brazilian fan. Adrien later oppened the gift and smiled.

At the end of the day, Cat Noir was seeing the sunset and asked Ladybug what happened, but she smiled and told him "I did it". Cat Noir said he has no idea of what is she talking about, but he's satisfied if that makes Ladybug happy.

Season 4

Mr Pigeon 72

Marinette mentions that she doesn’t have any more romantic feelings for Adrien and that she has moved on. Marinette pushes Kagami towards Adrien, only for Kagami to confront Marinette about her feelings towards him and that Adrien is perfect for Marinette. And the two share another umbrella moment.


At the end, Alya asked Marinette she should talk to Cat Noir since it's urgent. Ladybug that afternoon apologized to him for keeping secrets to him. Cat Noir said that what's most sad to him, it's the fact that one day she'll forget everything and he won't be able to see her again. Ladybug grabbed his hand and told him she will never leave him. Cat Noir stared at her as his eyes were reflecting her beautiful face.

Shadow Moth's Final Attack

Adrien is forced to travel around the world with Lila for a perfume commercial. Marinette is surprised and watches the announcement of the perfume several times. At school, Marinette sees how sad Adrien is while no one else does. Tikki comments that it's because Marinette loves Adrien. Risk affects Marinette, causing her to decide to tell Adrien how she feels. She's interrupted by her PE teacher, who places Marinette next to Adrien.

Marinette tries to tell Adrien how she feels but is once again interrupted. Adrien is hit and has to go to the dungeon, behind the opposing team. Marinette is also hit and must go to the dungeon. In the dungeon, Marinette asks if Adrien is really leaving for several months. Adrien is also affected by Risk, and he vents to Marinette about how sick of everything he is. Marinette asks why Adrien wouldn't tell anyone about how he doesn't want to do it. Adrien tells Marinette that no one would understand his complaining because they all think what's happening to him is amazing. Marinette says she understands Adrien, to which he says she's the only one. Adrien holds Marinette's hand and she blushes.

Marinette is affected by Risk again. Marinette starts to tell Adrien, but Lila interrupts the two. Lila suggests that class ends early so that she and Adrien can say goodbye to everyone. Everyone surrounds Adrien, and he says how he's going to miss everyone so much. Adrien smiles at Marinette.

When Adrien is about to leave, Marinette attempts to tell Adrien about her feelings again. She is pushed out of the way by Chloé. Adrien tries to make sure Marinette is okay but is led into his car before Marinette can respond.

Marinette's friends tell Marinette how she shouldn't stop Adrien from traveling around the world, saying that Marinette has to let him go. Marinette tells her friends about how Adrien really feels. Alya stops Marinette. Risk affects Marinette, causing her to save Adrien without her friends.

Adrien and his cousin Félix pretend to be each other, and Félix leaves Paris while pretending to be Adrien. Marinette transforms into Ladybug to stop "Adrien" from leaving. She fails to stop him and "Adrien," who is actually Félix in disguise, says goodbye to her and leaves. Marinette is devastated until Tikki mentions that Adrien is just going on a voyage. That gives Marinette the idea to use the horse miraculous and transform into Pegabug to see Adrien.


Season 1

The Bubbler

  • Marinette kisses her computer screen which has a background of an Adrien collage.
  • Marinette signs her note to Adrien as “Love, Marinette”.
  • Adrien wears the scarf Marinette knitted for him.

Mr. Pigeon

  • Adrien compliments Marinette on her designs.
  • Adrien gently places his hands over Marinette’s.
  • Adrien sneezes, Marinette tells him “gesundheit”.

Stormy Weather

  • Cat Noir kisses Ladybug’s hand.
  • Ladybug tackles Cat Noir out of the way from danger.

Season 4


  • Marinette tells Alya to laugh at Cat Noir's jokes even if they aren't funny because it makes him happy.

Risk (Shadow Moth's Final Attack)

  • Ladybug tells Cat Noir that he'll always be her favorite miraculous holder. She kisses him on the cheek.


“If you're gonna trust me once, please let it be this time!”
— Adrien to Ladybug in "Strike Back"
Ladybug“I've lost everything!”
Cat Noir“You haven't lost me.”
— "Strike Back"


Adrienette is the most popular ship within its fandom. The most popular side of the love square is the Marichat ship (Marinette/Cat Noir), which became popular even before there were many interactions between Marinette and Cat Noir. Marichat is very popular in the reverse Love Square AU where Adrien has feelings for Marinette while Ladybug has feelings for Cat Noir instead of the other way around. Many fans, namely Marichat shippers, were happy when the reverse love square started becoming canon. The Marichat ship became popular within the AU because of how Marinette and Cat Noir liked each other back instead of Ladybug and Adrien. Despite this, Ladrien seems to be the least popular ship within the love square.

After seasons two and three, however, fans began to have this ship rival with each character's respective ships with Kagami and Luka. This included Adrigami, Kagaminette, Lukadrien and Lukanette. However, because of how popular Adrienette is, people started to ship Lukagami or other ships as a way to pair off the four. Adrienette is also commonly paired with already canon ships like DjWifi and Julerose.

During specific months every year, prompts related to the Love Square are released, and fans participate by creating fan content for them. This most commonly happens on Tumblr, though fans also participate on other social media platforms. The most well known months are Adrinette April, Marichat May, Ladynoir July and Ladrien June.

On AO3, Adrienette is the most written ship for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. It's also the most written for both characters.



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Adrien's Relationship with Marinette on the Miraculous Ladybug Wiki


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  • As their superhero identities, Marinette often calls Adrien ‘Kitty Cat’ or ‘Kitty’ or some other cat related nickname; while Adrien calls her ‘Bugaboo’, ‘M’Lady’, or ‘LB’.
    • Marinette still doesn't like being called Bugaboo.
  • Cat Noir calls Marinette 'Little Lady' in the English Dub, while in the French Dub, he calls her 'Princess'.
  • The two have similar color palettes when one of them has inverted colors.


Adrigaminette refers to the ship between the two and Kagami Tsurugi
Adrinathanette refers to the ship between the two and Nathaniel Kurtzberg
Alukadrigamininette refers to the ship between the two, Alya Césaire, Luka Couffaine, Kagami Tsurugi and Nino Lahiffe
Liladrienette refers to the ship between the two and Lila Rossi
Lukadrigaminette refers to the ship between the two, Luka Coffaine and Kagami Tsurugi
Lukadrinette refers to the ship between the two and Luka Couffaine
Mariadrienalyanino refers to the ship between the two, Alya Césaire and Nino Lahiffe
Miraculous Gang refers to the ship between the two, Alya Césaire, Nino Lahiffe and Chloé Bourgeois



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