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Adrigami is the het ship between Adrien Agreste and Kagami Tsurugi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Kagami and Adrien meet up for fencing training/lessons and are spending a day together when their families allow it, has lead to her devolving feelings for him. Kagami gets hostile towards girls who try to gain his affections. While Adrien views Kagami as a friend, who is also from a well off family and understands what it is like to please a high expecting parent.

Season 2

The two first meet in "Riposte" during fencing tryouts. Adrien defeats Kagami during the tryout, but felt that his win wasn't a fair one and could tells that Kagami was upset. As she's about to leave, he walks over to her and offers her the chance of a rematch. He notices the ring on her hand, as Kagami turns him down. He later looks up the symbol on her ring and finds out that she if from a champion fencing family from Japan, becoming impressed with her. As the two make their own ways home, Kagami's gets akumatized into Riposte and goes after Adrien so they could have their rematch. Adrien tries to tell Riposte that their rematch wouldn't be a fair one and that is should be when she is Kagami and not as Riposte, as she attacks him. He tries to reason with Riposte again when she had him and Ladybug cornered, but she refuses to listen. After Cat Noir helps Ladybug revert Riposte back to normal, Adrien tries to give Kagami back his saber again but she tells him to keep it for defeating her, but he kindly remarks that she should have won. Before their drivers arrive to pick the two up, the Adrien and Kagami finally introduce themselves to one another as they arrange their rematch that their both looking forward to. As they part as new friends.

When Adrien and Kagami met up for a duel in "Frozer", he was off his game and easily gets defeated by her. As a depressed Adrien sits in the locker room while looking at the rose he was going to give to Ladybug, a concerned Kagami goes to see him as she advices Adrien to "Choose a different target". Feeling a bit better he gives Kagami the rose which she excepts and after she left the room, Plagg tells Adrien that he should pursue Kagami instead of Ladybug. After Adrien talks to Marinette about love and Kagami, she give him the idea to take Kagami to the Ice Rink, which he does. During their date Kagami could tell that Adrien's mind was else where when she caught him looking at Marinette. After Cat Noir defeats Frozer and Adrien helps Philippe save his rink, he apologias to an upset Kagami for how their date turned out and she forgives him with a kiss. Even though Adrien tells Kagami that he isn't ready to change his target, she give him her support and that she'll be there when he changes his mind.

Season 3

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At the opening of the animated Ladybug and Cat Noir film, that Adrien voiced Cat Noir for in "Animaestro", he attends the premier with Kagami and her mother. Because of Adrien's gentleman actions towards Kagami, Tomoe Tsurugi began to see why Kagami speak very highly of him as she tells Adrien so while Kagami blushes.

After Adrien told Lila about Kagami in "Oni-Chan", Lila sends out a photo of her kissing Adrien to make everyone think that she is his girlfriend. Once Kagami saw it she flew into a jealous rage before opening her notebook that contains the rose he gave her, Hawk Moth uses Kagami's broken heart to akumatize her into a rose demon villain. Oni-Chan makes herself known to Adrien as she tells him that she is going after Lila to encase that she stays away from him, Adrien tries to stop Oni-Chan from doing so as she left. In which has him going after Oni-Chan as Cat Noir. After Oni-Chan was defeated and a part of Kagami is still hurt, Cat Noir gives her the pressed rose and after she places it close to her heart, he picks her up bridle style so he can get Kagami back to her family. Because it was Lila and her lies that got Kagami akumatized, Adrien couldn't bring himself to forgive Lila for hurting Kagami.

In "Ikari Gozen" when Cat Noir arrives to help Ladybug fight the villain, he is shocked to learn that Ikari Gozen has captured Kagami. Cat Noir later helps Ladybug deliver the Dragon Miraculous to Kagami as she uses it to become Ryuko. Because of Ryuko's actions to prove herself to her akumatized mother, Cat Noir ends up being captured by Ikari Gozen when he pushed Ryuko out of the way. Ryuko left terrible for Cat Noir's capture as she begins to think that she isn't worthy to be a hero, but Ladybug reassures Ryuko that they can save Cat Noir as she tells Ryuko her plan. After Ikari Gozen turns back into Tome, Cat Noir gets Ryuko to join in his and Ladybug's "Pound it".

In "Love Eater" Adrien and Kagami run away from their parents to help Marinette, who then runs with them to Andre's ice cream stall. Marinette then leaves, distraught by the fact that Adrien and Kagami are together. They share an ice cream and are about to kiss, but Ladybug pulls Kagami away.

At the end of "Miracle Queen" it is shown that Adrien and Kagami are sitting together, sharing an ice cream.


Season 2


  • Adrien is seen looking back at Kagami with a smile, in the end card.

Season 3


  • Adrien and Kagami are seen together, in the center of the end card.


  • Kagami pressed the rose Adrein gave her in a notebook and a picture of the two next to it.
  • Adrien is seen looking "up" at Kagami with a smile, while she is looking at her kept pressed rose from him in her hands, in the end card.


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The ship became popular shortly after Adrien gives Kagami the rose, before going on their ice skating "date" in "Frozer". The ship continued to gain more popularity as the two spent more time together. Fans often have Adrigami rival with Adrienette, Kagaminette and Lukagami. Adrigami fans were happy when the ship became canon for a brief time in the season four, until Kagami broke up with Adrien and ended their friendship, but are hoping that the two will eventually mend their friendship, through Marinette or other means that would bring them together, that is why it still has loyal supporters.



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  • According to Feri González, Kagami isn't limited to the role of alternate love interest, the same with Luka Couffaine.





Adrigaminette refers to the ship between Adrien, Kagami and Marinette


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