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This article is about Ganyu and Aether. You may be looking for the ship between Ganyu and Lumine.

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Aethyu is the het ship between Aether and Ganyu from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Chapter I, Act II

The two first meet after having a meal with Zhongli. Ganyu mentions how she finally found Aether, with Aether beng on a run from the Millelith nearly runs away with Paimon until Ganyu mentions she's not with the Millelith. Ganyu continues telling Aether and Paimon that she currently works under Ningguang as her special emissary. Ganyu tells Aether that she can't stay for much longer but quickly tells Aether that he and Paimon were invited to the Jade Chamber.

Chapter I, Act III

The then meet again in Dihua Marsh after defeating three Cryo whopperflowers. Ganyu asked Aether and Zhongli if they were looking for glaze lilies, as Zhongli needed to use these lilies for the Rite of Parting. After she asks Aether about his visit to the Jade Chamber to meet Ningguang, Paimon mentions to Ganyu that it would've been much easier if Ganyu took them how to arrive at the palace in the sky. Ganyu lightly worries as she begins to tell Paimon and Aether that she probably did give directions to the chamber, however she didn't due to her being forgetful at her old age. Ganyu later explains about the Archon War and how she took part of it, after the war how she signed a contract with Rex Lapis, also she mentions how she's half mortal and half qilin. The player who plays Aether has the option to ask Ganyu about her horns or her forgetfulness of age, but Ganyu brushes it off and tells Aether that they should talk about it another time. Before heading off, Ganyu gives her glaze lilies to Aether and Zhongli.

After defeating Tartaglia, ruin begins to start as the Fatui Harbinger awakens a god named Osial. Aether and Paimon hurry to safety which luckily they reach the Jade Chamber just in time. Beginning to battle against Osial, Aether needs to protect the Guizhong Ballista from the Fatui from destroying it. Ganyu helps Aether by providing her adeptal power, increasing Aether's chance of survival.

In the new Act, Act IV, Ganyu makes an appearance telling Aether about the Treasure Hoarders and how they wanted to steal treasure from the Abyss Order. Aether then takes on the quest, which Ganyu thanks him.

Sinae Unicornis

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The ship itself isn't quite as popular. Unlike his sister's ship, Ganyumi, it currently has a few much more works. As well much more fan art. This ship currently rivals Ganqing and Xiaother which are the most popular ships for the two.



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