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AgencyShipping is the het ship between Black and White from the Pokémon fandom.


Lights, Camera...Action!

White and Black first met while White was watching the filming process of a Xtransceiver commercial at Accumula Town. In order to prepare for the next day's filming, White pulled out Gigi, a female Tepig, only to learn she needed to bring a male Tepig as well. The filming was interrupted by Black, a young boy shouting his desire to conquer the Pokémon League. When White noticed Black had Tep, a male Tepig, she attempted to ask that he lend Tep for the filming tomorrow, only to discover the film crew had been knocked unconscious. The film Director blamed the incident on Black, but the boy proved his innocence by using his detective skills to unveil the true culprit, a wild Galvantula, and defeating it. When Black accidentally destroyed the recording equipment in the process, White offered to pay Black's debt on the condition that he work for the BW Agency.

An Odd Speech

White and Black camp out for the night, but were forced to change locations when a pair of Team Plasma Grunts revealed they had a permit to build a stage there. The next day, White and Black witnessed Ghetsis, one of Team Plasma's Seven Sages, give a speech that convinced several people to release their Pokémon. Angered, Black went to try and stop Team Plasma from making more speeches, but lost them and was challenged to a battle by N, a young man able to understand what Pokémon are saying. N claimed that Pokémon and humans should be kept separate, but learned from the voices of Black's Pokémon that some Pokémon actually want to be with humans. Though Black lost the battle, N left while mulling over what he had just learned.

Welcome to Striaton City!!

Black introduces White to his childhood friends, Cheren and Bianca.

Wheeling and Dealing

White and Black arrive in Nacrene City, where they try advertising the BW Agency to an accordion player. After meeting up with the Director again, the accordion player's instrument went missing, and Black was blamed for the incident again. Using Musha, Black uncovered the true thieves, a wild Scraggy and Scrafty, and defeated them. Afterward, Black went off to have his next Gym battle while White was approached by the Director, who gave her an offer to help plan an advertising campaign in Nimbasa City. Later, White and the Director discussed with the Mayor of Nimbasa City on how to make the city more lively. White nervously suggested creating a Pokémon Musical, an idea the Mayor loved. After returning to Black, who had won his Gym battle, White excitedly told Black the good news. The next day, White went around Nacrene's various shops and warehouses to look for inspiration for the Musical.

Big City Battles

White and Black spend time in Castelia City. When Black noticed Tep was about to evolve, White forcibly stopped it, worried that Tep's new form would be bad for business. Later, White decided to watch Black's Gym battle, where she witnessed Black allowing Tep to fight, causing it to evolve into a Pignite and win the battle. Afterward, Black helped Iris retrieve a Pokémon that Team Plasma had stolen from Bianca. Later, White chastised Black for letting Tep evolve before revealing she had already thought of some new character dynamics for Gigi and Tep to act in. As they left, Black decided to change Tep's name to Nite to better match his new form.


White and Black arrive at Route 4. White went off to buy equipment to get past the sandstorm, leaving Black alone to study for his next Gym battle. After she returned, White found Black passed out next to an unconscious Plasma Grunt and had Brav carry both of them to Nimbasa City with her. After Black woke up, White explained the situation and took him to the Pokémon Musical Theater. White spent the next few days organizing and rehearsing for the upcoming opening day.

Unraveling Mysteries

An unconscious White was found by Marshal, one of the Elite Four, who put her in Black's care. White was taken to a hospital to recover. After she woke up, White told Black everything that happened with N and Gigi. Soon after, White and Black met Baker Chris, who told them about the Battle Subway, another Nimbasa tourist attraction that was still in development. At the Battle Subway, they met with Marshal, who was testing the area with Alder, the Pokémon League Champion. Wanting to understand why Gigi left her, White decided to ride the Battle Subway and learn how to battle in the process.

The Lesson Ends Here

White had finished her training on the Battle Subway and traveled to Route 6, where she met with Black again. Shortly after, White, Black, and Iris witnessed Alder losing a battle to N. Noticing that N awakened Zekrom, the Light Stone in Black's possession briefly transformed into Reshiram before reverting to its dormant state. When N tried leaving, Cedric Juniper appeared and asked White and Black to team up with him and get N to reveal the whereabouts of the Gym Leaders Team Plasma kidnapped. With Amanda, Bo, and Cedric's Samurott, they managed to easily defeat N's Zorua and Gigi, but N revived the rest of his Pokémon, bringing them back to square one. Black tried getting Musha to clear his head, but it could no longer stand the taste of Black's dream and ran away, causing Black to pass out from shock.

A Difficult Parting

White reunited with Black after he managed to defeat both N and Ghetsis. N thanked White and Black for helping him see the error of his ways and left with Zekrom to find his own path. With its counterpart gone, Reshiram began reverting into the Light Stone, the pull being so strong that Black feared he and White would be sucked in as well. This gave Ghetsis the idea to use Hood Man's Beheeyem to throw Black at Reshiram before making his escape. Knowing he was trapped, Black revealed he was wearing the BW Agency logo under his shirt and planned on revealing it to the audience after he won the tournament. Black asked if he paid off his debt, but was absorbed into the Light Stone before White could answer. As she confirmed that he did pay it off, White tried to reach out to the Light Stone, but it flew off to parts unknown as White cried out for Black to return.

Abyssal Ruins

Ghetsis obtained the DNA Splicers and used them on Kyurem, allowing it to forcibly revert Zekrom back into the Dark Stone, trapping N inside as well. Reacting to this, the Light Stone pulled White inside of it and took her to the Pokémon Dream World. There, she met with N again and reunited with Black. After Kyurem absorbed Zekrom to become Black Kyurem, N stayed behind to fight it from the inside with Zekrom while White and Black headed outside to face Kyurem directly. White and Black teamed up to attack Kyurem, but their assault was cut short when N was ejected from the Dark Stone. With his opponents distracted, Ghetsis had Kyurem launch an attack before escaping. While they searched for Ghetsis, White and Black found Blake and Whitley on a nearby beach. The four Unova Pokédex holders introduced themselves and decided to stop Team Plasma together. After tracking Kyurem's whereabouts to the Giant Chasm, White and the others rode on Reshiram's back to chase after Ghetsis.

Giant Chasm

The group arrived at the Giant Chasm, where they were joined by Iris as well as Gorm, who had betrayed Team Plasma to join the side of good. Tired of waiting for the heroes, Colress revealed himself and told Kyurem to freeze the surrounding area. When Kyurem stopped listening to Colress, Rood appeared, revealing his allies used a machine to disrupt the Colress Machine's effect. With Team Plasma's influence on it severed, Kyurem began rampaging, first releasing the Dark Stone before absorbing Reshiram to become White Kyurem. Frustrated at his machine's defeat, Colress threw the device away and fled, revealing he decided to quit Team Plasma. Blake chased after Colress while Whitley went to save N, who was held captive aboard the Plasma Frigate. To help Whitley, White lent her Gigi before sending her onto the ship.


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AgencyShipping is relatively popular with fans of the Adventures manga. There is a lot of fanfiction and fanart of the two, and most people enjoy their relationship and semi-flirty banter. This ship represents the opposites attract as Black and White are considered to be opposites in color.

On AO3, AgencyShipping is the most written ship for both Black and White. It is also the fourth most written ship in the Pocket Monsters SPECIAL | Pokemon Adventures tag.



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