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AgentCorp is the femslash ship between Alex and Lena from the Supergirl fandom


Alex and Lena first interact at the renaming ceremony for LCorp (formerly LuthorCorp). During Lena's speech, explosions go off and John Corben seeks out and holds Lena at gunpoint, but Alex thwarts him, saving Lena's life. Alex fights with Corben, who overtakes her, but before he can hurt Alex, Lena shoots him in the back to save Alex's life.[1] Lena stops by Kara's apartment to ask for a favour and is surprised to see Alex there. Upon seeing her, Lena immediately mentions Alex's heroic actions and includes Alex in the favour she's asking: to get in touch with Supergirl. They officially meet when Lena drops by at Kara's apartment to ask her for a favour where she also sees Alex.[2]

“I know you, you saved my life”
— Lena

After Kara escapes capture by Lillian Luthor, she wonders whether Lena knows that Lillian is the head of Cadmus, while Alex focuses on what Lillian Luthor's motive is.[3] Despite this, Alex takes measures to see that they can get any information on Lillian Luthor they may need, from Lena, by whatever means necessary. However, Lena dupes her mother and gets her arrested, altering the minds of whomever might have doubted Lena.[4] Despite Lena's actions and her having to testify against her mother in court, James Olsen tails her and has Alex doubting whether Lena worked with Cadmus to set Corben up as Metallo, her saving Alex's life merely a deflection. Lena proves again that Alex's doubts are unfounded.[5] Later, after being informed that Lena can help save the world from the Daxamites, Lena contacts the DEO to inform them that she can make a device that will release amounts of lead into the air only toxic to Daxamites.[6]

Alex attends the unveiling of the statue celebrating Supergirl, smiling and applauding as Lena takes the stage to do the honours.[7] Kara has a girl's night at her place where she also invites Lena and Sam. Alex is at rapt attention as Lena regales them with a story of her flirtation with a world leader, who turned out to be interested in Lena's relationship with religion. They talk about Sam being a single mother and all sign up to be 'cool aunts'. Lena and Alex, along with Kara, attend Ruby's recital to support her and Sam.[8]


This ship is common in the fandom and one of the more popular femslash ships, despite their other major adjacent ships, Supercorp and Sanvers. Agentcorp shippers look forward to their screen time together. There does not seem to be flamewars between shippers with the other Supergirl femslash ships.



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