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AgentFrost is the femslash ship between Caitlin and Alex from the Supergirl fandom.


Caitlin and Alex first meet at Barry's wedding in Autumn 2017, where they both fight against the Earth-X Nazis that suddenly crash the ceremony.[1] Following this, they retreat to S.T.A.R. Labs to find out more of their attackers. Barry tells them that their opponents are versions of Kara and Oliver from Earth-X, and Alex analyses the blood off of a kryptonite arrow Oliver shot Earth-X Kara with. Alex finds high amounts of solar radiation in the sample, and Caitlin is impressed with Alex's deft skills. Alex joins the fight against the doppelgängers and is taken captive on Earth-X, while Caitlin is on Earth-1.[2] Alex and the others escape and return to Earth-1 where they join forces in fighting off the Earth-X invasion and win.[3]


In December 2018, Oliver and Barry fall victim to their realities being rewritten and seek out Kara's help.[4] After finding the culprit and succeeding in getting the Book Of Destiny, The Monitor takes it back to give Deegan another chance.[5] This time, Deegan rewrites himself as an evil Superman, with Caitlin and Diggle as his first lieutenants and Alex as a dedicated worker at his headquarters — a repurposed S.T.A.R. Labs.[6]


Caitlin“You know, this is the third time in just as many weeks I've told you to go home. And you've turned me down. You need to leave this place. You've got to get a life. All work and no play doesn't just make a girl dull, it turns your heart to ice. And trust me, that ain't no fun.”
Alex“I appreciate the offer, but, I'm gonna stay, just the same.”
Caitlin“Suit yourself.”
— Alternate Caitlin and Alex; Elseworlds
“You know, when I said that you should get out there and start dating, Danvers, this isn't quite what I had in mind.”
— Alternate Caitlin to Alternate Alex; Elseworlds


A femslash rare pair within the Arrowverse. The two occasionally shared screentime in Crisis on Earth-X, but didn't have prolonged interactions. During Elseworlds, some fans took note of the scene between the two and began to ship them.



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