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Aigiru is the het ship between Tagiru and Airu from the Digimon fandom.


In Xros Wars 55 Airu tries to charm Tagiru into telling her where Gumdramon is. While he seems to enjoy it he lies and says he doesn't know and she shoves him away annoyed. In episode 57 Airu finds it absurd that Taiki protected Pinocchimon which Tagiru objects to.

In episode 59 Tagiru and Yuu are upset at the cruel method that Airu uses to try and capture Cutemon. After the defeat her she release her saying that they would not steal other Hunter's Digimon like she did. This came as a surprise to Airu.

In Xros Wars episode 70 Airu hugs Tagiru by mistake when she meant to grab Yuu. When she realizes her mistake she pushes Tagiru away upset. Later in the series the two teams get along better and work together against difficult Digimon but Tagiru and Airu don't interact much. During the final battle Airu is among those who help charge Clockmon's time-freezing ability to allow Tagiru to enter Quartzmon.


Aigiru is a fairly more common shipping in Digimon Xros Wars. However it was less popular then Yuu and Airu since Airu develops an infatuation with Yuu later in the series. But some fans still felt that Tagiru's and Airu would make more since as they both are spontaneous.



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