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AiuTsuka is the het ship between Aiura Mikoto and Toritsuka Reita from the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. fandom.


Upon their first meeting, Toritsuka, as always, attempted to make advances with Aiura, and asked his compability with her. Aiura, annoyed, brushes him off and says "0%", harshly asking him who he is. Since then, they developed a strained relationship. When Aiura and Saiki were in a cafe together, Toritsuka spotted them, and asked if Saiki was going out with her. Aiura says yes, and calls Saiki his darling, questioning Toritsuka over what he wanted with them. Then, Saiki gags the two with towel, and reveals that they are in fact the only two people who know about his psychic powers, angering the two.

While it is censored in the anime, Aiura checked Toritsuka's aura when they first met, and was greatly disappointed to see it was a penis. Toritsuka also checked was her guardian spirit was, and saw that it was simply a chubby rich lady.

At some point, Aiura and Toritsuka founded a PK Academy Psychic Kids group without Saiki's permission, showing the possibility that they've kept in contact despite their clashing. When hearing about Akechi, and how Saiki told him about his powers, the two got extremely angry and confused, Toritsuka complaining about how he should be one of the only people who knows about it, because he's "special". He then, talks about how he doesn't get any screentime in the first place because of "Big Boobs", refering to Aiura. The next day, they go see Akechi to see if he is worthy of being part of the Psychic Kids, and much to their shock, he has an impressive aura and guardian spirit. The two go bother him after, and question him. Akechi then impresses the two by easily finding Saiki's keys. They accept him into the PK Academy Psychic Kids, to their dismay.

At some point, they even fought to see who would be Saiki's sidekick.

When a new transfer student, Suzumiya, who attracts bad luck wherever she goes is introduced, Aiura and Toritsuka start getting terrified. Upon learning of her crush on Toritsuka, Aiura wishes him good luck.


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This ship has a lack of popularity, and is mostly seen as a friendship. While it is more popular for Toritsuka, it is smaller for Aiura, as she has many rivaling ships such as Saiai, TeruAi and more.



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