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Akaki is the het ship between Taiki and Akari in the Digimon Xros Wars fandom.


Throughout the series Akari looks after Taiki when he overexerts himself and passes out. Usually by tossing a pillow under his head before he hits the ground. In episode 10 Akari becomes jealous of Bastemon being around Taiki after he falls sick and staying by his side. This led to her being hypnotized by Lilithmon into stealing a Code Crown. When Taiki woke up he comments that it doesn't feel right if it's not Akari.

Taiki sees Akari being taken by Lilithmon and rushes to save her. Still partially hypnotized Akari explains that she felt unneeded. When Taiki and the others explain that she is needed she brakes out of the trance and slashes Lilithmon in the face. After the confrontation Bastemon joins Xros Heart much to Akari's anger.

Throughout the rest of the first arc Akari would support the group and Taiki whenever possible. At the start of the second arc only Taiki is able to go back to the Digital World. Akari is upset that she cannot go back with Taiki and Taiki said if there was a way he would take Akari (and Zenjirou) with him if he could and said Akari always smiled and encouraged the team. At the end of the third arc Akari gets a Digivice from the Clock Shop Man and Taiki gives her several of his Digimon so that she can help in the fight against Quartzmon.


Akaki is a fairly popular shipping in Digimon Xros Wars. Despite Akari not having any Digimon partners (until the end of the series) many fans liked that she still found ways to support Taiki and the group. It rivals most other shippings involving Taiki.



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