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AkiAn is the het ship between Akito Shinonome and An Shiraishi from the Project SEKAI fandom.


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Akito and An are part of the street group Vivid BAD SQUAD. They were previously competing as two groups. They went to the same middle school and currently go to the same high school, Kamiyama High. They’re rivals and often bicker with each other about who’s the best between the two. This usually results making people around them uncomfortable until someone breaks their fight up.

In the main story for Vivid BAD SQUAD, Akito was immediately interested in asking An to become part of his and Toya's street band after being recommended. Having seen her perform at her father's café and considering her to be of equal skill and drive. However, upon asking her to join, he was disappointed. An had rejected his offer in favor of partnering with Kohane, who she had met a day or two prior. Akito felt that An's belief in Kohane would only drag her down due to Kohane's lack of musical experience not matching An's talents, leading him to instead decide to compete against her with Toya.

During An and Kohane's (now performing under the name Vivids) first live show, a friend of Akito's deliberately cut off the audio track during their performance. This caused Kohane to get struck with stage fright and forcing An to cover for her. Despite knowing that he didn't do it, Akito took the blame for the incident. He cited that he believed that he and Toya took their music more seriously than An and pointing to Kohane as evidence for it. Kohane, feeling she let An down, runs off. With An angrily telling Akito that "she expected better of him, and that she was proven wrong".

Later, after winning back Kohane (who has now decided to sincerely adopt An's dream of wanting to surpass RAD WEEKEND), the girls are approached by Akito's friend, who clarifies that Akito wasn't the one who sabotaged their concert and apologized. Realizing her mistake, An and Kohane band together to make up with Akito and check on him after his fight with Toya.


AkiAn is one of the most popular het ships in the Project SEKAI fandom with its popularity being primarily owed to the fact that the two are in a co-ed unit together, something rare in and of itself due to the games distinct lack of male characters in units compared to the vast number of female ones. Because they're in the same unit, they have more interactions with each other along with their fellow unit members than they do with any of the characters outside of their group. Because of these common interactions, it is seen as somewhat of a rival to both Anhane and AkiToya.

For fan reactions, AkiAn fans tend to see Akito and An's dynamic within their unit's main story and additional materials as entertaining in their rivalry, and their similar passion towards their goals. It also helps that in their pairing you can find some pretty famous romantic tropes like "tsundere" or "like an old married couple". At the same time, fans of other ships often criticize AkiAn, accusing its of being less interesting than the slash ships with Akito and An, not least because of the friendship theme and lack of too explicit ship bait, slash pairings seem to get more development and attention from the author than straight. But one way or another, in the end it often comes down to choosing ships from the het and slash options in general. It is both An and Akito's 2nd most written ship, as well as the 6th most written ship in the Project SEKAI tag on AO3.



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  • It is shown that Akito and An both tend to have trouble studying, to the point where they need to take supplementary classes.
  • In the third Vivid BAD SQUAD Archive, they covered Gimme×Gimme.
    • They also have alt vocals for ECHO and Traffic Jam together. In addition to this, An sings Akito's parts in her and Kohane's version of RAD DOGS.



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