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AkiKei is the family ship between Akiteru Tsukishima and Kei Tsukishima from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Kei is Akiteru's younger brother who is currently playing in the Karasuno Volleyball Team, the same team his brother use to be on. They both use to be very close with each other and always talked about the sport together. Kei looked up to his older brother and wanted to become just like him. Akiteru is the reason Kei is interested in volleyball but is also the reason for his attitude towards the game. Kei says that one shouldn’t put so much effort into a club activity and that it will only end up hurting them in the end.

Akiteru is very caring and kind towards his little brother and often taught Kei some of his volleyball skills in his free time. Akiteru also seems to be rather protective towards Kei's feelings, as he lied to him to keep him from feeling disappointed and losing trust in him, and possibly even losing interest in volleyball. Even so, their relationship was severely damaged when Kei discovered the truth.

Akiteru went to Karasuno to beat Shiratorizawa. But no matter how much Akiteru practiced and worked, he never made it as a starting member, not even on the bench. Even so he couldn’t give up, but because of the fact that he knew how much Kei looked up to him, he couldn't even bring himself to tell his little brother that he didn’t make the cut and told Kei he was playing in the matches. Ever since Kei found out, he would avoid talking to Akiteru and when he came home from college. Despite his cold attitude, Kei still cares very deeply for his older brother. He also acts much rude towards his older brother than he is with people like Kageyama and Hinata. Akiteru even gave his brother sports glasses and some nice words, which were enough to motivate Kei.

Akiteru is very proud of his brother and is incredibly supportive towards him, always believing in him watching him play in games. Akiteru also seems to be a little teasing towards Kei sometimes, but it's very good-natured. However, Akiteru sometimes secretly wonders what his brother thinks about him and is very hesitant to do things that he thinks might upset Kei.

It's implied by the creator that they both share the same interest in dinosaurs, as you can see dinosaur figures similar to Kei's in Akiteru's room (shown in the picture above).

After the summer camp in Tokyo, the brothers finally talked to each other about their past and reconciled based on it. This most likely happened because of the fact that Kuroo told Kei that Hinata might surpass him if he doesn’t practice. They are now slowly putting their relationship back together.


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AkiKei isn't a very popular ship among fanfiction websites as the two are siblings. Even so, there are many fanfictions on AO3 for this ship but a lot of them are fanfictions based on romantic interests rather than brotherly love.



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