AkiSae is the het ship between Tsukishima Akiteru and Saeko Tanaka from the Haikyu!! fandom.


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Akiteru's younger brother plays volleyball on the same team as Saeko's younger brother. The two started speaking at their brother's match. Though they both attended high school together, they were in different years and had different interests, hence why they never properly met each other. 

They cheer together at as many matches as they can and have become friends. Akiteru even gave her a compliment when he saw Saeko in her Taiko uniform. 


Akiteru and Saeko are a very small ship in the fandom, presumably because they are both minor characters. However, most fans don't mind this ship and even ship it even when they don't produce fan content for it.

A lot of pieces include Akiteru and Saeko going out for drinks together after Karasuno won against Shiratorizawa, and them dating ever since.



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