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AkuHigu is the het ship between Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Ichiyo Higuchi from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom.


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Akutagawa and Higuchi work together in the mafia, and during Atsushi's first encounter with the mafia they are shown working together.

Higuchi tricks the Armed Detective Agency, cornering Naomi, Junichiro, and Atsushi in an alley, shooting at them and harming Naomi. She reloads her gun and is about to do the same to Junichiro, but he activates her ability and conceals himself, Higuchi shooting blindly in hopes of hitting him. He grabs her by the throat, lifting her and declaring he'll kill her before Akutagawa shows up, impaling Junichiro. He falls to the ground as Akutagawa coughs, Higuchi immediately running over to make sure he's alright. He slaps her across the face, telling her that they were ordered to take the weretiger alive, not gun everyone down.

Angered, Atsushi attacks Akutagawa in tiger form, who fights back but has a bit of trouble doing so. Higuchi quickly shoots at Atsushi, attempting to protect Akutagawa, but it only puts her in danger as Atsushi turns his attention towards her. As Akutagawa continues to fight Atsushi, Dazai eventually stops it, and Higuchi threatens Dazai, before Akutagawa tells her that they can't win and to let it go.

Higuchi offering her handkerchief

Later on, after the battle on the ship, Akutagawa is severely injured and in comatose. Higuchi is talking with Mori when he says that there are probably going to be people who want revenge on Akutagawa for all of the sunken cargo and money lost on the ship, which instantly fills Higuchi with dread. Akutagawa is kidnapped, and Higuchi immediately prepares to go rescue him, with or without the help of the Black Lizard. She charges into the enemies base, gunning them down as much as she can before she's shot in the leg and her shoulder. Just as she's about to be killed, she is backed up by the Black Lizard, and she immediately runs to where Akutagawa is. As she stands over his bed he wakes up, and Higuchi reaches for her handkerchief, trying to wipe Akutagawa's face, but he grabs her hand, apologizing for the trouble as a few tears fall from Higuchi's eyes.

In chapter 88 of the manga, when Higuchi encountered an alive Akutagawa two days after his assumed "death" by Fukichi's hands, she embraced him from behind in tears. She said that she was planning for his funeral until she saw him and wanted to tell him something important. When Akutagawa revealed his undead form, she was in great shock and said "My feelings, I haven't-" which indicates that she was planning to confess her feelings to him before she was turned.


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AkuHigu isn't as popular as some other BSD ships and is very overshadowed by its rival ships such as Shin Soukoku or ChuuAku. However it is still often noted by the fandom as one of the few ships that could eventually be canon, because of Higuchi's hinted crush on Akutagawa.



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