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AkuSora is the slash ship between Sora and Lea/Axel from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Sora and Axel first met in Castle Oblivion. Axel had already met and befriended Sora's nobody Roxas so he was intrigued with meeting Sora. Sora, however, was not so thrilled about Axel. He cared more about saving Naminé than anything else. They fought multiple times and Sora thought that he defeated Axel but it turned out that he survived. Sora ended up losing all memory of the events in Castle Oblivion and thus forgot about Axel.

Axel attempted to stop Roxas from merging with Sora and waking him up but he was unsuccessful. However, he later decided to turn against Organization XIII. Axel tried to save Kairi who was going to be used as bait to anger Sora but eventually failed. He also revealed the plan to capture Kingdom Hearts to Sora. When Sora was ambushed by nobodies in the Betwixt and Between, he helped fight them and sacrificed his life to destroy them. Sora stayed by Axel's side as he faded away.

Following Axel's demise, he woke up in Radiant Garden as his whole-self Lea again. Meanwhile, Sora was taking the Mark of Mastery Exam and traveling through the Realm of Sleep. He was eventually caught in a trap by Xehanort and fell into a coma. Lea arrived and saved Sora just in time as Master Xehanort was about to turn Sora into his vessel. Afterwards, they woke up at the Mysterious Tower. Sora went back to the Realm of Sleep while Lea revealed that he could summon his own keyblade and began his own training.


AkuSora has a decent amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. It is not as popular as other ships such as Soriku. Still, it is rather popular and many ship Sora and Axel together. When Axel betrayed the organization and helped Sora, a lot of fans started to ship them together. This especially became the case after Axel told Sora that he made him feel like he had a heart. Axel compared the way he felt about Sora to the way he felt about Roxas so a lot fans feel like AkuSora parallels AkuRoku.



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  • Axel stated that Roxas made him feel like he had a heart and that Sora made him feel the same way.


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