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AlMei is the het ship between Alphonse Elric and Mei Chang from the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom.


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Just as Alphonse, who commonly goes by Al, wanted the Philosophers Stone to restore his body, Mei travels from Xing to Amestris so she could save her clan by giving the said stone to her Emperor. Around the time before Mei and her small panda friend came to Amestris, however, Al had learnt the horrifying truth that the stone is made out of live humans and began to look for another way to restore his and his brother's bodies without using the stone. Mei on the other hand had no idea that Scar or Yuki are enemies of Al and Edward when she met them, and had only heard about his brother's reputation before beginning her search for the Elric brothers in hopes that they'll help her find the stone to save her people.

When Al and Mei for the first time, he and Ed had cornered Scar at a train yard and Mei, who has no idea about Scar's crimes or that his attackers are the Elric Brothers, joins in the battle to save Scar as she kicks Al before using the defences side of her Alkahestry to help them escape. Al had heard about Alkahestry from Mei's half brother Ling, but was only told that the Alchemy of Xing is mainly used for medical use. After Mei got away with Scar, but had accidently left behind her friend Xiao-Mei, Al finds the little panda and because he didn't want to leave the small bear, that he confused for a cat, to be all on her own decides to bring Xiao-Mei with him. So he could take care of her, in which later allowed Al and Mei's paths to cross with one another again, as Mei searches for her Xiao-Mei and when she saw her with Al Mei had assumed that the armored one had kidnapped her.

Despite Mei's earlier actions towards him and Ed, Al's kind heart has him saving a hurt Mei from the wrath of the Homunculus and had hid her within his armour before he and his older brother were caught by Envy and Gluttony. As Ed takes a shower Al asks him to put on some clothes, as he didn't want Mei to see Ed in his wet birthday suit, Ed on the other hand wasn't pleased that Al had placed the small girl in his armour when he became aware of that fact. Al did his best to hid Mei's presents from King Bradley, but he had his suspicions and when Bradley pierced his sword through Al to kill the person he is hiding, Mei had manged to get herself to the safely of Al's hollow metal legs. Once the brothers and Colonel Roy Mustang were free to leave, Al takes Mei to Doctor Knox in hopes that he can treat her and was relived to learn that she wasn't hurt too badly and would be fine after getting some rest. Al later learns that Mei is a princess of Xing as he tried to get her and Lan Fan to stop fighting with one another, as both girls are still hurt. Around night fall as Al is about to leave, Mei thanks him for helping her and after she learns that he is Edwards' younger brother she states that he properly looks just like Ed which upsets Al. After Al lists what makes him better than Ed, that make him a gendarme, Mei began to develop a crush on Al and wishes Al luck in getting his body back, to which has him thanks her for before leaving.

By the time that Al and his brother realized at Mei's Alkahestry might be the key to fighting the Homunculus and their father and went to ask her about teaching it to them, however, Mei had already left Dr. Knox's house and care as she went back to Scar. To help them find her, Al suggests that they ask people who might have seen her "cat", while Mei was sent up north to find alchemy notes that were done by Scar's brother. With help from Colonel Mustang and his allies, Al was able to learn where Mei had went before he and Ed go after her. Mei's time with Marco in the north allowed her to learn the same dark fact that Alphonse uncovered regarding the creation of a Philosophers Stone.


At first sight this ship seems to be weird, but due Alphonse and Mei age gap (Alphonse is 14 and Mei is 13) this ship became well liked in the FMA fandom.

One of the main reasons this ship became well liked, it's because fans found cute how Mei fall for Alphonse and really cared for him before even seeing his real physical appearance.



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  • Alphonse is 14 years old, while Mei Chang is 13 years old.
  • Unlike her crush on Ed (which was largely due to her imagination tricking her), Mei's affection for Alphonse is more genuine as she got to know him as a person.
  • After a two-year time skip, Alphonse prepares to travel to Xing in order to study Alkahestry with Mei.
  • Mei's name is sometimes spelt as "May", which is why the ship also goes by AlMay.


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