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Alariel is the het ship between Aladdin and Ariel from the Disney fandom.


As Aladdin and Ariel are from different series, they have never met in canon. Their Once Upon A Time counterparts do have them meeting each other through Jasmine in season six, where he and the two find Ariel while looking for Jaffar's genie lamp.

Ariel and Aladdin both find magical ways to get close to their royal love interests, and did so when helping their antagonists. Later, the antagonists were able to take away the magic that helped Ariel and Aladdin. They then work with their love interests and animal friends to take out their villains. Since then the two began to live with Eric and Jasmine in their castles, that over looks the places that Ariel and Aladdin had called home for so long.

Aladdin and Ariel both lost their mothers at a young age, and have rather rocky relationships with their fathers. The third films show that they both carry personal objects that were gifts from their dad's to their mothers. Those same films also show flashbacks to their childhoods. They both also have animal friends, that they spend most of their time with. Along with their both of films having wedding scenes that their fathers are apart of.

Just has one of the short story comics of the Little Mermaid had featured an evil clone of Ariel, one of the Aladdin tv series episodes has Aladdin facing his own evil double. Along with Ariel's tv series revealing that she has a merman friend who also loves the surface world, while the Broadway version of Aladdin gives him a small group of friends who have helped him with his thieving.


Aladdin and Ariel has a decent following, commonly on DeviantArt, who believe they would get along very well. In some AU's Aladdin will take Eric's place or Ariel will take Jasmine's. Many fans commonly have them meeting in Agrabah, like their Once counterparts. Occasionally the ship is set in Atlantica where Aladdin is sometimes a merman, while the Agrabah setting commonly has Ariel is her human self. Some fans have even merged two of their similar worded songs together to make "Part of Your Whole New World". The Aladdin/The Little Mermaid crossover ship sometimes has a few fans who also ship Jasmine and Eric together. As a fun way of couple switching for fans of either of the two ships.

On AO3, the ship only has two works, while 7 fanfics in the crossover category.



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  • Aladdin and Ariel have appeared in several Disney media crossover.
    • Both of them appear in the Once Upon A Time.
    • Both of them are from two of the few known Disney films that have been turned into Broadway shows, and were featured in Disney On Ice.
    • In The House of Mouse they are two of the common guests at the club.
    • They appear in a few of the same Kingdom Hearts games.
    • In the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid, Ursula is Ariel's wicked aunt, while a few versions of Aladdin have Jafar as Aladdin's uncle.
    • Both Aladdin and Ariel have their own trilogies and a TV series.
    • They apart of the Descendants series, where Aladdin has a son while Ariel has a daughter.
  • Aladdin and Ariel both sing songs that have the word "World" as the center theme/metaphor.




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