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Albatross is the slash ship between Alba Frühling and Ross from the Senyuu fandom.


Alba and Ross first met while Alba was being chased by a tornado. Later, when Alba is given the role of a hero, Ross is the assigned soldier who joins him.

Throughout their journey, their friendship is often strained due to Ross's sadistic tendencies while Alba acts as the "straight man" in their comedy duo. In one instance, Alba is trying to fight a slime monster, all while Ross stands lackadaisical off to the side. At Alba's insistence, Ross promises to help fight the next time they encounter a monster. However, when the time comes, Ross attacks Alba instead of the Nisepanda monster.

This comedical abuse toward Alba continues throughout the series. Ross teases Alba for enjoying jail since he often ends up there, despite his denial.

At the end of season 2, it is revealed that Ross is actually the legendary hero Creasion. For one thousand years, he had been sealed alongside the Demon King. As the seal weakened, Ross broke free. However, to reseal the Demon King, Ross must seal himself once again. As he is about to disappear, Alba runs to stop him, but he is too slow. Ross and the Demon King disappear, and all that remains is Ross's red scarf, which Alba takes as a momento.


On AO3, it is the most written ship in the Senyuu fandom.



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