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Albepainting is the cargo ship between Albedo and painting from the Genshin Impact fandom.


In Albedo's Teaser, Albedo was seen painting and he made a crystal fly come back to life in his painting. He now drew a Geovishap Hatchling, he tried bringing it back to life from the painting although Sucrose stopped him and the unfinished Geovishap Hatchling was now walking around with half of its body uncolored. Painting is shown to be one of Albedos Hobbies.


In one of Albedo's Stories, 'Albedo's Artwork'. It talks about the first time painting had became an interest to Albedo when he was traveling with his master. It mentions there that he would just simply illustrate his notes with basic sketches, however, he soon noticed that the process of rendering things in great detail would actually help him understand their physical makeup which was said to be a great utility to his alchemical studies. It then states that it also had allowed him to enter into a pleasant state of clarity, whereas he needed to only focus on observation and creating his artwork. Eventually, Albedo then became a master artist without ever having a recieved formal intuition.

When he would stroll around Mondstadt, he enjoys sketching and paintings all matter of living things, but particularly people in moments of joy. Sometimes, he even gifts his artwork to his unsuspecting models, believing when a work of art has captured a transient moment of enjoyment, it would be sometimes worth treasuring. It mentions that Albedo has continued to confine his skills within the matter of this, until one day, when he was taken back by the illustrations in Inazuma. (Possibly, not explicitly stated,) questioning himself, "How was it that drawings of such generality could possess such narrative power?". He was amazed, so he decided to give it a try for himself. Again, eventually, he collaborated with a certain novelist named, Xingqiu. But unfortunately, the book called, "A Legend of Sword", the one Albedo had collaborated with Xingqiu, had received middling reviews. Being lambasted as "a dictionary with divine illustrations.".


In Albedos Voiceline "More About Albedo – III" voiceline, he talks about Kaeya, and teases him how he only needs three strokes of the pencil to sketch him.

Princeps Cretaceus

In Albedo's Story Quest, when Rosaria brings Traveler to see Albedo, there were hilichurls. The hilichurls noticed the Traveler so the Traveler had to fight the hilichurls. After Traveler defeated the hilichurls, Albedo came up to Traveler and asking them who they are and why did they alarm them. Albedo then thanked the gods that he finished his sketch. Paimon continues to asks him what's up with sketching hilichurls. Albedo tells Paimon that it isn't an easy answer, Albedo gave them time to look at his sketch so it may give a clue. The sketch was a hilichurl, Paimon was impressed by the details of the sketch.

The Chalk Prince and The Dragon

In Act 3: Raiders Amidst Snow Mist, after Traveler and Albedo had head partway up the mountain, while having their conversation, they heard a noise. It was some hilichurls, after Traveler fought the hilichurls, Paimon noticed a hilichurl running off with a thing that looked like a book. Albedo tells Paimon that was his sketchbook. The Traveler decided to lend him a hand on getting his sketchbook back. When Traveler talks to him again, Albedo says that they must get the book back, it has his notes and sketches in it. After the Traveler has found the sketchbook, they gave it back to Albedo. Albedo says that it was alright, a few pages has been destroyed but most of them were intact. Although the hilichurls had drooled all over the page. Albedo admits that he bring his sketchbook everywhere he goes. Although he would just draw everything again said by Albedo.


“Hmm... Besides research, the activity I spend most of my time on is probably sketching. At first I saw it simply as a way to better study the structure of living things and materials so as to aid me in my experiments, but it eventually became a hobby of mine. Indeed, it is a very good way to relax.”
— Albedo's Voiceline about Albedo's Hobbies


Most cargo ships are very small within the fandom so it gained little attention. Even yet if it is one of Albedo's hobbies, most within the fandom find it normal and not seen as a cargo ship.

This ship is mostly a meme, due Albedo having painting as his hobby, so if you say you ship Kaebedo, others will say; but Albedo and Painting is already canon and best ship as a joke.



Albedo x Painting posts on Tumblr


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