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“Albedo sure is interested in you, though.”
— Paimon to Aether in The Chalk Prince and the Dragon[1] event

Albether is the slash ship between Albedo and Aether from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Princeps Cretaceus

In Albedo's Story Quest, in Act 1 of the story quest, Aether meets Albedo at Dragonspine with Rosaria who brought Aether to see Albedo. When Aether first meets Albedo, he was seen sketching but the hilichurls then noticed Aether so Aether had to defeat them. After Aether defeats the hilichurls, Albedo asks him who he is and why he killed the hilichurls. He thanks the gods that he finished his sketch when Aether asks him why he was drawing hilichurls, Albedo shows him his sketch to give him a clue. Albedo states that it seems Aether was looking for him. Albedo tells Aether that he came from afar which is correct. He also says that if he could procure his assistance, Albedo thinks the research would benefit enormously. Albedo says that he needs Aether's assistance. So Aether heads to the test site and Albedo asks him if he has any extra organs like a second heart or a fourth stomach. Then, Albedo makes Aether fight slimes to complete the experiment.

After Aether defeats the slimes, Albedo says that he'll take Aether to his campsite and that they can gather Starsilver Ore on the way. After they collect the Starsilver Ore, Aether takes a potion and drinks it from the desk. Albedo says that the result was a very positive one at that. The second experiment is for Aether to cook food, so after Aether cooks the food, Albedo says Aether seems well-versed in the science gastronomy. Aether uses his elemental sight to find the lost items as Albedo said. Aether then heads to the next experiment. Albedo tells Aether to jump off a small mountain as that is where the experiment is. But instead, Aether glides until the experiment was finished. Aether then participates in the final experiment, an intelligence test. Afterwards, Albedo and Aether both return to the campsite. When they arrive at the campsite, Albedo tells Aether that he is very human.

The Chalk Prince and The Dragon

In Act 1: Festering Desire, Aether meets Albedo again at his campsite after meeting Sucrose. Sucrose told Aether that she thinks Albedo is keeping a secret from her. Aether then confronts Albedo about it to which Albedo reacts confused and tries to change the subject. He gives Aether a sword called Festering Desire. Albedo wants to gather more data from the sword so Aether fights some enemies. After Aether fights the enemies, Treasure Hoarders appear. The Treasure Hoarders seem to know the sword as the Treasure Hoarders said "Hand it over" which is probably referring to the sword so Aether has to fight the Treasure Hoarders. After fighting the Treasure Hoarders, Aether looks sad at Albedo thinking that he stole the sword but Albedo responds that he didn't steal it.

In Act 2: Archon's Rival, Aether meets Albedo at his campsite again. Aether tells him that he made progress with the sword and the sword seemed to glow a bit. Albedo tells Aether that the sword grows stronger as he uses it in battle. Albedo then says that he investigated an area nearby and he discovered some unusual signs so they went to the area and saw a bonfire and a camp. Then the both of them come across Treasure Hoarders again but not just the Treasure Hoarders, the Fatui as well. After Aether defeats the Treasure Hoarders and the Fatui, Albedo says that perhaps they saw Aether using it on the mountains. Aether investigates the ley line disorder and fights some enemies. As the sword grows stronger, Albedo then tells Aether that they don't have enough information. If they wish to understand more, more data is required so this is where Aether comes in.

In Act 3: Raiders Amidst Snow Mist, Aether meets Albedo but outside of Dragonspine with the Branch Manager of the Adventurer's Guild. Albedo isn't interested in adventurers but he is interested in Aether due to his researches. After Cyrus leaves, Albedo and Aether head partway up the mountains but come across hilichurls while the both of them are chatting. After fighting the hilichurls, one of the hilichurls runs away with Albedo's sketchbook so Aether decides to try and get it back. When Aether gives it back to Albedo, Albedo says it was alright as most of the sketches were still intact. Albedo then says if he wants to know why he trusts him, it might be because of the "unusual" ones.

In Act 5: Afterword, Aether then meets Albedo at his campsite. Albedo thanks him and says that he knows he could count on him.

Windblume Festival

In part III of the Invitation of Windblume event, Sucrose wonders if they could take the ancient Windblume recipe to Albedo, to which Aether agrees. Timaeus says that Albedo should be at the camp at the foot of the mountain. Venti then sighs happily and adds that the mountain is a romantic location.

Upon arriving and exchanging greetings, the Traveler notes that Albedo must be lonely with the Windblume Festival in full swing, to which Albedo wonders why they are looking for him in that case. Paimon states that they're helping Sucrose, and they hand over the paper.

Albedo reads it, but doesn't believe that this is a recipe for a Windblume. Since his hands are full at the moment, he gives them a list of the ingredients, if they want to collect everything themselves. After Aether gathers all the components and goes back to the alchemist, Albedo walks over to the alchemy table and gets to work, creating the "Windblume" following the ancient recipe. He then asks the Traveler to pass the flower back to Mondstadt, wishing him to enjoy the celebrations.

Midsummer Island Adventure

Klee receives a letter from the Dodo-King threatening to take Dodoco from her. Her first instinct is to find Albedo, but in his absence, Klee finds the Traveler instead.

They discover the Golden Apple Archipelago short after, continuing their search for the Dodo-King. The team grows as they are joined by Kaeya, Diluc, and Razor, who have all received personalized letters spurring them to come. Turns out Albedo snuck off while Kaeya and Diluc were arguing, to which Aether notes that it's rather characteristic of the alchemist, and that he, perhaps, found something he's more interested in.

The party walks around the island in search of Albedo, calling out to him. After hearing them, he finally shows up, first noticing the Traveler and Paimon, then greets everyone else and Klee. He seems unbothered by the situation at hand and the so-called Dodo-King, though he points the group in the right direction in unlocking the mechanism on the central platform.

The Dodo-King is revealed to be Klee's mother, Alice. Upon the group's exasperation at such an act, Albedo explains Alice's character as an “extremely enigmatic and near-omnipotent sorceress.”

As the recording ends, Klee asks the Traveler if they love her, which they agree with. Klee then takes them out to go fish blasting.

Upon speaking to Albedo after the Midsummer Island Adventure event's main story concludes, he states that the game wouldn't have been much fun if he revealed everything from the beginning. Albedo then adds that the archipelago suits Aether perfectly well, noting that the Traveler “could spend a wonderful summer here.”

Shadows Amidst Snowstorms

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Of Drink A-Dreaming

Although Albedo himself was not present during the event, many fans have speculated that the "Snow-Covered Kiss"[2] drink's description could remind one of the alchemist very much so, sprinkled with some sunsettia mentions (the drink is made with this juice) on top.

“The milky foam doesn't have much taste to it. It's kind of like snow on the mountains... The moment you taste the sweetness of the juice... [It's] like a sprout pushing through the ice to give you a kiss...”
— Aether, explaining the drink to Shenhe

Hues of the Violet Garden

The Traveler meets the first ship from Mondstadt at the docks. At first, a few bards appear, along with Albedo, who had been invited to the festival and had brought Klee with him as a dependant. He greets Aether and Paimon, saying that he predicted that he might run into them here. When Albedo mentions that Mr. Hirayama is gone, The Traveler directs them to the International Trade Association. He explains to the Traveler that he was supposed to be his contact for the Five Kasen. The Traveler then brings him to the Outlander Affairs Agency after remembering that the editors will be there.

The editors at the agency then try to hide what happened from Albedo and the Traveler out of panic, but Albedo's deductions cause them to reveal the truth. After that, the two of them go in search of the missing books.

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“If one day, I lose control... destroy Mondstadt... destroy everything... Can I rely on you to stop me?”
— Albedo to Aether after he left[3]


Midsummer Island Adventure

Albedo“Whatever it is, we'd be placing it into the frames in front of the light-emitting device... which means...”
Aether“...It would have to be transparent?”
— Aether finishing Albedo's sentence
Aether“Tell me about yourself...”
Albedo“Me? I'm doing quite well here. Thank you for your concern. How do you feel here, if I might ask?”
Aether“ Pretty good.”
Albedo“Okay, that's good to hear. There are many landscapes worth drawing here. If you'd like to see, you may accompany me.”
— Aether checking on Albedo after Act III
Aether“About what happened today...”
Albedo“Today's events didn't feel that out of the ordinary. Hmm? Sorry, do you mean when I left by myself? That was a personal choice. Don't stress over it. Sometimes, I like to be alone. Communicating with others can be a taxing affair, but if I were to choose someone to talk to, I would pick you. You're intelligent, and I like to talk to intelligent people.”
— Albedo stating that he would prefer to talk to Aether after Act III
“Please, don't look at me like that. If we'd solved the riddle at the beginning, then the game wouldn't have been much fun now, would it? This archipelago suits you... and Klee. Don't you think so? Summer, islands, ocean... even if it is essentially just an ocean playground. It's perfect for those on the move. You could spend a wonderful summer here.”
— Albedo after the conclusion of the Midsummer Island Adventure event's main story


“I am Albedo, Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. You carry the aura of the stars, interesting... I would like to study you, if you do not mind. I'm certain we will have many opportunities to be alone in the future.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Hello
“Good night, you go ahead and rest. I will just finish one last experiment before bed... If you are interested in the results, I can discuss them with you tomorrow.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Good Night
“You... want to accompany me while I experiment? I'm honored. Oh, don't be nervous. My experiments may be dangerous, but no one gets hurt... most of the time.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: About Us: Experiments
“Would you oblige me by serving as my assistant? After observing so many experiments, you surely know a good deal about alchemy by now. Relax, we will work together. I don't think you will have any problems. I have faith in my ability to instruct you, and even more faith in your exceptional talents.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: About Us: Assistant
“There's something I've always wanted to ask you, but feared rejection and disappointment... Eh-hem... I am very interested in your little floating companion. May I borrow her to investigate for a short while?”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Something to Share
“Happy birthday. You look especially happy, would you mind if I sketched you? The capacity of our brains is limited, so we are bound to forget things. But when an image is transferred onto paper or canvas, the sketch becomes an extension of our memory. We can remember that past feeling when we later look at the sketch.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Birthday
“Albedo is the step in which change begins. Clearing away the excess so we can take on all the knowledge that is available. Would you like to investigate this world with me?”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Feelings About Ascension: Building Up
“Rubedo in alchemy refers to the refining of feeling. I feel the refining of my own emotions is also thanks to you.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Feelings About Ascension: Climax
“Citrinitas is the final stage of the alchemical transmutation process. The meaning of the object being transmuted has finally been brought to light, becoming gold and revealing its true value... I too have found my own meaning.”
— Albedo's Voiceline: Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion
Paimon“Th—Then let's... Let's visit Albedo first. If Albedo can develop a growth serum for Sayu, she'll help us for sure!”
Aether“Brilliant, now we just need you to come up with a way to make Albedo help us.”
— Traveler's Voiceline: About Onikabuto
Aether“You do know what allows you to fly, don't you, Paimon?”
Paimon“Paimon can fly because of... mysterious powers, obviously!”
Aether“Got it. Seems like you have no idea. How about we let Albedo do some research? He's good at cracking such mysteries...”
Paimon“Please don't!”
— Traveler's Voiceline: About Sakura Blooms

Serenitea Pot

Aether“Good morning, Albedo.”
Albedo“Morning, Aether. I've already organized my next stage of research objectives. But should you have other arrangements, I don't necessarily mind revising my plans.”
— Aether saying good morning to Albedo
Aether“Good night, Albedo.”
Albedo“Good night. May you have sweet dreams...You don't require me to read you a bedtime story, do you?”
— Aether saying good night to Albedo
Albedo“Hello, Aether. I heard the sound of footsteps from afar, and here you are.”
Aether“How do you like it here?”
Albedo“Hm, I believe that the utopia referenced in literature would likely resemble this place. Peaceful and comforting, enough for one to forget the time while pouring oneself into research.”
Aether“Remember to eat on time.”
Albedo“...Yes, of course. Ah, right...”
Aether“You can tell me if you need anything.”
Albedo“Hm... Let your creative instincts run unabated, and I should be quite content. I will often sketch my surroundings. Your arrangements in this realm also provide a source of inspiration for me... Thank you.”
— Aether asking Albedo how he likes it being in the Serenitea Pot
Aether“Is there anything else you're interested in?”
Albedo“Hmm, anything else...? Probably you. At first, it was because you carry the aura of the stars. But now... it seems that there is more to it. Why is this? Give me some time and I can conduct experiments to find out.”
— Unlocked at Friendship 4
Aether“Is there anything you'd like to do?”
Albedo“Heh, where should I begin...? In your company, I never lack inspiration.”
Aether“For drawing?/For experiments?”
Albedo“It's good for both drawing and experiments. And not just for these, but for many other things. Speaking of which... I used to think interaction with others was a waste of time. But after meeting you, I'd rather spend my time on you than other matters. This is a unique anomaly. I think I likely know the reason why. So can you also... give me more of your time?”
— Unlocked at Friendship 7
Aether“I'll accompany you while you sketch.”
Albedo“Thank you. Then, today's subject — you and your realm.”
— Unlocked at Friendship 7
Aether“I'll accompany you during your experiments.”
Albedo“Thank you. I'll guarantee your safety, as I've done before. We already understand each other quite well, don't we?”
— Unlocked at Friendship 7
Albedo“By the way, after we're done, may I have the pleasure of inviting you to dessert with me?”
Albedo“To continue our time together, and to thank you for your company.”
— Unlocked at Friendship 7
Albedo“This is a nice workshop. Looks like I will be able to continue my research here as well.”
Albedo“Hmm, I believe that you must have acquired some sort of secret art that allows you to copy things from the real world, is this not so? If you don't mind, I'd like to conduct some further research with you. Perhaps it may be of some help to you.”
— Albedo's Special Dialogue (Secret Research Lab)
Albedo“A fascinating copy... You have attended to every fine detail — even the feeling of the wilderness that one can only experience when adventuring themselves.”
Albedo“Alright then. I'll go ahead and start sketching. Would you mind... if I make you the subject matter of my sketch?”
— Albedo's Special Dialogue (Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque)


Albether is a popular ship among the Genshin Impact fandom. Albecrose can also be one of Albether's rival ships. Albether is also the 2nd most written for the two on Archive of Our Own.

Albether has gained lots of attraction from the 1.2 Dragonspine update, it also gained more attention of what Albedo said at the end of Act 1 in his story quest, being that the thing that Albedo said was "If one day, I lose control... Destroy Mondstadt... Destroy everything...can I rely on you to stop me?", making people make edits as well of Albedo and Aether, it also gained attention as well from the 1.4 Windblume Festival update.



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  • Both of their outfit names have a connection with the stars (Rising Star for Aether; Newmoon Starlight for Albedo).
  • In his birthday letter, Albedo says that “it is indeed a joy to gather and celebrate with important people”, and attaches two drinks to it, perhaps assuming that no one else is invited except Aether.
  • There are many confirmations of Aether representing the Sun, such as several symbols of the sun on his outfit (the elemental one on his chest, stylized sun rays on the top of the back of his cape, the alchemical symbol of the sun (☉) a little lower), the warm color scheme, him being a summer person and generally more expressive (than his twin sister); In turn, the albedo stage symbols include silver (Albedo wears silvery elements on his arms), the Moon, white rose, etc.
    • The alchemical symbol of the sun also corresponds with gold.
    • Citrinitas (the final stage of the alchemical transmutation process in the game)[4] is often called the wedding (or the union) of the Sun and Moon.
  • Aether is the only person (excluding Paimon) whom Albedo trusts enough to tell the secret of his origin without much hesitation.[5]
  • The Traveler is the only one who pays close attention to Albedo's neck and the star mark.[6]
  • Albedo offered an analogy stating that he is a perfect rose, and Aether is his gardener — the only person in all the world who can tell the difference between him and his doppelganger(s).[7]
  • Klee doesn't call Aether “Mr.” (similar to Albedo and some others in that case, the English translation being wrong), most often she just calls him her older brother. Aether cares about her too, agreeing that he loves her and thinks of her as a friend.
    • The Traveler is also the person that Klee thought about and went to when she didn't manage to find Albedo.[8]
  • Out of a huge number of people (Klee, Jean, Kaeya, Diluc, Barbara and Razor), Albedo states that he would prefer to have a conversation with Aether specifically, and adds that the Traveler is intelligent and he likes “to talk to intelligent people”.[9]







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