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Alcithan is the het ship between Ethan Winters and Alcina Dimitrescu from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 8: Village

In February 2021, Ethan’s infant daughter, Rosemary, is kidnapped and taken to a remote village somewhere in Eastern Europe, where he fights endlessly to get her back. In his search and rescue of her, Ethan first encounters Alcina after he’s been abducted by Karl Heisenberg. However the two don’t engage with one another as Mother Miranda makes the decision of giving Ethan over to Karl. Ethan manages to escape Karl’s traps and make his way into Castle Dimitrescu where he is discovered by Alcina’s “daughters”. The three women bring Ethan to Alcina, saying that Ethan is “fresh prey”. Alcina looks him over, saying him by name, and wondering how “special” Ethan is. She stalks toward him as Ethan’s hand is sliced opened by one of her daughters. Alcina sucks on his open wound, commenting that “he’s starting to go a little stale.” Her daughters are quick to say that they must “devour his man-flesh,” leading to Alcina saying that she must inform Mother Miranda first. With that, Alcina instructs her daughters to “put him up”. Ethan’s hands are impaled, and he’s raised high into the room. Alcina grins at him before she leaves the room with her daughters trailing behind her.

Ethan is able to escape, where he soon continues his search for Rosemary. His search takes him to Alcina’s wine room. Upon reading a note regarding Alcina’s wine, he goes back to looking around. Ethan is seen and pursued by Cassandra, one of Alcina’s daughters. He evades her by breaking through a boarded wall that leads him down into Alcina’s wine cellar, where Alcina herself is in, grabbing a bottle, before leaving as soon as Ethan crawls out of the crawlspace he escaped into. After battling and killing Bela, another of Alcina’s daughters, Ethan unlocks the courtyard door, only to go back into the castle as he continues his search for his own daughter. As he’s opening a door, he sees Alcina walk up a stair case, however Alcina doesn’t notice him. Ethan follows up the stairs where he hears Alcina yell about what had happened to Bela. Ethan finds his way back outside where he’s against Alcina’s chamber window. He sees and hears Alcina take a phone call from Mother Miranda regarding how Ethan had escaped from Karl, and with Miranda telling Alcina about the importance of a “ceremony”. Upon hanging up, Alcina curses the ceremony as she storms from the room, only furious and determined to make Ethan pay for what he’s done to Bela.

Ethan climbs into Alcina’s chamber, where he locates a key hidden in one of her wall sconces. As he unlocks the door out of the room, Alcina is entering through that door. Seeing Ethan, Alcina grabs hold of him and begins to slam his head against the floor, yelling at him about coming into her house, laying his hands on her daughters, and stealing her property. The final slam has Ethan crash through the floor, and falling a couple stories. He lands in another cellar, where Alcina yells down to him for him to “rest” while he can, as she will hunt and will break him. In return, Ethan yells for her to “do her worst”.

A short time later in that cellar, Ethan is trying to escape when his right hand is sliced off without warning. Ethan turns to see Alcina standing there, her right hand nails long like blades. In Ethan’s shock, Alcina tells him, “Like I’d let you get away.” She picks him up, threatens he’ll be “sliced like ribbons” before he’ll ever sees his daughter again. She throws him to the floor, giving Ethan a small chance of escape as Alcina begins her hunt. Ethan manages to evade her by going through two locked doors he’s found keys to. By the second door, Alcina is locked out, yelling that “running will get Ethan no where”. Reattaching his severed his hand, Ethan rises via a platform back outside to the castle’s courtyard.

Back inside the castle, Ethan continues his search, only to be met by Alcina, unsheathing her long hand blade-like nails. Ethan is chased into the library where Daniela, another of Alcina’s daughters lies in wait. Ethan is able to kill her and escape. A short time later, Ethan runs into Alcina again, where she at yells at him, “Stupid man-thing! You won’t live long, even if you run!” Ethan evades her, and soon kills Cassandra, the last of Alcina’s daughters. Along the way, Ethan has been searching for four stone face masks, where upon placing them in their respective statues, Ethan can leave the foyer of the castle to enter into an adjoining cathedral.

In the cathedral, Ethan finds the Dagger of Death’s Flowers, a weapon he had learned of prior in the evening. As he picks it up from a man’s coffin, Alcina comes up from behind him, yelling at him for “ruining everything.” She stabs him in the abdomen with her nails, while Ethan stabs her in the side with the dagger. Ethan is thrown through a wall, where the dagger falls over the edge, outside. Alcina succumbs to her wound and mutants into her monstrous B.O.W form. As their battle begins, Ethan comments, “Looks like your outside matches your inside now, psycho witch.” Alcina tells Ethan he’s a “lucky man” as besides Mother Miranda, he’s the only one to see her in this form. Ethan shoots at her head and torso, before he heads to top of the cathedral. It’s there he manages to kill her, with Alcina intending to take Ethan down with her as she and Ethan fall to the main level. She curses him one last before she crumbles around him.


“[…] Now, let’s take a look at him. Well, well. Ethan Winters. You escaped my idiot little brother’s game, did you? Let’s see how special you are.”
— Alcina to Ethan, first meeting, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“[…] That man will pay for what he’s done…”
— Alcina, about Ethan, after Ethan killed Bela, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Alcina“You ungrateful, selfish wretch! You come into MY house- you lay your filthy man-hands on MY daughters- and now you even try to steal my property! How dare you!? [Ethan falls a couple stories] Rest while you can, because I will hunt you, and I will break you!”
Ethan“Go ahead, do your worst!”
— Tension rises, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Like I’d let you get away.”
— Alcina to Ethan, after having given him a false sense of rest, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“You’ll be sliced to ribbons- [throws Ethan] -before you ever see that child!”
— Alcina to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Stupid man-thing! You won’t live long, even if you run!”
— Alcina to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“The entire bloodline of House Dimitrescu is done in? By the likes of you!?”
— Alcina to Ethan, all three daughters having been killed, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Looks like your outside matches your inside now, psycho witch.”
— Ethan to Alcina, after Alcina mutates, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“You’re a lucky man, Ethan! Besides Miranda, you’re the only one to see me in this form. Too bad you’ll pay for it… with your life!”
— Alcina to Ethan, after she mutates, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“You’ve got nowhere else to go, Ethan!”
— Alcina to Ethan, during their final battle, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Come now, don’t be shy. Show me your terror!”
— Alcina to Ethan, during their final battle, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Damn you, Winters!”
— Alcina to Ethan, once she’s defeated by Ethan, near death, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Alcina“Curse you!”
Ethan“You’re the one who’s cursed.”
— Moments from Alcina’s death, Resident Evil 8: Village.


Before the release of Resident Evil 8: Village, the tease of Alcina Dimitrescu took the Internet by storm. With Ethan being the main character of the game, a few dabbled with the pairing. However the pair is still incredibly small as both characters are not as prevalent as the others. On AO3, Alcithan has 10+ works in its tag.



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