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Alcohol Poisoning is the slash ship between Tyrian Callows and Qrow Branwen from the RWBY fandom.


The first time Tyrian and Qrow is in volume 4. During this Qrow manages to save Ruby from a fatal blow from Tyrian. He then proceeds to fight against Tyrian using his bad luck semblance to his advantage. At one point during the fight Qrow loses his weapon so he then decides to continuously punch Tyrian in the face. Near the end of the fight Tyrian managed to poison Qrow with the stinger on his tail before Ruby rescued Qrow and managed to cut it off.

In "With Friends Like These", after Clover and Robyn get into a fight on the prison transport, Tyrian uses this as a chance for him to escape and then kill the pilots. He then starts laughing maniacally while wearing one of the pilots hats. Qrow runs over to him and grabs by the forearms asking what he was doing?. Tyrian then responds "the will of our goddess", while grabbing the control stick and and crashing the plane into the ground.

During Qrow's fight against Tyrian and Clover, Tyrian suggests to Qrow that they should work together temporarily to take down Clover and then settle the score between them. After Clover's Aura depletes, Tyrian double-crosses Qrow, by taking his weapon and impaling Clover from behind, thus framing him. Qrow completely shocked then angrily yells that he'll kill him and tries to lunge at him. As now seen in the beginning events of Volume 8, Qrow harbors a deep grudge against Tyrian and is now making plans to track him down and kill him.


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Alcohol Poisoning is a rarepair in the RWBY fandom. Mainly because the two are enemies and Tyrian tried to kill him (and actually killed Qrow's friend Clover). Most people who do ship them though usually portray Tyrian as a yandere, since Tyrian is crazy and loves killing people and has attempted to kill Qrow twice now. They have a small but decent sized fanbase on tumblr.



Alcohol Poisoning posts on Tumblr


  • Their ship name comes from the fact that Qrow is an alcoholic, Tyrian is a scorpion faunus and he "poisoned" Qrow in volume 4.



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