AleCourt is the het ship between Courtney and Alejandro from the Total Drama fandom.


Initially, Courtney has no interest in Alejandro romantically, as she is still involved with Duncan at the time. However, after finding out that Duncan cheated on her with Gwen, Alejandro is able to use Courtney's emotional weakness to his advantage, who falls madly for him not long afterwards. This attraction caused Heather to become jealous, as she, too, was developing feelings for Alejandro that she kept denying. However, Alejandro does not return Courtney's feelings as he is merely using her as a tool for him to continue further into the competition. Courtney continues to help Alejandro after the merge, leading to her downfall and subsequent elimination. Even so, Courtney remains attracted to Alejandro and is his most active supporter in the finale, even though nearly everyone else hates him. Courtney appears to have lost her affections for Alejandro by the start of Total Drama All-Stars. She disrespects him along with the other Villainous Vultures and even joins an alliance to vote him off in The Obsta-Kill Kourse, showing that her loyalties were now with her friend and new boyfriend.


The ship sailed as a result of Courtney developing a one-sided attraction to Alejandro in the sixteenth episode of Total Drama World Tour. The ship met with mixed reception. Some fans support it. However, majority of the fans prefer Courtney's ship with Duncan and Alejandro's ship with Heather. This ship causing Courtney to become involved in a second love triangle with Alejandro and Heather right when she was already involved in one with Duncan and Gwen also didn't help to please the fans. Some however enjoyed it for the drama it brought.



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  • They are both the main antagonists of a season.
  • They are the only contestants to be voiced by more than one voice actor.
    • Courtney is initially voiced by Rochelle Wilson in the first two episodes of the series, but is then replaced by Emilie-Claire Barlow.
    • Alejandro is voiced by Marco Grazzini in both Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, then later by Keith Oliver after being incarcerated into the Drama Machine. In Total Drama All-Stars, he is voiced by Alex House.
  • They are two of the few characters to have their ethnicity confirmed, and along with Brody, are the only contestants confirmed to be Hispanic.
  • Both have placed sixth in a season: Courtney in Total Drama World Tour and Alejandro in Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Both are the only post-merge contestants of Total Drama All-Stars to be eliminated via voting.
  • Both have used their sole vote to eliminate someone in the series.



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