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Aleheather is the het shipping between Heather and Alejandro from the Total Drama fandom.


Heather develops an attraction towards Alejandro during the beginning of Total Drama World Tour, and as the season continues, Alejandro begins to reciprocate said feelings. While most of the girls are smitten with Alejandro, Heather is the only one to be fully aware that he's manipulating them, and denies sharing any of the same kind of attraction. Both, however, respect each other for being strong competitors. Alejandro often compliments and flirts with Heather, noticeably more so than he does with other female contestants, to which Heather often responds with disgust and expresses frustration about his strategy in the game.

As the season progresses, Heather begins to fall for Alejandro with much deeper feelings than the other girls, and Alejandro, in turn, starts falling for Heather. By the end of Total Drama World Tour, it is clear that Heather and Alejandro have the same feelings for each other, despite their strategical conflict throughout the game. Both make it to the final two in Hawaiian Punch, where they confess their feelings for each other, and share their first kiss. However, Heather (well-known for her greed and countless amounts of betrayals) betrays him by kneeing him in the groin and tossing him off of the volcano, saying that "boys are okay, but a million dollars is way better!"

Prior to Total Drama All-Stars, Heather reveals that her relationship with Alejandro is over and claims that she has forgotten about him. In reality, Alejandro is still recuperating from the injuries he suffered at the end of Total Drama World Tour and resents Heather for it. The two of them are placed on the same team, where they continue arguing. Despite this, both Alejandro and Heather are shown to harbor feelings for each other, although they both continue to deny it. By the sixth episode, they both try to eliminate each other, with Alejandro coming out on top. Heather convinces everyone to vote for Alejandro, but he steals her idol and eliminates her. They officially become a couple somewhere after his elimination and before The Final Wreck-ening. When they appear in the finale making out and mostly resolving their differences. Though, after it's revealed the million dollars is up for anyone, they go back to their old habits.


The ship sailed as a result of a lot of ship tease between the two. It ended up being one of the most popular ships in the franchise. The love-hate relationship between them is generally considered to be one of the best, if not the best, aspects of Total Drama World Tour, with both adding a lot of drama and tension to the competition-related show.



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  • Both are the main antagonists of their debut season.
    • This is one of two romantic relationships in the series between two main antagonists, the other being Scottney.
    • Both are also the first main antagonists to reach the final two.
    • This is the second of three couples in which both members reach the final two at one point in the series, with the first being Gwuncan and the third being Zoke.
  • This is the third couple to sing a duet. The first is Gidgette, who sung Save This Show, and the second is Gwuncan, who sung Greek Mix.
  • Both have kissed a contestant who was already in a relationship. Coincidentally, in both cases, the person they kiss is eliminated from the season in the same episode.
  • This is the first relationship between a newcomer and a member of the original twenty-two.
  • Both are responsible for the highest amounts of eliminations out of any other contestant in the series.
  • Both, along with Cody, Sierra, and Ezekiel, are one of the contestants from Total Drama World Tour to have been through every single location.
  • Both became bald in their respective episodes they were eliminated in the seasons they were the antagonists of.