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Alirose is the het ship between Ali and Rose Lavillant from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Rose seems to have feelings and admiration for Prince Ali, due to his kind heart and caring personality for sick children. When Rose's letter for Prince Ali was ripped by Chloé, she is akumatized into Princess Fragrance. There, she is obsessed with him, planning to wed him as her prince. She also tries to put everyone in Paris in her spell with her perfume so both of them can rule their own kingdom. Though, She fails when Ladybug de-akumatized her, and Rose is back to normal. When they meet in person, the two began a friendly relationship. Ali is also the reason that Rose fell for Lila's friend gaining charm when she tells Rose that she knows Ali and has helped him with his charity cause; while being unaware that it was a lie.

Princess Fragrance

As Rose was watching Prince Ali on her phone, she tears up saying that he's gorgeous with a heart of gold. She suggest that she will write a letter for him with her professing her complete adoration and utmost respect. When she get's caught using her perfume to clear the scent of her letter, Ms. Mendeleiev sends her to the principles office, taking her cellphone and perfume. After School, When Chloé finds Tikki laying on the ground, she plans to give it to Prince Ali. Rose overhears her, and asks if she can bring her letter to him. Chloé manipulates her that she'll "bring" it to him, but then rips her letter. Rose is heartbroken seeing her letter ripped, and sadly walks away to a Seine riverbank, crying as she writes another letter. After being akumatized into Princess Fragrance, she comes in the Grand Paris Hotel to see Prince Ali, but is stopped by the Doorman. She is offended and shoots him with her perfume, and walks in to find Prince Ali. When she finds him, he asks who she is and replies that she is Princess Fragrance and says that he will be hers. After Prince Ali escapes from the hotel, she follows them and is on top of the car. Cat Noir tells the chaperone to close the windows, but Princess Fragrance stops the sunroof from closing, and sprays her perfume to let them be under her control.

After she fails to bring everyone in Paris to be her and Prince Ali's Kingdom, she is later de-akumatized by Ladybug. When Rose sees him, she is admired and excited, and immediately rushes and go hugs him by his left arm, giggling. She says to him that he's the most kind-hearted person that she's ever met. Prince Ali smiles and is surprised by this, as Chloé comes in and is glad that he's safe, asking him if they should continue where they left off. Prince Ali tells her that he doesn't have time and that he has a special event at the hospital for children with Rose. Rose is thrilled to hear that, with the two leaving the hotel to the hospital.


Season 1

Princess Fragrance

  • At the end-card, the two are seen watching the fireworks at the Pont des Arts.


The ship have fans who see the two being a royal and a sweet ship. People include that Prince Ali is Aladdin and Rose is Princess Jasmine, due to Prince Ali being a prince and is from a kingdom, while fans see Rose is indeed looking like a princess. Fans can see that Rose has admiring feelings for Prince Ali and that she supports him. Prince Ali can be seen to be touching and kind to Rose when she compliments him when they only met. The ship sometimes rivals Julerose.



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