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Alishin is the slash ship between Alice Yabusame and Shin Tsukimi from the Your Turn To Die fandom.


Chapter 1, Part 2

During the first Main Game, Alice decides to stick by Shin (going by the alias Sou Hiyori) and believe that he is the Keymaster as he claims. He admits that the only one allying with Shin at this point is himself, saying that they are both despised and perhaps they could get along.

Chapter 2, Part 1

While Sara and Kanna search Kanna's First Trial room, Alice watches over Shin as he sleeps. When Shin wakes up and goes to find Kanna, Alice tags along with him. He and Shin trade tokens in the hallway afterward, along with Kanna.

Chapter 2, Part 2 (Alice lives route)

During the Main Game, Alice continuously insists that they don't vote for Shin even after the rest of the group is fairly certain that Shin doesn't have the Sacrifice card. After it's revealed that Shin's name isn't actually Sou Hiyori, Alice is the only one that switches to calling him Shin instead of Sou.

When it comes to the final vote and the choice between Shin and Kanna, Alice says he can't vote for anyone's little sister and votes for Shin with a sad expression.

Chapter 3, Part 1 (Alice lives route)

When the participants find the monitor with Shin's AI on it, Alice is initially startled, taking a minute to determine if it is an AI or not.


Alice and Shin are considered to be the outcasts in the group, so some fans figure they would get along together. Some fans also speculate that because Shin used the alias of Sou Hiyori and wears the scarf that the real Sou Hiyori did, Alice felt a connection to him in one way or another.

Both go out of their way to protect those important to them; Alice to his sister Reko, and Shin to Kanna, whose relationship is similar to that of a brother and sister. Like mentioned in canon, Alice actually realizes that Kanna is most likely like a little sister to Shin, and having a little sister himself, he knows he would never live through it if she died. Thus understanding Shin on another level.

Both are similar in that they are dealing with death. Alice has a murder on his hands while Shin is doomed to die by the roster percentages. Both have the potential for someone close to them to die, and then having to deal with the aftermath.

Physical parts of the ship are also why some people ship it. They have a height difference of 18cm (7"), and it is interesting to note that Shin's height is 168cm and Alice's height is 186cm, where the last two digits are just flipped for the other. They also both have teal hair, which is seen as pretty. Shin is quite intelligent and crafty while Alice comes off as immature sometimes, creating a contrast in smarts.



Tsukimi Shin/Yabusame Alice tag on AO3


  • Both initially go by an alias, with their true name unknown to the others until revealed.
  • The two share a previous relationship with Sou Hiyori; Shin met him in high school and Alice killed him.



Keishinalice refers to the ship between Shin, Alice, and Keiji Shinogi.


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