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Allium Duo is the friendship between Ranboo and TommyInnit from the Dream SMP fandom.


At first, Tommy acted jealous of how close Ranboo was with Tubbo and claimed Ranboo "stole" Tubbo from him. Tommy also didn't like how Ranboo was older and taller than him. Adding to that, Tommy often expresses his dislike for Americans, and Ranboo is American. The two are currently close friends and share a mutual friendship with Tubbo. They make content together on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok. Though, Tommy still acts like he hates Ranboo and on his alt Twitter account, he follows @Hatebooo, @ranboolivehater and @nomoreranboo, which are all Ranboo hate accounts.

The two have met up in real life, along with Tubbo.

Dream SMP

Like in real life, Tommy acted jealous of Ranboo since Ranboo was married to Tubbo. Ranboo still offered friendship to Tommy and helped him out. While Tommy was staying at Technoblade's house, Ranboo offered Tommy a pickaxe. Tommy declined the offer and claimed he didn't want Ranboo's pity. Ranboo assured Tommy that he genuinely cared about him.

While Tommy was dead, Ranboo got married to Tubbo. After being revived, Tommy was hurt and felt betrayed by the marriage since he felt that Tubbo was trying to replace him. This caused Tommy's hatred and jealousy for Ranboo to grow more. The two grew closer when they saved Henry and Friend, two pets really close to Tommy, together from Dream's vault. Though, Henry died while the two were trying to get him home and Friend was killed by Skeppy later after Wilbur Soot was revived.

After his revival, Wilbur was introduced to Ranboo by Tommy. Wilbur expressed his frustration for Ranboo to Tommy. Tommy defended Ranboo and told Wilbur that Ranboo was a good guy.


“You look hot. Uh, hot red.”
— Tommy to Ranboo[1]
“I hate men so much. They're so bad, nothing is lovable about them. Ranboo maybe– Ranboo– you know, Ranboo is okay.”
— Tommy[2]


The friendship wasn't that popular at first since Ranboo supposedly "stole Tubbo" from Tommy. However, it became more popular after they made up and the Bench Trio was formed. While a lot of fans were upset about Tommy being jealous, a portion of fans acknowledged that Ranboo and Tommy were likely friends and Tommy was just acting. While the fact was acknowledged, people still liked the development between Tommy and Ranboo, especially in the Dream SMP roleplay. The two are also considered as the "protagonists" of the Dream SMP by fans because of how much they affect the SMP.

The slash ship is disliked by many since Tommy has said he is straight and uncomfortable with shipping. Though after Tommy got more comfortable around Ranboo and made somewhat flirtatious jokes, the friendship between the two started to get more attention. One of the first instances of this was when Tommy called Ranboo hot during Minecraft Championship. Much later when a lie detector vlog was posted, the idea of Tommy being gay or attracted to Ranboo started being noticed by Tommy and Ranboo along with their fans.

The friendship is called Allium Duo since Ranboo tried to give Tommy an allium flower but ended up punching him, though Tommy still kept the flower. It's also called the Awkward Duo since they were very awkward with each other at first and it's called the Loyal Duo since they're both loyal to those they care about. On Twitter, people are apart of "alliumtwt," a subtwt in which people are interested in the Allium Duo. It's also called "awkwardtwt" or "loyaltwt" because of their other duo names. The Tumblr counterpart is called "alliumblr", "awkwardblr" or "loyalblr", though "alliumblr" is most commonly used.



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  • The "Recording in Progress" picture of Ranboo and Tommy is the banner of Tommy's vlog account on Twitter.


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Bench Trio refers to the ship between the two and Tubbo
Cricket Crew refers to the ship between the two, Aimsey, Badlinu, Billzo and Tubbo
Sleepy Bees Inc. – the ship between the two, Ph1LzA, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot and Tubbo
Slide Squad refers to the ship between the two, Tubbo and GeorgeNotFound



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