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Allurivan is the het ship between Allura and Kolivan from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 2

After 10,000 years and the fall of her home world, Allura has very little to no trust in the Galra. In "The Blade of Marmora," when Shiro and Keith return with Kolivan, the leader of the Blade of Marmora, she is cold in greeting him. As Kolivan first steps out of the Red Lion, he knees before her saying how it's good that the rumors are true, that she's still alive after all these years. Allura coldly answers, "So is Zarkon." She asks if she can consider him an ally in their fight against him. Kolivan says yes, and their alliance is born.

In "Blackout," Voltron is fighting Zarkon. Haggar does what she can to protect/fight along with Zarkon Allura knows they must take her out before she can hit Voltron again with dark magic. Allura asks Kolivan if he can get her to the komar. He says he knows a way, though it will be dangerous. Allura, Kolivan and Antok leave to attack Haggar directly. Once there, they all engaged in an intense battle. Kolvan protects Allura by throwing his blade, hitting a droid in the face, allowing Allura to hit it herself, sending it flying off the edge of the platform. The base is falling apart around them, Kolivan gets Allura to "come on". They soon make it back to the castleship.


“Princess Allura, it's good to see that the rumors are true. That's you're still alive after all these years.”
— Kolivan, The Blade of Marmora.


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