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Alphore is the het ship between Alphys and Asgore Dreemurr from the Undertale and Deltarune fandoms.




After W. D. Gaster's science experiment gone wrong, Asgore hired Alphys as his new royal scientist. Alphys injected a flower with Determination, but ended up creating Flowey.

Neutral Route

During Mettaton's quiz show, after Mettaton noticed Alphys had given Frisk the correct answers, Mettaton asked who Alphys' crush was, and one of the answer choices was Asgore. If this answer was chosen, Mettaton told Frisk about Alphys' feelings for Asgore. Later, when Frisk was about to face Asgore, Alphys felt sad while telling the human that the only way to leave the Underground was by killing Asgore.

Pacifist Route

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Alphys and Asgore were among the main 6 friends (along with Toriel, Sans, Papyrus and Undyne).


When Kris goes to talk to their teacher Alphys and asks about the flowers, she mentions that Asgore (Kris' father) always asks Alphys how Kris is doing and then gives her a bouquet of flowers. Alphys then starts to nervously wonder if Asgore likes [most likely her] but does not finish this sentence and instead wonders if Asgore likes the comics she went to him. She notes that Asgore reminds her of a superhero.


Alphore is not as popular as rival ships Alphyne and Asgoriel. It still has support and is typically shipped alongside Undyrus and Soriel.



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