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Alyami is the femslash ship between Alya Césaire and Kagami Tsurugi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Alya and Kagami don't know each other very well, but they both are students at Françoise Dupont High School and had heard about each other from Marinette, the girl who they are both friends with, as well as the two being friends with Adrien. Whenever Ladybug needs help in difficult battles, both Alya and Kagami were temporally given their own Miraculous to become Rena Rouge and Ryuko. Alya had originally heard some unpleasant things about Kagami, from Kagami being one of her friend's love rivals, but sometime after she became friends with Marinette Alya began to hear some good things about the Japanese girl.

Season 3

On the day of the Friendship Games, Alya gets a quick call about Kagami who has been paired up with her best friend. Kagami hadn't been aware of the message to Alya, until after her phone was switched with Marinette's, in which got her to stumble across Alya's video reply message, who had no idea that Kagami would have been the one to see it or would get hurt by her words about the said girl. Once the games were over, Kagami learns from a photo that Alya and her partner were the ones who won, but her new friendship with Marinette is what kept Kagami from resenting Alya. Since Marinette is friends with both girls, there is a chance that they might have heard good things about one another from her; long with Marinette having a gift to bring people together.

In "Desperada" Alya and Kagami spend sometime together on the Couffaine houseboat, where both girls agree that Marinette and Luka make a great couple, if she and Adrien don't get together. The two later get captured by the titled villain until Ladybug, Cat Noir and Viperion save them. At the end of the episode, as Alya, Kagami and Marinette watch everyone else play their music, Kagami tells Marinette to make her choice between Adrien and Luka a lot more quicker, but Alya reminds both girls that the boys also haven't made their choices yet either.

During the second part of season three finale, Hawk Moth learns that Alya is Rena Rouge, in which places her in the same type of danger that Kagami has been in ever since Hawk Moth learnt that she is Ryuko. Because of this, there is a chance that Alya and Kagami may not be entrusted with their Miraculous again or get the chance to fight beside each other as a team. While their shared friendships with both Marinette and Adrien does give Kagami and Alya a few opportunities to spend time together as their civilian selves than their heroin selves, as they get to know one another a bit better.


Miraculous Queen

  • Kagami and Adrien sit right next to Alya and Nino.


Fans of the ship hope the two will become friends, and even non-fans were hoping that they would interact at some point. Since they are both Miraculous holders, fans were also hoping they would interact as their heroin identities as well. But due to Hawk Moth knowing Alya and Kagami's hero identities, fans began to worry that the two may not get that chance in season 4, unless Ladybug is willing to wrick their safety for the sake of Paris or somehow makes sure that it is safe for Rena Rouge and Ryuko to one day get that opportunity.

Since Alya is out going and daring, there is chance that she'll try to get Kagami to cut loose, like she does with Marinette. While Kagami being willing to fight an akumatized villain head on, without a Miraculous, just as Alya isn't afraid to get up close to the danger for her blog, would probably have Kagami wanting to tag along so she can watch Alya's back. Some fans have even imagined Alya helping Kagami to get along with the rest of her and Marinette's female friends. So they can make her a member of their small group of girl friends. Since Instagram does have an image of Kagami sitting next to Alya when she is spending time with Alya and the rest of her girl friends [1].

While Alyami may not be the most popular femslash ship in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, and gets rivaled with both Kagaminette and Alyanette, it still has a few loyal supports. Even though the ship has a very small fanbase on fanfic related websites, it is slowing gaining support on Tumblr as fans commonly use Marinette as the linchpin that brings Alya and Kagami together.



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  • Both of their entrusted Miraculouses take the form of a type of necklace.


Kagalyanette refers to the ship between Alya, Kagami and Marinette


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