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Alyanette is the femslash ship between Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Alya Césaire from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Marinette and Alya are best friends who watch each others backs, even though Marinette's secret life as Ladybug and Alya trying to find out all that she can about the spotted heroine for her blog makes thing a little awkward, as Marinette knows that she can't tell Alya her biggest secret in order to keep her safe. Despite Alya being one of Ladybug and Cat Noir's occasional allies whenever she is temporally intrusted with the Fox Miraculous, so she can help them as Rena Rouge. When it comes to Marinette's normal daily life or secret love life, however, Marinette knows that Alya will always have her back just as she'll have hers when needed.

On Alya's end of their relationship, she is a big Ladybug fan and supporter and enjoys sharing her Ladybug findings and scups for her Ladyblog with Marinette. Because she doesn't know that Marinette is in fact Ladybug, the very person who entrusts her with the Fox Miraculous whenever she needs her help, Alya's times as Rena Rouge is the one thing that she keeps from Marinette.

Season One

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Season Two

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In "Sapotis", the girls have a sleep over at the Césaire's apartment where they try to have a good time while Ayla's twin sisters slept, but the twins wanted to be part of their girl time. After Alya put the twins to bed the first time round, Alya shares her Ladybug theories with Marinette and know she plans to uncover her identity, in which leaves Marinette to carefully throw Alya off the scent while acting supportive, as well as trying to change the subject until the twins get akumatized into titled villains. As Ladybug and Cat Noire try to stop the young multiplying villains, while Ayla searches the city for her little sisters, Ladybug's Lucky Charm sends her to Master Fu's shop where she picks up the Fox Miraculous, with the intent of entrusting it to Ayla, as its temporary owner. Ayla is honoured at the chance to fight along side Ladybug as an ally and superheroine like her.

When animals from the zoo escaped in "Syren", Ladybug asks Ayla to help her and Cat Noir as Rena Rouge again, since they need the Fox Miraculouses' abilities and Ayla has proven herself to be an viable ally. Once the animals were rounded up and were on their way back to the zoo, Ladybug and Rena Rouge part ways with Cat Noir, for the day, so the fox-themed heroine can de-transform in a private place. Ayla thanks Ladybug for the chance to help them as Rena Rouge again as she returns the Miraculous back to her, before she makes her way to the theatre where her friends are planning to see a film together as a group. While Marinette didn't want to keep her friends waiting as always, she has to return the Fox Miraculous back to Fu before she too can join them, and after she completed her quick task Marinette sees Ayla waiting for her outside the building.

Season Three

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Season Four

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In "Truth", Alya calls Marinette while the kwamis roam around her room. Marinette accepts the call, and Alya greets her with a confused "Marinette?". Marinette holds Kaalki in her hands and asks Alya what she thinks of her new squishies. Obviously, the kwamis being unable to be captured on film, Alya doesn't see them, and asks her "What new squishies?". Marinette appears to be having a conversation with herself, as well as the strange darting around her room to catch the flying kwamis, so Alya repeatedly asks if she's feeling okay. Alya looks extremely concerned. Daizzi later points out that Alya is "cute, I want her as my holder", while Trixx responds with "she's taken". Alya then says (and wrongly interprets the situation): "Marinette, you're acting weirder than usual... Wait a minute. Awkward gesturing, ridiculous babbling, weird excuses, clumsiness overload... *gasp* IS ADRIEN THERE?". Marinette's phone rings with a call from Luka, and she fumbles the phone, the device landing on her keyboard and effectively ending the call. On Alya's screen, you can see that both Marinette and Nino's contacts have two big hearts around them. Later, when Truth hits Alya and asks for Marinette's secret, she says that Marinette is in love with Adrien.

In "Gang of Secrets", Alya is visibly worried about her best friend. In her room with their friend group (Juleka, Rose, Mylene, and Alix), she says the following while swiping through photos on a tablet: "Marinette's got a problem. Her heart's been broken. At first Marinette is crazy about Adrien, but she's never been able to tell him about her feelings because, well, she's Marinette, and he's, well, Adrien. Then comes along Luka. Marinette can talk to him, because he's, well, Luka. So they start dating. [Rose: they were soo cute together!] Yeah, except, well, they broke up. But the real problem here is that Marinette never told us anything. If Luka hadn't told Juleka, who told Rose, who told Mylene, who then told Alix, who finally told me, then I, her BF in the whole world, would still be in the dark!" She then mentions coming upon checking on Marinette, who was crying in the school restrooms the day before, and she pretended she was "so happy". Alix says "if she's not even telling Alya [her secrets], then there's a real problem." Alya suggests that what Marinette needs is a friendly intervention, and that they should call her up together and see how she's doing (called a "rabbit check"). Alya is sent to voicemail when she tries to call, and her message says "Hey Marinette! It's us! We were just calling to tell you that we are here if you need to talk, whenever you want, wherever you want, call us back! [Group: We love you, big hugs!]" Then Alya suggests that they go to her house to check on her.

At this time, Marinette is struggling as she breaks down in her room, and she transforms into Ladybug again because "her life as Marinette is too complicated." She goes onto the roof to yell at Shadow Moth, not realizing that the girls are coming up to her room. When she heads back inside, Alya is about to go onto the patio to look for her, and calls out her name. Marinette instantly drops her transformation before Alya can see. Marinette asks them: "What are you doing here?" Alya replies: "We're just checkin' in on you, girl." Rose drops the dollhouse roof that Marinette made to hide the Miracle Box, and Marinette says angrily: "Will you please leave my room?!" Alya says: "Chill out Marinette, it's just a doll house. We'll totally help." Marinette, getting increasingly frustrated and upset, says: "No you won't, please go!" Alya doesn't budge and replies: "Okay Marinette, there's clearly something wrong and we're not leaving you like this till you tell us what it is." Marinette responds with: "The only thing that's wrong right now is you guys still hanging out in my room, which is not cool!" Alya takes the bracelet and extends it out to her and says "If we're really your friends, you can confide in us." [Rose: Real friends don't ever let each other down.] Struggling to keep the dollhouse closed, Marinette closes her eyes and then shouts: "Well then maybe I don't want you to be my friends, GET OUT!" The group of friends are shocked by this- Alya's eyes are wide and she stays still, while the others exit her room right away. Alya is the last to leave, and she looks at Marinette sadly one more time before finally leaving.

A few moments later, before the akumatization, the girls pass the bracelet around. Alya says, heartbroken, that she just lost her best friend. When she gets akumatized along with the rest of the group, she says: "Marinette will stay our friend." As Lady Wifi, she teleports into Marinette's room and says: "I'm here for you Marinette, I'm your friend. You will tell us all your secrets and you will feel so much better!" Trixx casts a Mirage and Illusion!Marinette runs off to the school, where Lady Wifi looks confused and asks "How did she..?" At the entrance, she says: "Don't run away Marinette, we're friends aren't we?" Meanwhile, Marinette transforms into Ladybug, and Chat calls her so they can come up with a plan. Ladybug says that she's going to isolate one of the villains (Lady Wifi) and get her to tell them where the akumatized object is.

Ladybug captures Lady Wifi with her yoyo while Chat Noir goes to distract the rest of the group. Ladybug breaks her phone, but it is not where the akuma is. Lady Wifi says "Ha, bummer for you, Ladybug. I don't have the akuma." Ladybug: "No biggie, I just wanted to talk to you anyway." Lady Wifi: "I've got nothing to say to you." Shadow Moth informs the friend group that Ladybug has captured Lady Wifi, and the group goes to find her. At the same time, though, Ladybug is still talking to Lady Wifi. She doesn't call her by her villain name, but instead by her actual name, and says: "Alya, from what I understand, you've been having some issues with your best friend. Her name's Marinette, right?" Lady Wifi looks away from her as she speaks. Ladybug continues: "I don't know what happened between the two of you, but I wanna tell you about a friend of mine. She's a superhero. You know Rena Rouge right?" This time Lady Wifi looks up in recognition at the mention of her superhero identity. Ladybug then says, while clasping her hands by her heart: "Of course, we keep secrets from one another, mainly because of my secret identity, but even though we can't tell each other everything, we trust each other. And that's why we can fight side by side." Lady Wifi appears to be pondering this, and Ladybug says: "You can reject the power that Shadow Moth gave you." Lady Wifi then attempts to break free, struggling against the hold of his akuma. Shadow Moth immediately says: "Don't listen to her Lady Wifi. If you do that, you'll never know your friend's secrets! Or Ladybug's!" Lady Wifi stops momentarily at this, but Ladybug doesn't give up hope and shouts: " I trust you completely Alya. And I need you! I.. need Rena Rouge!" She untangles Lady Wifi from her yoyo, trusting that she'll break free, and Lady Wifi grips her head in pain as she tries to break the akuma connection. Finally with a yell, she manages to do so, and Shadow Moth says in shock: "That's... impossible!"

Alya detransforms and nearly faints, collapsing to the ground on her knees. With a gasp, Ladybug looks in awe and says "Wow." She extends a hand for Alya to grab onto, and Alya smiles and takes it, the hero helping her to her feet. Practically beaming in pride and excitement, Ladybug says: "No one has ever done that... you're amazing!" With a tired smile in return, Alya says: "It's 'cause you're an amazing friend, Ladybug." They fist bump and say "Pound it!" Ladybug's BugPhone then rings with a call from Chat Noir. He informs her that the Gang of Secrets is looking for her. Shadow Moth tells the group that "Your friend Lady Wifi has betrayed you, she chose Ladybug's side. Hurry up and seize his Miraculous so you can take care of the bug!"

In the alleyway, Ladybug asks Alya where the akuma is. She tells her that it's in the bracelet Timebreaker has, but that she and Chat Noir will not be able to take on all four villains at once. Ladybug then smiles and says: "I think this calls for the master of Illusion." She opens her yoyo and pulls out the Fox miraculous, and Alya looks surprised and asks her how she did that. Ladybug grins: "There have been a few upgrades since I became Guardian of the Miraculous." Alya: "You're Guardian of the-" [she claps her hands over her mouth]. Ladybug, smiling: "Yeah, keep it on the down low. Not a word about it on the LadyBlog." Alya does a "Scout's honour" gesture and says: "You know I know how to keep a secret." She then puts on the necklace and transforms into Rena Rouge.

Now on a roof, Rena and Ladybug watch down below where Chat Noir is pinned down by the Gang of Secrets. Ladybug calls for her Lucky Charm, and looks around for a bit. Then, she says: "Give them what they want, now!" and Rena summons a Mirage of Marinette, who shouts "Chat Noir, no!" effectively distracting the group and getting them to chase after the illusion, leaving Chat Noir behind. Timebreaker is led into the swimming pool, and Rena gets the Marinette illusion to vanish, causing her to stumble and fall into the pool. The plan succeeds, with Chat Noir cataclysming the bracelet, and the three of them fist bump and say "Pound it!" at the end.

Back at the alleyway, Rena detransforms and high-fives Trixx. Alya thanks Ladybug and returns the necklace. Ladybug places a hand on her shoulder (Alya looks surprised at this) and says: "You know, without you and Cat Noir, I wouldn't have made it through today. I'm really lucky to have friends like you. So, thank you." Alya nods and initiates a hug, to which Ladybug now looks surprised but quickly returns the embrace and smiles, resting her head on her shoulder.

In Marinette's room, she admits to the breakup with Luka and the pain of not being able to confess to Adrien, then says she'll stick to friendship for now. Alya says: "whatever happens, we'll always be here for you." After a group hug (that Alya initiates again, grabbing her hands and pulling her up, to which Marinette yet again looks shocked), the girls go to leave, but Alya stays behind. She says: "You go ahead girls, I just have one last thing to say to Marinette." Alya closes the door to Marinette's room and the two of them move over to her chaise, with Alya's arm around her shoulder. Alya asks her gently: "You didn't tell us everything, did you? A journalist and a BFF can tell these things." Marinette looks guilty and sits down on the chaise as Alya says, kneeling down to her level: "I won't try to figure it out or force it out of you. If you can't tell me what's in your heart, it's your right." Marinette looks at her and asks: "Will we still be friends?" Alya looks sad and shocked at the question and replies: "Marinette, I'm your best friend, and I'll always be. That's why it kills me that I can't help you with whatever's making you feel so alone."

With this, Alya goes to leave Marinette's room, when Marinette reaches for her hand and says: "Alya wait! Stay." (Alya's eyes are wide as she looks at Marinette, and then down at their hands.) "You're right, I am alone. (Marinette grows increasingly emotional) More than ever before. I can barely take it anymore! You know why I broke up with Luka? Not because I don't like him, he's amazing! It's 'cause there's something that I can't tell him. You know why I have to forget Adrien? For the exact same reason! You're right, I keep secrets, I lie all the time! I lie to my friends, to my parents, to everyone and the worst thing is, I can't do it any other way!" Alya puts her arm around her shoulder again, joining her on the chaise, and places her other hand on her shoulder and says: "There's always another way." Marinette hides her face in her hands and replies: "No, not this time. I have no choice.. all this is bigger than us, Alya. Way too big." Alya, never removing her hands from her shoulder and back, instantly tells her best friend: "If it's too big, two of us can handle it better than one." Marinette seems unconvinced and cries: "If I tell you, things will never be the same between us again. It'll mess up everything, maybe even destroy it." Alya doesn't hesitate and removes one hand to place over her heart, saying: "Marinette, I'm your very best friend." And to this Marinette admits that she is Ladybug. Alya gasps and looks surprised at the revelation, but she doesn't ask any questions, instead looking at her best friend for permission to hug her. Marinette does a small nod, and then the two of them embrace, with the kwamis looking on.


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On AO3, the ship has over 529 fanfics on the lovers side of it, while the friendship side of the ship out numbers it to 1,218 fanfic. Many fans simply enjoy their friendship, while others believe that since they are so close, they could easily grow romantically. Some fans also view Alya's admiration of Ladybug as a possible crush, and also see the initial admiration Marinette had for Alya as a possible crush as well.



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  • Alya is the first person to know that Marinette is Ladybug.



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