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Amari x Binta is the femslash ship between Amari and Binta from the Legacy of Orïsha fandom.


Binta and Amari were friends in the palace. Binta was Amari's servant, but the two had a close relationship and would often spend time together outside of regular duties. Amari was known to daydream about the way Binta's hair fell when she removed her bonnet.

When Binta was killed, Amari was devestated. She vowed vengeance and abandoned her home due to the murder. She has frequent flashbacks about Binta, often lingering on her "beautiful face" and smile.

While the two are never shown interacting, they had a long history and knew each other since childhood. Despite their status as servant and princess, Amari saw Binta as an equal and the two confided in each other often.


The two were shipped by many who preferred the ship to the canon ones. Amari's closeness with Binta was read as romantic, and many believe Amari to be bisexual. Fanworks have been created for them showing them as a pairing.



Amari/Binta tag on AO3


  • There are no fan works of the canon ship for Amari; only for Amari x Binta.
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