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AmiShingo is the het ship between Ami Mizuno and Shingo Tsukino from the Sailor Moon fandom.


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In Sailor Moon SuperS episode 17 (144 overall), Shingo develops a crush on Ami. After being tasked by Usagi to chase off guys they didn't like much (due to Mamoru being busy) to his resentment he takes a liking to Ami. They go out on an inflatable boat together. Tiger's Eye attacks their boat, throwing Shingo into the ocean. Ami dives in and saves him and gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Later Tiger's Eye attacks Ami, upset that she didn't like him. Shingo tries to defend her but Tiger's Eye easily knocks him out. After Tiger's Eye is driven away and they recover Ami and Shingo are watching fireworks together.


AmiShingo is not a common pairing since it was only featured in one episode of the classic anime, which would be Shingo's last appearance. It is not even as popular as Shingo x Hotaru, who never actually meet. AmiShingo also rivals Shingo x Mika, and most of Ami's other ships. It does have some fans though, who think that their interactions together were cute.

The ship doesn't always win in popularity compared to Shingo's other ships, partly due to Ami being a couple years older than him. Although Shingo's age in the anime always seems to be changing, he is estimated to be 10-12 years old, and Ami at the time of SuperS is 15. While this age gap wouldn't be a problem if they were older, many think that as kids the age gap is too great. Some fanworks address this problem by featuring the two in a relationship when they are closer to adults.

In fanworks, Shingo are Ami are usually trying save each other from the enemy's clutches.



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