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Amooey is the femslash ship between Amy and Zooey from the Sonic Boom fandom.


Zooey is a character who Amy and her friends meet in the unnamed village from the Sonic Boom television series. Amy and Zooey don't have many interactions in the show, but they do appear to be on friendly terms with one another. The pink hedgehog is one the defenders of Zooey’s home village, while the vixen is close to Amy's friend, Tails, who the pink hedgehog helps to win Zooey’s affections.

In “Fuzzy Puppy Buddies” Amy learns that Zooey is also a fan of the new board game Fuzzy Puppies when she went to Meh Burger to meet up with the village's small fan group. After Eggman arrives at the table, Amy sits across from Zooey. As Amy observes Eggman playing against Zooey and wins, Amy felt sorry for Zooey and did not like the way Eggman was expressing his victory by laughing at the fox. At Puppy Con, Zooey gives Amy a new play piece accessory known as the Cuteness Hat and tells her how it like make her puppies too cute to resist. When Amy challenges Eggman to a game in order to get the Walrus Child’s stolen Fancy Poodle back, Zooey watches the game in front of the observing crowd. Just as the hedgehog came close to losing, she uses the accessory the vixen gave her to win.

Zooey is one out of many residents of Hedgehog Village who fought against rogue robots alongside Amy and the rest of her team at the climax of the four-part episode “Robots from the Sky”. The vixen is one of many watching the hedgehog among others race around the village in “If You Build It They Will Race”. She also witnesses Amy and other participants receive trophies on stage. Both are hooked with a new social media app called Scrambler in “Chain Letter”.

Outside of the cartoons, a cameo of Zooey appears as a high-score icon in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. The fox is by default ranked 8 with 225,000 points, while Amy at 5 with 500,000 points.


Battle of the Boy Bands

  • Both Amy and Zooey become victims of the mind control within Justin Beaver’s music, until Dude-itude freed them and the other girls from it.


  • Zooey watches Amy and her friends traversing through the snow.


This very rare pairing began in the Sonic Boom episode, “Fuzzy Puppy Buddies” when Zooey lost a game to Eggman and Amy felt sorry for her, along with Zooey giving Amy the cuteness hat accessory that allowed Amy to beat him later. Along with the fact that Zooey is Tails' love interest and Amy is "close" with Sonic, it inspires fans to ship Tailsey and Sonamy beside each other and and have Amy and Zooey spend some girl time together while Sonic and Tails go to have some guy time. Because Amy is a hedgehog and Zooey is a yellow fox, some see them as a female version of Sontails for fun.

Fans commonly draw the two with Sticks, Perci, Tikal or Blaze, from them being well liked female characters in the Sonic fandom. Just like shipping Tailsey and Sonamy beside one another can have fans bring Amy and Zooey together through Sonic and Tails, shipping Sticks and Amy beside Perci and Zooey, or adding Amy with the vixen, Sticks, and Perci to make them the Boom Girls, can have the same effect.

While the ship has a very small fanbase and does not have much present on fan supporting websites, it still has a few loyal supporters. Some prefer to ship them as friends, which is why fans commonly despite the two together of groups in three or four.



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  • Modern Amy wears a red dress like Zooey does in the Sonic Boom television series.
  • The investigation to find the thief of Amy’s stolen hammer reveals that Zooey is a member of a book club.
  • In “Robots From The Sky Part 3”, Zooey is seen using a frying pan as a weapon in a similar way that Amy uses her hammer.



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Sonamooey — the polyship between Amy, Zooey, and Sonic the Hedgehog
Stickamooey — the polyship between Amy, Zooey, and Sticks the Badger
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Eggamooey — the friendship including Doctor Eggman


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