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Amorra is a het ship between Amon and Korra from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Korra and Amon are natural enemies with Korra being the Avatar and Amon being an antagonist who wants to rid the world of all bending. As soon as Amon heard that Korra arrived in Republic City, he decided to speed up his plans. Korra first saw Amon when she sneaked into his rally and witnessed his ability to remove bending. Korra caused a distraction to save her friend Bolin and escaped. Amon decided to let her escape because he wanted her to deliver the message of his terrifying power.

Korra was afraid of Amon's new ability and began to have nightmares about him. She was reluctant to join a task force dedicated to fighting the Equalists due to her fear but was eventually coerced into joining him. Korra eventually challenged Amon to a duel and he showed up but restrained her and refused to take away her bending because he wanted her to be the last bender. Korra later cried and finally admitted her fear. Amon later attacked the pro-bending arena but only restrained Korra for the same reasons.

Korra was eventually captured by Tarrlok and held hostage until Amon showed and took his bending away. At this point, Amon attempted to have Korra captured but she managed to escape. They exchanged gazes as Korra was escaping and he had warned the other Equalists not to underestimate her. Later, Korra found Tarrlok and learned the truth about his tragic past. She admitted that it was the saddest story she ever heard.

After learning the truth, Korra attempted to expose Amon but failed. He revealed that he captured the airbenders and Korra managed to save them. However, Amon managed to remove Korra's bending. He then prepared to remove Mako's bending which caused Korra to unlock her airbending and defeat Amon. He was later exposed as he waterbended to save his own life and he managed to escape. Amon was later killed killed in murder-suicide by his brother, Tarrlok.


While Amorra always had its fans, it especially became more popular when Korra and Amon exchanged glances while the former was escaping. Since Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe and Amon is from the Northern Water Tribe, many fans believe that a relationship between them would unite the tribes. Some view as Korra being the Avatar and Amon being an anti-bender extremist as balancing each other out. Many imagine an eventual compromise between the two when it comes to equality as both have their own destinies. Amorra is often viewed as a "forbidden love" ship.



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Amorralok refers to the ship between Tarrlok, Korra and Amon


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