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Amrean is the femslash ship between Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Amy and Cream have a relationship similar to that of Sonic and Tails, as they have a sister-like bond and Cream is Amy's sidekick. They are members of Team Rose alongside Big the Cat. They have appeared together in multiple games, mostly ones released in the early to mid-2000s.

Their first common appearance was in Sonic Advance 2. They, however, did not have major interactions in that game. In Sonic Heroes, the two teamed up with Big the Cat to find their missing friends (Sonic for Amy, Chocola for Cream and Cheese, and Froggy for Big). In Shadow the Hedgehog, Cream and Cheese went missing in Cryptic Castle, and Amy asked Shadow to help her find the two. Both also attended Sonic's birthday party in Sonic Generations.

Besides the games, Amy and Cream are also best friends in the Archie comics (from issues released in 2010 until the comics ended) and ''Sonic X. They also appear together in the Sonic Comic stories "Hidden Leaf Jutsu!" and "Burning Beauty".

More specific details on stories where Amy and Cream interact can be found on the following pages:


The pairing has some (but not massive) popularity. Most fans prefer Amy and Cream as friends, and the two are generally not liked as a romantic ship due to Cream's young age and more popular rival ships. As such, fanart specifically portraying the two as a couple is rare.

On DeviantArt, artist lucas420 has made art pairing Cream with Classic Amy. Although in canon Cream is only seen alongside Modern Amy, Classic Amy is closer to Cream's age.



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  • In Sonic Advance 3, the pairing of Amy and Cream is known as Team Jubilee, making it one of the four pairs (and the only one not involving Sonic) to have a special name.


Team Rose refers to the friendship between Amy, Cream, and Big the Cat


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