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This article is about Amber and Aether. You may be looking for the ship between Amber and Lumine.

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Amther is the het ship between Amber and Aether from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Amber, with her outgoing nature, offers to help Aether to find his missing sister. She creates missing posters (which can be found near the bar in Mondstadt City) as a way to find Aether's missing sister.

Archon Quest

In act I of Mondstadt's Quest, Aether first met Amber just outside of the City of Mondstadt. Amber is immediately suspicious of Aether and Paimon because they don't look like citizens of Mondstadt, but grows closer to her. She escorts Aether to the city, but the both of them came across hilichurls and the both of them fought the hilichurls together. After they both fought the hilichurls, Amber thanked Aether for fighting with the hilichurls. As they finally went to Mondstadt, Amber told him about the threat of the dragon and offering to protect him. Amber also said to meet her at the high grounds, after Aether went to the high grounds. Amber gifted him a Wind Gilder as an appreciation for helping her fight the hilichurls.

In act III of Mondstadt's Quest, After Aether defeated Dvalin, he went back to Mondstadt. He sees Amber in front of Mondstadt, Amber said that Jean told her all of Aether's heroic deeds. She then says she wonders if she'll ever get an opportunity like that, but she doesn't mind since Aether did all the credits for how she resolved the crisis. She says that when she brought Aether to the city that day, she was doing her duty as an Outrider. Amber said to Aether to have a meal at the Good Hunters before saying goodbye for Aether to move on to Liyue.


In Amber's Story Quest, in act I. Aether first meets Amber where the Anemo Statue is, Amber, asks how is Aether's wind gilding experience doing right now. Amber tells Aether that he needs a gliding license to legally glide in Mondstadt, so Amber gave a book that was supposed to be the gliding manual book but it was a different book. After Aether read the book, Aether went to Windrise since that was where Amber said to meet her. After Aether has met Amber at Windrise, Paimon tells Amber about the book. Amber didn't know what Paimon was talking about so she told Aether to hand in the book, Amber was surprised since it wasn't the gliding manual book. Amber apologizes to Aether, Amber knew that Aether would know how to glide so the exam now started. After Aether finished the exam, Amber said that Aether nailed it. Amber then says the next part would be at Mondstadt so Aether went to Mondstadt and found Amber, The exam started. After Aether finished it, Amber said that they will now move to the final exam. Aether was gonna finish the exam but got interrupted, Otto was about to arrest Aether but Amber stopped him and says that she was his gliding instructor. Otto was sorry since it was a bad time to take the exam because there was a person named "Raptor" and Otto thought Aether was his partner, Amber tells Aether that she will go with him to find Raptor. After Amber and Aether defeated Raptor, Amber said to meet her at the Cathedral to claim Aether's Gilding License.


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Amther is a semi-popular ship due to Lumber being more popular. On AO3, there are only 27 fanfictions revolving around this pairing.



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  • Amber is one of the only characters who offered to help Aether find Lumine.




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