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Aneka“I love you.”
Ayo“Do you love me?”
Aneka“Yes, no matter what the future brings us, Ayo, I will always love you.”
Ayo“I love you too. And the future will bring us what we decide.”

AnekaAyo is the femslash ship between Aneka and Ayo from the Marvel fandom.


Captain Aneka leads and trains a group of women that have been chosen to represent their people and train to become the best warriors. Aneka leads her group to a kind of training room where one of the rookies named Ayo immediately draws attention to herself, saying that the place looks like an arcade and that she already has much more advanced training. Ayo's opinions annoy Aneka excessively, who decides to make an example of the rookie so that the others learn a lesson about respect. Ayo tells her that she was trained by her father so she's not intimidated in the slightest by Aneka. However, Aneka completely wins over her in the battle.

The relationship keeps tense throughout, with them acting like rivals. And at the same time, they start having sexual encounters with one another. While Ayo wants their relationship to go beyond into a more romantic one, Aneka feels although her role as the captain of the Dora Milaje comes before anything and that this love might "weaken" her.

“I am a captain of the Dora Milaje. I will not be broken by an initiate still wet behind the ears. She is nothing to me. The softness of her skin is nothing to me. Her eyes are nothing to me.”
— Aneka

Months later, the Dora Milaje are doing a training exercise when the war between the X-Men and The Avengers breaks out and catches the city of gold in the center of the situation, so they have no choice but to put their knowledge into action. The whole group applies their knowledge and manage to defeat the group of soldiers commanded by Namor who attacked the city in search of Black Panther. Of course, in the middle of the fight Aneka is injured and it's up to Ayo to help her. It is an important moment because for the first time Aneka sees Ayo as her equal and her novice behaves as her rank deserves. At that moment Aneka realizes that her group is ready to receive the grace of being Dora Milaje.

Returning to Wakanda, Ayo finally becomes a Dora Milaje, her face and body are marked with sacred tattoos that from now on, anyone who comes across her will know that she is a woman of honor. Once she finishes the formal initiation ceremony, everyone begins to celebrate and have fun. But this peace is quickly taken away when Namor decides to attack the city by flooding it. So the Dora Milaje take refuge on top of the building while they watch helplessly as the waters devastate the entire city.

After this turmoil, both of them suffer because they have always been loyal to the royal family but now they are not sure that this is the best thing for their people. And in the midst of all that turmoil, the two finally begin to accept their feelings but they still have to keep their love a  secret. This makes Ayo upset, since she sees Aneka denying her love in front of Zola, when the two of them ask for a "friendly vacation." While they're on the airport, Aneka explains that she needs more time because when she joined the Dora Milaje, she made a promise that she would take care of Black Panther, which also meant being available if he decided to choose Aneka as his wife, so she's afraid of "betraying" him.

Ayo's anger soon passes anyway, because once they get on the plane, Ayo tells her that she respects her opinion and if she needs space she will give it to her, but that she doesn't think hers is a betrayal. So the two of them decide that, even if they don't agree on this issue, they are going to forget everything while they are on vacation so that they can be together enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Away from all the drama, Ayo and Aneka are enjoying their vacation to the fullest. We see them sitting in a park talking about what their life would be like if they weren't warriors and had all the time in the world to walk and be together like at that moment. It's a beautiful dream, but Aneka is sure that they would be bored because they are not made for that life.

At night, the girls have dinner together and Ayo asks Aneka if she has already thought about what they will do when they get back, because she doesn't like the whole "we're friends" thing in front of others. Aneka tells him that she doesn't know yet, but that when they arrive, they will ask Zola to help them, and with her guidance, they will decide what is best. But if she also wants to be by her side forever, she just needs time.

When they get out of the restaurant, two men start harassing them, so the two of them cut them abruptly by using their force. However, after the fact, all that Ayo can think about is the fact that Aneka said "leave my girlfriend alone" since it's the first time she said so out loud.


AnekaAyo is a rare ship within the Marvel fandom. Although it has recently resurfaced and became really popular with LGBT+ people that realized Ayo and Aneka's relationship was going to be censored from the Black Panther movies. Fans noticed the importance that seeing "two openly gay black women in a superhero film" would have. Yet when the MCU openly decided to erase it, fans started trending the hashtag #LetAyoHaveAGirlfriend.[1]

Although the ship doesn't have many fanfiction works, fans have made various fanarts and sapphic fans especially love the ship.  



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