Angel“Were we in love?”
Cordy“We were.”
— Cordelia's downfall manifests.

Angelia is the het ship between Angel and Cordelia Chase from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fandoms.


Cordy is interested in Angel from the moment she sees him at The Bronze, but, while she flirts with him at every opportunity, she soon gives up in the face of Buffy and Angel's love. Angel doesn't seem interested in Cordelia's superficial attraction to him, but is polite nonetheless. Following graduation, Cordelia immediately leaves Sunnydale to become famous in L.A., where she happens upon a bemused Angel. Although she fakes success at first, Cordelia soon admits to Angel that she needs work as her model/actor dreams aren't happening the way she'd hoped, and she teams up with a reluctant Angel and his partner, Doyle, to form Angel Investigations.

Cordy provides a direct, no filter counter to Angel's tendency to hide in the shadows from life (when the moon's out, too) and her (mostly abrasive) candor proves trustworthy to the haunted Angel, as Cordelia is not afraid to take on his at times self-destructive reluctance to let people in or hope for the better. As the only one able and willing to cut through the bull and stand her ground with Angel, demanding that he answer to reality and what he's started with Angel Investigations, Cordelia and Angel become the core balance of his mission to help people.

Slowly, but surely, they develop feelings for one another, although Angel is understandably reluctant to admit it, given that he can never experience true happiness with anyone.


“You know, I've been around a long time. And I've never known anyone like you.”
— Angel.

Behind the Scenes

“She grounds Angel the way her character grounds the series Angel, by saving them both from strangling on his darkness and nobility”
— Jenny Crusie[1]


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