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Angenesiroth is the poly between Angeal Hewley, Genesis Rhapsodos and Sephiroth in the Final Fantasy fandom.


All three of them were created through the Jenova Project, with both Angeal and Genesis being apart of its Project G while Sephiroth is Project S. The experiments done to the three allows them to have their own wing. Even though Angeal and Genesis spent their childhood in Banora Village, where they became friends before joining Shinra together, Sephiroith was raised within the company. As Angeal and Genesis climb up the ranks to SOLDIERs First Class, they met and befriend Sephiroth, as his first real friends. From time to time, the three duel one another to practice their sword work and to simply have a bit of fun whenever they seek into the Virtual Reality Training Room, along with Genesis quoting Loveless to the point that Sephiroth has the play memorized in his head.

During one of their training sessions in the Virtual Reality Training Room, that has the three in an image of Junon's mako cannon, Angeal and Sephiroth listen to Genesis reading one of the quotes from Loveless before they began. As Genesis gets ready to face Sephiroth, Angeal reminds his childhood friend to not underestimate the friend they made at Shinra, before he joins in beside Genesis. Because of Sephiroth's reputation as a hero and Genesis's ambition to top his friend, Angeal tries to brake up the fight when he noticed that Genesis was taking it too far and ends up being injured when he broke Angeal's SOLDIER sword, as the top sliced into his shoulder and it shattered. Even though Genesis assures Angeal and Sephiroth that it is only a minor wound, but once it began to worsen than heal it triggers Genesis's flawed genetic structure to the point that they begin to degrade. In attempt to heal Genesis, the three go to Hollander for help, all while being unaware that the professor is secretly planning to use the true of Genesis's gens to get back at Hojo. As Hollander tells Angeal and Sephiroth that Genesis needs a blood transfusion, Sephiroth wanted to give Genesis some of his but Hollander informs him that his isn't compatible and has Angeal as the blood donor.

As Sephiroth wonders why his blood couldn't help Genesis while Angeal continues to mentor Zack Fair, Genesis being told that his condition is slowly killing him and only siding with Hollander would lead to a cure, and with Genesis viewing himself, Angeal and Sephiroith as the three friends from Loveless; Genesis decides to have the three of them react the missing scene. While becoming an enemy of Shinra when he defected. A month after Genesis began to make clone copies of himself, Angeal uncovers this when he encountered the clones of his friend in Wutai and decides to regain Genesis's trust by pretending to desert Shinra as well. While Sephiroth stays with the company and has Zack take care of Genesis and Angeal on his behalf, in hopes that Zack would be able to save his friends without the need for Sephiroth to fight them himself.

Even though both Angeal and Sephiroth are dead apart of them now reside within Zack Fair, Genesis decides to have Zack represent the two as the three friend reunite for the finale scene of Loveless.


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Fans of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- love the friendship that the three had with one another, before the project that created the three tore them apart. Some of the ship's fanwork is of the three's younger selves, and what their times at Shinra would have been like, before the events of the game.

On AO3, the ship has 101 fanfics, while has over 216 with only 3 place under pairing.



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