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Anna“Don't be afraid, I'm not like the others.”
Ruby“I don't find that very reassuring.”
— Heaven and Hell

Annaby is the femslash ship between Anna Milton and Ruby from the Supernatural fandom.


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Ruby gets informed of a girl named Anna, who the demons are after. Sam and Dean try and ask for more, but she doesn't know anything else.

Ruby later catches up to Sam and Dean after they find Anna. Anna screams at seeing her true face, but Sam assures her that Ruby is there to help. She tells them that a big time demon is coming and they have to move. Sam then hides Anna in a closet as they get ready to fight. As Sam and Dean fight the demon, Ruby opens the closet and pulls Anna out as she screams and gets her to safety.

Sam and Dean arrive at the house where Ruby has Anna. Sam asks if Anna is okay, and she says that she is and that Ruby isn't like other demons, since she saved her life.


I Know What You Did Last Summer

  • Sam tells Dean that Ruby took Anna to keep her safe.
  • Ruby possess a maid to tells Sam and Dean where Anna is.

Heaven and Hell

  • Ruby fights off Uriel from taking Anna.
  • Ruby looks over Anna’s injury.
  • Ruby throws Anna and Dean hex bags to hide them from the angels.
  • Dean tells Ruby to keep an eye on Anna.
  • Dean sarcastically says that Ruby did a nice job watching her, and Ruby says that she is.
  • Ruby watches Anna freak out.
  • Ruby and Anna stand next to each other as Pamela arrives.
  • Ruby watches Pamela and Anna perform the seance.
  • Anna closes the door on Ruby.
  • Anna assures Ruby that she doesn’t need to be afraid, since she’s not like the other angels, but Ruby doesn’t find it so reassuring.
  • Ruby interupts her saying that they’re completely screwed, and Anna agrees.
  • Ruby calls Anna the “Stanley Cup”.
  • Anna and Ruby sit next to each other in the back of the impala.
  • Ruby makes a deal with Allastair to give him in Anna in exchange for freedom.
  • Ruby refuses to tells Allastair where Anna is. But she will show him.
  • Anna warns them to shut their eyes, and Ruby does.


“Ruby is not like other demons. She saved my life.”
— I Know What You Did Last Summer


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Although a smaller pairing, it is still one of the most popular femslash pairings in the Supernatural fandom.

On AO3, Annaby is the second most written ship for both Ruby and Anna.



Ruby/Anna tag on AO3


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