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Annolaf is the friendship between Anna and Olaf from the Frozen fandom.



When Anna was a child she and Elsa would make a snowman who loves warm hugs that they named Olaf, and when Elsa was making Olaf's face Anna made a puffy face so Elsa can know what kind of face that they should give their snowman. Before Anna dances with Olaf on the icy floor. After Anna was accidently hit by Elsa's magic in the magic and had her memories altered when the Trolls healed her, parts of the fun she had with Olaf were changed and forgotten, but the joy she had when she and Elsa made him reminded.

Many years later as Anna relearns that Elsa has magic, as it causes her sister to flee from Arendelle while Anna goes after her, she comes across a living talking snowman and was at first shocked by this. After Anna's shocked state causes her to kick off the snowman's head before fleeing back about she did to him, and helps to place his head back on, along with giving him a carrot nose to complete the snowman he tells her that his name is Olaf and that he loves warms hug. Hearing this Anna remembers the snowman that she had built with Elsa as children and realized that her sister's magic has brought their childhood snowman to life. Who wants to become her friend, as he adds Anna in his fantasy about summer. Kristoff wanted to tell Olaf what would happen to him once he is exposed to heat, but Anna tells him not to. Knowing that finding Elsa will bring summer back to the kingdom, Olaf takes Anna to her sister's new ice castle. Once they arrived Anna asks Olaf to wait outside wit Kristoff and Sven while she talks to Elsa, but Olaf ends up dashing in after Anna. Seeing that Elsa wasn't aware that her magic gave the snowman life, Anna tells her sister that Olaf is just like the one they had made as childhood during a time they were close and how Olaf is proof that they can be close again.

Elsa's fears however has Anna, Olaf and Kristoff being thrown out of castle and after Marshmallow throws Olaf Anna gets mad and throws a snowball at the giant snowman. Olaf tells Anna to run while he distracts Marshmallow for her and Kristoff, but Olaf's lower body dashes after Anna before quickly coming back for his head. Once Olaf put himself back together, he goes to join Anna and Kristoff before he notices Marshmallow making his towards the two humans and tries to stop him, but ends up being thrown over the cliff with them. Before they were thrown out Anna was struck by Elsa's magic in her heart as it begins to slowly freeze her, luckily Kristoff knows someone wo can save the princess and takes both her and Olaf to the trolls. Even though Anna and Olaf had fun meeting Kristoff's Troll family, their elder wasn't able to help Anna but he does tell them that an act of true love can save her, before Olaf accompanies Anna back to Arendelle.

Anna had hoped that Hans would be able to save her with a true loves kiss, but he never cared about the princess and only wanted to use her to gain Arendelle's thrown for himself. After the prince left Anna to freeze to death, Olaf had manged to find his way into the castle where he finds the room that Anna was locked in. To help Anna stay warm he lights a fire, while Olaf was being amazed with feeling the warmth of heat for the first time Anna tries to tell Olaf to stay away from it before he melts. Anna explains what had happened between her and Hans, Olaf helps Anna to know what real love is and how he noticed that Kristoff has feelings for her. Once Olaf informs Anna that Kristoff is making his way back to the kingdom, Anna asks the snowman to help her reach him so she can get the act of true love from him. After Anna helps Elsa to bring back summer, Olaf begins to melt from the heat but Elsa uses her magic to save him. Since then Olaf begin to live in the kingdom with Anna and the rest of their friends.

Frozen Fever

On the day of Anna's birthday, Olaf had took a bite out of Anna's birthday cake until Elsa asks him not to as it is for the birthday princess. To make up for the part he ate, Olaf took it out of his mouth and put it back on the cake in hopes that it will make to fix his earlier action. While Olaf waits for Elsa to bring Anna to the courtyard, so they could have the party they set up for Anna, the snowman plays with the Snowgies. Once Anna finally arrives Olaf wishes her a happy birthday.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

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On Olaf's first Christmas with Anna and Elsa, the snowman is exited for the party the sisters have prepared for their people after he helps the two ring the yule bell.

Frozen II

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Three years after the events of the first film, Anna had excepted Olaf as family beside Kristoff and Sven. While Anna treasures the happiness she has with Olaf and the rest of their unique family, Olaf had developed an interest in learning as he wonders what everything would be like once he is older like Anna.


Fans love the friendship Anna shares with the snowman and the part Olaf had in the happier time of the princess's childhood. Some Anna ships and fanwork feature Olaf beside her. While many have these two as friends, there have been a few fans who het ship them for fun, that is why AO3 has 3+ het fanfics, along with 26+ gen fics. Tumblr and DeviantART also has many drawings and posts of the two together as friends. After Frozen II had Elsa leaving Anna's side to live in the Enchanted Forests, fans began to base their fanwork of Olaf being there for Anna as she takes up her new queen duties and moving on with her life without having Elsa by her side everyday.

The support of the friendship grew after Frozen II features the two sharing many moments and a song, along with being touched with the scene of Anna being there for Olaf as he dies, before Elsa brings him back to life. Thanks to Anna holding onto Olaf's arms, nose and buttons, along with water holding memories preserving Olaf's memories and personality. There have also been fans who found it funny that Once Upon a Snowman has Olaf and Anna never noticed each other long before they met in the 2013 film.



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  • They are limited time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • They both appear in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • In the Once Upon A Time series, Anna's Once counterpart is said to have had a great-grandfather named Olaf.
  • Even though either Anna or Elsa appear in Sofia the First, Olaf does share their story with Sofia.


Elsolanna refers to the friendship ship between the two Elsa


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