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Annoying Tem is the non-binary ship between the Annoying Dog and Temmie from the Undertale fandom.



Temmie and Annoying Dog are not shown to know each other ingame. While Temmies only appear in Temmie Village (with the exception of the one Temmie fought in Waterfall shortly before entering the village), the Annoying Dog does not appear in this location, although it does appear in various other locations.

The Tem Shop Temmie is shown to like Dog Residue, which is left behind by the Annoying Dog in the Artifact Room. In the Nintendo Switch version of Undertale, visiting the room unlocks a border called "Super Dog, Hoi", which features the Annoying Dog. The name of the border includes the word "Hoi", which is a greeting commonly used by Temmies.


Like in Undertale, the Annoying Dog and Temmie never interact. Both are present, although their roles are not very notable. Temmie appears as one of Kris' classmates while the Annoying Dog is working on a video game in the library.


People like to pair Temmie and Annoying Dog because they are both animals, and are quite similar (Temmie being a sort of dog-cat hybrid). Another reason is that both characters are based on people who were involved in creating Undertale (the Annoying Dog represents main creator Toby Fox while Temmie represents artist Temmie Chang). Both are also associated with the Dogsong leitmotif.

It is not as popular as many of the ships involving the main monsters, Frisk and Chara. It doesn't have major rival ships as the Annoying Dog and Temmie are both rare in shipping.



Dog/Temmie tag on AO3


  • Although the ship is non-binary, it is commonly seen as a het ship (Temmie: female, Annoying Dog: male) due to the creators' genders.
  • There was a misconception that unlocking the "Super Dog, Hoi" border was by visiting Temmie Village.


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