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Annra is the femslash ship between Annie Bramley and Clara Bornstein from the It's Pony fandom.


Season 1


Pony develops a fear of plants. And him, Annie and her friends were planning on going camping. Annie thought of a place were there weren't any plants. So, they went to Clara's apartment to see if she could help Pony get over his fear. Clara asks, "What's the problem?", then Pony punches Clara's glass photo of kale. "It's, that.", Annie said. "He's got a problem with nature.". "Oh no. Does this mean you're not going camping?", Clara replied. Then she started talking about her tent, "You wont get to see my new tent. It's so cute! It's got just enough space for a bed,". As she was talking, Annie ad Pony looked at each other, then Annie looked at Clara in awe. When Clara stopped, Annie said, "That's a motor home.", still looking at her in awe. "I can't wait! Repping it like the cave-men,ah you have to be there!" Clara laughed. "Then we need to help Pony somehow.", Annie said. Then Clara got an idea. The two of them are sitting on the couch together, watching Pony watch the TV. "It's called immersion therapy. We did it when my dad developed a fear of luggage.", Clara explained. "So I just change the station real quick to the garden network?", Annie whispered. "And then, change it back so fast that he doesn't notice. The next time you'll wait a tiny bit longer, he'll eventually get used to looking at plants and wont be afraid anymore.". Annie does what she said to see if it works, but Pony did notice the garden network and punches the TV. "Oh.", Clara said not amused. "Sorry again?", Annie apologized. "Now what?", Annie asked. Clara suggested,"Hypnosis?".


Annie and her friends were planning on having a sports day at the court. When they all got to the court, it was closed and Mr. Pancks said that it was gonna be jack hammered the next day. Annie got the idea to try and raise money to save the court. She asked her friends if they could think of anything to raise the money. Heston suggested a 5k race. Clara suggested a bake sale. And Pony suggested a heist. Annie chose Clara's idea. Which made Clara smile.


Annie is seen sitting close to Clara on the bus while Clara is looking at her phone.


Gerry's Birthday

Annra .png

Near the end, Annie and Pony make it to the soccer field. And Pony was wanting to score the winning goal. But Clara said, "It's fourteen to nothing.". "Oh.", Annie said with a sad look on her face. "Thanks for trying, but it's all over.", Clara said, looking at Annie in awe. "It looks like were gonna have to play with the little kids next season.". "We don't need a pony. We need a miracle.", Heston said. Then, a piano fell on the soccer ball! Then the coach cancelled the game, and said that they'd replay the match next week. They cheered. "My foot will be better by then!", Annie said. "And, Fred will be back by then.", Clara said. Then Pony got mad that Annie wouldn't be able to play, and accidentally stomped Heston's foot! "Looks like you're back in Annie!", Clara said joyfully. Annie smiled, and looked at her in awe.

Delivery Pony

Annie and Pony decided to start a food delivery service. And they go to Clara's apartment room to deliver some apples to her. Clara wants to take the apples in, but Pony carries them in for her. "Wow, that's what I call service!", Clara said, impressed. "Pony likes to get to know that customers.", Annie said, smirking at Clara.

Bad Chicken

When Annie and Pony need help making a homeless chicken confident so it can stay in the chicken coop on Annie's farm. The second person to try and help is Clara. Witch the chicken ended up getting smashed by the stage props. But surprisingly gets back up. The chicken ends up getting hypnotized by Pony's Wild Sterlington figure. And is trying to get back at everyone who hurt her. She stole Clara's part in a play. "Your chicken took my part!", Clara called Annie with anger.

Clara Time

Annie asks Clara if she'd like to hang out with her and Pony multiple times, but Clara always has an excuse not to. One day Clara says that she was going to diving club. Annie chimmed in and said that her and Pony had diving club too. "You do?", Clara smiled. "We do?", then Annie elbow hit him in the ribs. "Ow! How am I supposed to dive with a sore rib?". "Weird, I've never seen you at pool before.", Clara said. "That's because we've never-", "Wanted to break your concentration!", Annie interrupted Pony. "That's so nice of you!", Clara said.

Annie letting Clara get in front of her on the way to the diving club

Pony already said that Clara might me avoiding them, Annie was wanted to know if he was right, and she was avoiding or if she did have diving club. It turns out, she did. After Pony dived into the pool from the high diving board, Annie was thinking. "She did avoid getting on the same board as us though.". "Everyone avoided our board Annie, it was terrible!", Pony said. "And she didn't seem very happy we were there." Annie said, worrying. "Do you think Clara doesn't like us?!". "What's not to like?", Pony said, trying to calm Annie down. "I don't know. But we need to find out!". Then, Annie and Pony gone to Clara's karate club. Clara say them, but looked kind of weirded out by the fact they were there. After a class, Annie and Pony got ready, and Clara was impressed that they were black belts.

Annie blushing at Clara

Annie asked her if they could be sparring partners. But Clara was a yellow belt, and black belts and yellow belts are two different classes. So, they had to go to separate classes. After that, Annie and Pony were back on the street. "Ugh", Annie sighed, "This is so frustrating. Does she like me or doesn't she?", Annie asked herself. Pony suggested, "Why don't we just ask her?". Then Annie, in the most aggressive way possible, gets close to his face. "WE CAN'T DO THAT!". "Oh that would be way to embarrassing.", she said. Pony said sarcastically that she was right, and this was the better way. "We'll try once more and this time, she wont escape. We'll make sure we're together, no matter what!", Annie said. Next, they went to Clara's kayaking club. And were in the same kayak as her. At this point, Clara was fully annoyed. "Uh, were supposed to all have our own kayaks.", Clara said. "This how we do it. Team kayaking! It's the best, so much fun!", Annie said. The three ended up going down a waterfall! Annie asks, "It everybody okay?". "What's going on?!", Clara asked. Annie gave her a fearful look. "Why are you coming to all of my activities and wrecking them?". "It was Annie's idea.", Pony said, pointing at Annie. "Sorry! We didn't mean to wreck them.", then she sighed, "I was just trying to figure out if you didn't like us and were avoiding us.". "Why would you think that?", Clara asked. "Yeah Annie, were'd you get that idea?", Pony asked sarcastically. "It's just that you always had an excuse to not hang out with us.", Annie explained. "No one can be that busy!". "I can.", Clara replied. "Oh.". It was awkwardly silent for a moment. Then Pony said, "Well, looks like you're kind of stuck with us for a while.", "Yeah, there's no way out of here.". "Actually, I think I need some alone time.", Clara said, disappointed. Then she started climbing the rocks, back up to surface. Turns out, Pony also wrecked Clara's chess club while they were in karate class! Once they got out of there, Pony, Gerry, and other's helped Annie make an outdoor chess club for Clara, to make up for what she did. Clara was supersized that they did it. Clara said it wasn't a complete set, and that they were missing the queen. Then, Annie sat a sculpted chess crown on top of Clara's head.

Annie setting the crown on Clara's head

"No, we're not! Better?", Annie said. "Thank you guys. You're really good friends. And I'd happy to hang-", Then Pony knocked Clara over. "Night takes queen!".


At the end, Clara (dressed as a magician) comes to Annie's Halloween party and stands on the balcony with her and Pony. "Hey Annie, nice party!", "Thanks Clara!".

Cop Mom

Clara calls Annie in line at the movie theater to see Cop Dad. Annie tells her about Helen(Annie's mom)recently getting a job at neighborhood watch, and tells her to come over and see "Cop Mom". Heston and Brian also were with Clara, and Annie tells her to bring everyone over. Clara comes to the street were Annie and Pony were at. After they see Helen take care of the roads, Annie and Clara are seen cuddling on top of each other, then Heston and Brian also tower on top of them and Clara tells them about what just happened. Annie and Pony then try keep them entertained by making fake crimes for Helen to solve. But ended up disappointing Helen and their friends. Helen does end up catching the bank robbers Half Pint Harry and Noodle Neck Ned, who she thought was Annie and Pony. And impressed Clara, Heston, and Brian.

Save the Took Took

Annie and Pony are looking for people to help them make funds to help save the took took bird. Annie and Pony go to the playground where Clara is being live streamed jumping on a trampoline by Beatrice and Polly. But Clara says she's already trying to help raise funds for the sad eared kitten.


Annie and Clara laid their sleeping bags beside each other

There's some short flashbacks of Pony running away from the past sleepovers that Annie has had with her friends. One of those flashbacks has Annie and Pony standing outside Clara's apartment. Clara runs out of the apartment to greet Annie. "SLEEPOVER!", they both said at the same time. But Pony ran off. They end up actually starting a sleepover with Heston without Pony running off. But Pony accidentally knocks over Kyle's(Heston's older brother)prized hammer, and the three left cause Heston was scared that Kyle would find out. They end up going to Clara's apartment room. Annie sits down on Clara's white couch an they talk about Annie having her first official sleepover. "You're doing it Annie! Your first sleepover!", Clara said proudly. "I know! All night, all the way until morning!". "If we make it until morning!", Heston said, interrupting them. After Pony keeps the heat and the AC at the same time in his room, Clara had to leave with them to Gerry's house. When Annie is trying to talk to everyone about there worries, she kneels down to tell Clara that her show will be online soon, and that she can watch it tomorrow. Clara admiringly smiles at Annie. And they also lay their sleeping bags beside each other.

Short: Screen Time

Annie looked at Clara like THIS the whole time she was answering her question about Pony

In the short Screen Time, Clara and Annie are having a virtual meeting, studying their math homework together. "So, what'd you get for number two?", "X=134.". "Oh, I got x=189.". "Okay. Lets figure it out.", Annie said with a gentle smile. Pony is bouncing on springs all over Annie's room. Clara asks, "What's Pony doing?", "Oh, he found some springs in the dumpster. Now he thinks he's a kangaroo or something. Just ignore him. Anyway.", Annie said, while smirking at her the whole time she was answering her. Then, Pony swooped over Annie, and then knocked her down, including the camera. And Clara is left just sitting there, and then logs out. Annie's friends then have a meeting about what happened to Annie . "Where's Annie?", Beatrice asked. "Hospital probably. Last time I saw her Pony wrecked her!", Clara said, worried. Brian said, "I saw Pony release a wild animal on her." "I saw him flood the place. It was insane!", Heston said joining in on the conversation. "I don't know how she deals with it!", Clara said. Then Annie joined the meeting. "Oh hey guys! Sorry I'm late. What were you talking about?". She surprisingly looked okay. "So, looks pretty quiet in there?", Clara said with a nervous smile. "Yeah, Pony's not here. I told him I had to do this homework so he went to visit a friend.". Then Brian got paranoid, "Uh, what friend? O-one of his friends or one of yours?", he asked. "Well, he didn't say.". "Think Annie! Where could he be going? It's important! My family's hosting a big fund raising lunch!", Clara said, also kind of paranoid. "Well, he did say he was hungry.", "Hungry, really? Then he knows!". Then, she told everyone in the room to go to the safe house, and logged off frantically.

Season 2

Raiders of the Lost Cinema

While Brian is dance battling "The Champions", Annie and Clara look at each other in amazement.

Annie's Voice

Clara gently waving at Annie

Annie and Clara are walking out of school together. They were talking about Gerry's voice app, helping Annie to speak from AI sense she lost her voice. Clara then suggested that hot drinks will be good for her throat, and that they go get some hot coco. Pony ended up coming with them. They come out of the shop with the coco, and it appears that Pony has broken the voice app, Abby. He hands the phone to Annie, and Clara helps download the app again. Clara's mom comes to pick her up, "Oh, that's my mom. See you at Winter Fest Annie!". And Annie gave her a joyful look. When Annie is performing on stage, Clara is in the crowd sitting beside two little kids, and is the first person in the row. And she waves at her as she's performing.

Pighog Day

After Annie got chosen as the hogger, she was out practicing pointing, and she ran into Clara. Clara said hi, and as Annie's security guard, Pony stopped Clara in her tracks. "It's okay Pony it's Clara.", Annie said. "Come by the wall after you point at the pig, we'll save you a bun.". "Thanks Clar- WOAH! Pony!", Annie said as she was getting moved down the hill by Pony. "We're on a tight schedule.", "See you later Clara!". Clara did a little wave.

Second Best Friend

After Annie says that Gerry is her second best friend, Clara walks over and says, "Sense when?" in a jealous way.

Pony Car

Annie and Clara standing together.

Barrington, Clara's cousin, invites her and her friends to his party. Clara gets in his limousine. "Annie, I can't go by myself. Promise you'll be there!", "We will.", "Say you promise!", "I promise!", "Again!", "I PROMISE!", "I'm counting on you!". This confirms that Clara feels safe around Annie. But because of Heston's stomach bug that'll happen if Pony's car stops, and Gerry needing to go to the bathroom, they go through a lot of shenanigans, Pony's legs get tired and he almost stops. "We've gotta get to the party! Even if we're covered in pee or puke! I promised Clara! Go faster Pony!", Annie said. "I can't! I just wanted you to arrive in style, but, I'm out of gas. We're gonna stop." Pony said, tired from all the running. "No we're not!", Annie said, then she busted her legs threw the car floor. "Everybody, run!". Then Heston and Gerry did the same thing. They made it to the party, except that the car was crumbling and breaking as the were running.

Wedding Planners

Horse on a Hot Tin Roof

Annie gets the main part in the play, "I can't believe I got the main part! Clara always gets the lead. And she did such a great audition!", Annie said while looking at the ceiling. Blinking two times at once. At the rehearsal, Pony was complaining about not getting the part for the horse. Clara says, "Pony just has to accept that, sometimes we don't get the parts we want. We have to learn how to live with that and-". Then Clara started crying, "Why?! Why?! It's so unfair!", then she ran off sobbing to backstage. Then Annie sighs sadly. Their director, Mr. Mülder asked, "Is anything wrong Annie?". "Um, I just feel bad for Clara. She's such a good actress and she usually gets the best part." Annie replied. Then he thought that she was saying he made a mistake casting her as Little Mama. "N-no, that's not what I was saying. I, have to go, do some acting things.". Then she sprinted backstage, possibly going to comfort Clara. On the tour bus, Annie talks to Clara about Pony uncharacteristically taking revenge on everyone. "Yeah, he's acting so weird. Like, someone put him up to it.", "If you're worried about him you should probably go look for him. Don't worry about the play.", Clara said, with a gentle soft smile on her face. When everyone made it to the play, "I'm sorry for being so jealous Annie. I'm really proud of you! You're a great Little Mama.", Clara apologized. "And you're the best, ordinary girl with no lines, ever!". Then they hugged, with their heads being a little close.

Street Smart

Annie suggesting to Pony that they leave, while Clara is sleeping.

When Annie wants to teach Pony how to be street smart, firstly, they go to Clara's apartment. Clara tries to help by introducing Pony to Telenoveles. He ends up watching them for hours. Clara's already asleep on the couch, and Annie was about to go to sleep too. But they ended up leaving.



At Brian's comic fiesta, Annie and Clara are reading a comic book together. They laugh and give each other some sort of smirk. In a flashback of Annie's old friend Steve's last hangout, she and Clara are sleeping and snuggling on the couch. At Annie and Pony's game night, it's Clara's turn. Her activity is to find a needle in a haystack. The rest of the gang is tired while cheering Clara on, Annie was more cheerfully doing it. "Go Clara!". When a level accidently gets the gang in jail, Clara puts her hand on Annie's shoulder while she's apologizing for Pony putting them in jail.

Cow Power

At the end of school. Clara says, "I can't wait for your presentation on helping the environment Annie.". "What's more green then a family who farms their own food?", Annie replies. Then George pulls up, and there's toxic fumes coming out of the truck. Then Clara looks at Annie not amused. Annie nervously giggles.

Family Free for All

Heston, Clara, and Gerry saw Annie on the show Family Free for All. And they were scared cause she was on her own instead of with her family.

Lucky Pony

At the race, Clara and Heston are standing in front of the bleachers. Heston was giving Annie a mean look, while Clara was smiling proudly at her. When Annie didn't win the race, she thought that Heston was gonna tease her again and thought he was only there for the doughnuts. "That is true-", he said. Clara bumped his shoulder in disapproval, and gave him a mad look, until he said he was actually apologizing to Annie.

Country Pony

While Gerry is hiding behind the couch from the fight over the game control, Annie calls on his phone after trying with Clara and Heston's. Gerry then tells the gang that Annie's on the phone. Clara excitedly says, "Annie!! Let me talk to her!!!", and is one of the first of the gang to jump for the phone.

After the Bramleys decide to go home instead of living on the farm, the gang goes to the cafe. "I'm just glad you're back where you belong." Clara says, happy that Annie, and possibly Pony too, aren't moving. "And we're not going anywhere anytime soon", Annie states.

The Secret Life of Pony

Annie smirking at Clara

When school is over for the day, Annie gives Clara a quick smirk before hugging Pony.

Space Shippers

When Clara thinks aliens kidnapped Gerry, Annie reveals herself in relief that she's there to save them from Area 54. "Clara!", Annie said in relief. "Annie! It's you! Well jump in!". Clara said, happily holding out her hand to help them up the Bulldozer.

Disaster Express


When Annie and Pony aboard a subway, they find Clara there. "Clara! You ride the subway?", Annie asks. "Annie! My dad's thinking of buying one.", Clara said waving. When random people on the subway want Clara's phone cause it's the only one working, they start walking towards her and Annie's seat. Then Clara grabs Annie's wrist as they're running to another room. But together, they stop them with acting friendly to them. Annie and Clara then enter the front of the train, the train can't stop. Pony makes it worse, by blasting the train full speed, thinking it's an escape room. Clara and Annie then put touch foreheads. Then the train goes into ecsession speed. They scream and hug each other tight.

Annie the Influencer


Annie gives Clara the idea of hosting a party on her yacht. But Annie just wanted it to make a video and put it on pickle snaps, and she just leaves her friends there. When Pony takes Annie to a deserted island for a day, it turns out he had a phone the whole time. He then calls Clara to come pick them up in her yacht. Annie then apologizes for leaving the party. "Thanks for rescuing us Clara. Pony made me see how selfish I was." "Good o'l Pony", Pony said. "Yeah, sorry for being a jerk. I guess I just lost my mind on Pickle Snaps", Annie said, blushing. Clara gave Annie a caring look and said, "You weren't the only one. The school deleted it. Mrs. Dunscomb got totally addicted."

Never Take Advice From a Pony

As Annie's walking through the after school club house, she walks past the karate room where she sees Clara doing a lesson in there.

Moon Face-Off

When Annie is disappointing that she doesn't have Moon Farm, Clara calls to tell her that she has the game. After pretending to be each other in the game, Annie and Pony have a "Moon Face-Off" and accidentally make a mess. And Annie cleans up everything while Pony's in the game, and he also makes Heston, Henrietta, and Clara help out. And they don't even know. When Mrs. Bornstein comes home, she finds one of the paintings on the wall has orange juice on it. Annie instantly says it was her who done it, and not to punish Clara.

Pony, Come Home

At the mall, Clara sees Tristan taking Pony, and she hears Annie talking. "Hi Annie! How do you know Tristan? I saw him leaving with Pony.". Then she peeped her head out from behind the shopping bags to look at Annie. "Oh hey Clara!", Annie replied, blushing a little. They both smile at each other. "Who's Tristan?", "He's the richest kid in town. Tristan gets everything he wants. Looks like he wants Pony now.".

Beachy Weachy Weach

Annra beach.png

When Annie looks sad, Clara looks concerned. And after Kyle kept on banning ways for Annie and her friends to get over to the dock, Pony made a sand bar and Gerry, Heston, and Brian went to chill in it. Annie and Clara were the only two left to try to get over to the docks. "I guess it's just you and me, Clara". "But, how are we gonna get out there?", Clara asked. Then, Annie show'd Clara her plan, that they'd fly over to the docks together first class. But Clara said that it looked dangerous. Annie put her arm around Clara and said, "That's why we're testing it out with the watermelon.". When Clara was pulling the volleyball net back with the watermelon in it, Annie put her arm around her again as she was counting up to three. Clara let go of it, it flew over there, but it ended up bursting into juice. "It worked! Who should go first?", then she seen that Clara had a horrified look on her face and her eye was twitching. Annie decided to go first, but as she was pulling herself back in the net, she saw that Clara joined the rest of her friends in the sand bar, nervously smiling at her.

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Annra is kind of a rare ship within the fandom. Even so, there are some fans in the fandom who are fond of this ship. Though, it's rival ship Gerra is more popular as Clara and Gerry have mutual feelings for each other. Because of this, some fans view Annie and Clara's relationship as platonic. And some view some moments they've had as romantic. In Never Take Advice From a Pony, Annie sees Clara in her karate class. This might seem to be a reference to Annie wanting to be in Clara's karate class in Clara Time.



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